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Napa Valley vacation getaway
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Napa Valley vacation getaway

  Napa Valley vacation getaway   I love the Napa wine country since it’s a quick get away from the hectic world and urban environment of the Bay Area. There are so many things to do in Napa, but for me it’s basically about personal preferences, enjoying some great dining places and exploring on my own pace. […]

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Foods of Thessaloniki, Greece - Top food destinations
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Top food destinations around the world

The top food destinations from around the world For anyone wanting to combine a culinary experience with exotic travels, it’s not so easy combining an amazing destination with an equally superior foodie experience that surpasses one’s expectations.  There are so many countries around the world that excel either at delicious cuisine or purely as a travel destination on […]

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10 must try dishes and street food of Sri Lanka
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10 must try dishes and street food of Sri Lanka

10 must try dishes and street food of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is such an amazing country to experience the fascinating people, culture, traditions and cuisine around the country.  Food is a very important facet of daily Sri Lankan lifestyle and everything centers around making the best available dishes from shopping every day at a […]

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Parmigiana at the Fancy food show
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The Fancy Food Show – Travel Photo Mondays

Eating my way through the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco   It was my first sample bite: sharp, edgy and bursting with flavor.  It was just the perfect first bite of cheese and not just any cheese, it was from an entire wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano from Parma in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region. I’m already in heaven and wanting to […]

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Forbidden Island bar in Alameda
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Tiki gone mad – Travel Photo Mondays

  Tiki gone mad – Travel Photo Mondays   Where have I been all these years – I had no idea that there was an active Tiki cult scene that is thriving here in the Bay Area of California. Especially with all these cool divvy bars all around Northern California. For those that are not […]

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Artesa Winery entry in Napa , California
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Artesa Winery food and wine pairing

    Artesa Winery food and wine pairing I’m visiting Artesa winery with a few friends and enjoying their wine and tapa taste pairing on my tour today in Napa. Artesa Winery in the Carneros region of iconic Napa Valley in Northern California is a stunning modern winery with gorgeous views of Chardonnay and Pinot […]

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Enjoying a nice glass of Pinot Noir at Ferrai Carano
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Wines and gardens at Ferrari Carano

 Enjoying the wines and gardens at Ferrari Carano in Sonoma County   If you enjoy experiencing a slice of Tuscany, gorgeous gardens and sampling delicious wines, then head out to Ferrari Carano winery in Sonoma County, California.  The best time frame to enjoy the winery is during the spring to late summer when the gardens […]

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