Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas

Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas

Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas, just right on the strip

Centrally located on the Las Vegas strip, the Monte Carlo Hotel is the ideal location for being on the strip and looking for well priced rates while being connected to the other Central district hotels and shopping venues via free monorail service. The hotel is a family friendly resort with lots of outdoor swimming pools and kid friendly eateries, shopping and easy hotel layout.

 Reception and lounging areas

Easy access to the reception and lounging areas are within short walking distances from the two main car accessible entry points along with short walks to the elevators, swimming pool areas and shopping/eating venues. Walking through the expansive casino to the front strip entrance is a bit of a walk but easy to follow carpet designs that visually direct you quickly to the exits and other locations around the casino, unlike many hotels that make you wander aimlessly around the casino areas just to find the exits.

Dining options

There are many dining options available on the property from buffets, fast food eateries, breakfast/coffee shops to a steak house and fine dining restaurant. At the entrance to the casino and next to the strip is an Ice Creamery, coffee/cafe and a Mexican inspired eatery. Covering a broad range of dining price and options, you can find something that fits your needs if you plan on staying and eating at the resort.

Expansive pool areas at the Monte Carlo Hotel

Expansive pool areas at the Monte Carlo Hotel

Pool Areas

The pool areas at Monte Carlo are resort quality and there are plenty of options with over four swimming pools and a variety of outdoor lounging areas. There’s a tidal pool, inner tube river float, a main swimming pool and adults-only swimming pool. Outdoor cabana rooms are also available for an extra fee along with concessions for rentals and other equipment.


A very plush bedroom area at the Monte Carlo Hotel

A very plush bedroom area at the Monte Carlo Hotel

Bedroom features

The bedroom is large with great views of the strip depending on where your room is located. I was holed up on the 29th floor with beautiful views of the Aria and City Center district shops. A large king bed with 5 pillows made this a plush and comfortable bedroom that I wanted to take naps every day after long walks on the strip. A very large living area came with this particular room and a small kitchen area with bottled water offered every day, a very nice touch.

Well appointed bathroom at the Monte Carlo Hotel

Well appointed bathroom at the Monte Carlo Hotel

Bathroom features

The bathroom is just as large with huge showers, double sinks and separate toilet areas. It was a nice surprise to see a large Jacuzzi whirlpool with a view just off the living/bedroom area and it was put to good use after some long walking trips along the strip. I’ve never used a Jacuzzi with a view of the Las Vegas City Center area and the views at night time are even more spectacular while I’m getting a nice water jet massage on my tired feet. The bathrooms are well laid out and well lit which for me is always a prerequisite feature as well as nice strong showers.


 Gorgeous views of the Las Vegas Central district hotels and shops

Morning views of Las Vegas Central District

Morning views of Las Vegas Central District




My stay at Monte Carlo hotel was very comfortable and the perfect location for the conference I attended and easy access to the other resorts at Aria and Bellagio and shops. I really enjoyed my stay and would love to come back again for a longer visit and relaxing stay especially with that huge indoor Jacuzzi with a nice view of the City Center..


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Disclosure: Thank you Monte Carlo hotel for hosting my stay, all opinions and thoughts are my own and I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel.

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