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Urban travel and scenes in a busy Metropolitan city or smaller city environment which captures the street life, art, culture, food, history and lifestyle within a city or urban world

Nyhaven or the new harbor of Copenhagen
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A first impression of Copenhagen, Denmark

    A first impression of Copenhagen, Denmark – Travel Photo Mondays Copenhagen is a surprisingly easy city to walk around or take public transportation, but the most popular mode of transportation is by bicycle. Not only is bicycling is one of the best ways of getting around the city with bike lanes available in every neighborhood, […]

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Penguins facing Prague's old town - Prague's public art scene
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Prague’s public and street art scene

Prague’s public and street art scene   Do you ever feel a stronger connection to cities that support their public art and local street artists? Promoting the local art scene is a good signal to a city’s tourism savvy and art acumen. Such is the case with the city of Prague, a cosmopolitan and art focused metropolis which incorporates large public art in many of its […]

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Palace Square in Old town
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Top 20 places to visit in Warsaw

Top 20 places to visit in Warsaw, Poland Warsaw, Poland is such a cosmopolitan and urban city with lots of character,  fascinating old neighborhoods mixed in with new attractions and architecture. I found a visit to the capital of Poland quite inspiring and worthwhile, even though the city was completely demolished by the Nazis during World War 2. The industrious Poles have […]

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Warsaw street art close to the university
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Touring warsaw

Touring Warsaw – Travel Photo Mondays Warsaw was a complete surprise to visit. Full of contrast with old and new, urban and hip, the city is alive and exciting to walk through the re-incarnated old town, the trendy shopping promenades, to the beautiful green belt and park areas all around the city. Much of Warsaw was […]

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Capturing the eyes of a child in Montmarte
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walking around Paris

A day walking around Paris – Travel Photo Mondays A day walking around Paris is definitely a wonderful way to explore and slowly discover the city on foot.  When you combine walking and taking the Metro system for longer distances, it is easy to visit many of the attractions throughout the city’s main arrondissements (sections). One of the […]

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Lunch at Musee D'Orsay restaurant
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Paris in black and white

    Paris in black and white: glorious landmarks and details  Can Paris be any more attractive than in spring time? Well yes, definitely when you present the city in a classic way, presented completely in black and white. There is a timeless beauty in Paris and portraying it in black and white imagery sets up […]

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