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The country of Thailand is represented by the various districts, cities, towns, special zones and Unesco sites, the people, food, culture and unique attributes to each area within the country

Untapped Loei in Northern Thailand

Untapped Loei in Northern Thailand – Travel Photo Mondays

Untapped Loei: A undiscovered region in Northern Thailand   Bordering Laos at the northern region of Thailand is the province of Loei, an area that is rapidly starting to get on the tourist map for authentic and still off the beaten path in Thailand. This area of Thailand is blessed with cooler climates, mountain areas filled […]

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Ornate façade at Chiang Khan Wat

Northern Thailand and morning alms

Northern Thailand and morning alms, Travel Photo Mondays The Buddhist ritual of the morning alms of monks happens all over Thailand. Rising early, along with locals paying their respects, the monks appear each morning on the main roads from the temple to collect food and other contributions from local people in the streets and offer blessings in exchange. […]

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Mekong cruise: Loei region of Thailand

Mekong cruise – Travel Photo Mondays

Enjoying a Mekong cruise- Loei region of Thailand for Travel Photo Mondays   It is late afternoon in the sleepy city of Chiang Khan along Northeast section of the Mekong river separating Thailand and its neighbor Laos on the other side of the river. It seems like everyone is taking an afternoon siesta and avoiding the […]

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Bangkok: walking through Chinatown

Bangkok: walking through Chinatown

  Bangkok: walking through Chinatown Bangkok’s Chinatown is huge! I had no idea and it really is a Chinatown and not just a tourist driven area, it is a working, eating and shopping venue filled with interesting specialty foods, unusual trinkets and gift items and fun places to explore or just get lost. Fortunately I went […]

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Buddha figure at Baan SIlapin

A first impression of Bangkok – Travel Photo Mondays

A first impression of Bangkok, Thailand – Travel Photo Mondays   Bangkok is such a huge metropolis and an exotic destination that everyone must experience so when I was invited to visit the city as part of a press conference and tour with Travel Bloggers Exchange, I happily jumped at the opportunity. Arriving very late at […]

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