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Koutoubia tower in Marrakesh
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Exotic Morocco – a photographer’s dream

 Exotic Morocco – a photographer’s dream Exotic Morocco Visiting Morocco on the northwestern edge of the African continent is a fantastic destination for travellers and photographers to explore. There are  many unique and exotic images to capture and the variety of subject is quite diverse ranging from food, souks and shopping, historic districts and monuments, people, scenic or panoramic […]

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Marrakesh night market
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Morocco dreaming – Photo friday

 Morocco dreaming –  Photo friday Moroccan escape My next series of posts will be covering Morocco. This beautiful country filled with amazing casbah, bazaars and exotic cities. There is so much of the unknown and mysterious here to discover and experience and I am ready to explore this amazing country.   Thanks for visiting today […]

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Girona, Spain – Key attractions to see and photograph

 Girona, Spain – Key attractions to see and photograph Girona, Spain is just over an hour and a half train ride from Barcelona along the scenic Costa Brava region.  It’s a charming city with a historic center, retaining many of its medieval appeal and well-preserved architecture. The old center is walkable with most of the attractions located along both sides […]

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Where Am I – Please don’t tell

  Where Am I, please don’t tell!   But if you do, I would really like to know about…….                 What time of year did you go visit? (For me – I visited December 2012)                       Name a favorite dish that you tried.                    What was your favorite tourist site?   What souvenir did you […]

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Montjuic Park
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Mossen Costa i Llobera garden in Barcelona – an exotic garden

Mossen Costa i Llobera garden in Barcelona – an exotic garden Mossen Costa i Llobera gardens I love discovering unusual or quirky things while visiting a new city and Barcelona does offer exciting and appealing sites to see. Some of these places grabbing my attention early on was when I visited Montjuic and the beautiful gardens that I saw […]

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Barcelona at Palau Guell
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Barcelona Highlights – Photo Friday

  Barcelona highlights – Photo Friday There is so much to see and do in Barcelona and for anyone that loves to take photographs while visiting, it’s a dream destination to visit this city and capture some amazing pictures. Whether you are walking in any of the elegant neighborhoods, visiting a museum, garden or even sampling […]

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Montjuic parks and botanic gardens in Barcelona

   Montjuic parks and botanic gardens in Barcelona Whenever I get tired of all day urban adventures with packed schedules, I find that its nice to spend a little quiet time in a beautiful garden to relax or enjoy a meal. Fortunately, Barcelona has many green spaces, beautiful parks and botanical gardens scattered throughout the city. […]

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