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My name is Noel Morata+ and I’m a freelance writer, photographer and artist living in East Hawaii and part-time in San Francisco. I have been traveling off and on now since 1990 mostly on short and regional trips, and occassionally I take a big trip to far off destinations in Europe or Asia or Latin America.  I love to travel abroad and promote stories that I think are interesting for my audience and myself. This includes: eco and adventure travel, photography, cuisine and local foods, luxury experiences and culture/history and art related topics. I’m also open to suggestions on where to visit – perhaps it may be your own country or region?


A selfie at Grand Teton National Park

Pinkie selfie at Grand Teton National Park


Why do I travel?

Even though I live in two beautiful places, I’ve always loved traveling and experiencing something totally different to where I live. I don’t know, I guess it’s always been the attraction of seeing whats on the other side and experiencing something different, trying out an unusual dish or local food, or personally discovering a new city or world heritage site for the first time.

Always being drawn to looking at things differently, I always look outside of the box – in fact I will go around a place or monument quite a few times before I take a picture or just savor the moment before I jot down something in my journal to capture just the right essence of the place and what I’m experiencing.


Noel Morata Travel Photo Discovery

What do I do when not traveling?

Being a creative soul, I’m drawn to my photography, writing and art. Traveling inspires and adds new dimensions and thinking to what I do and how I express myself. This creative process is something I enjoy experiencing and I hope to share new observations, discoveries and travel experiences with you.

This blog shares my interest and passion in travel, food, discovering new and old, street life and country pleasures and my observations from a personal viewpoint. I hope that you will enjoy some of these posts, try some of my ideas or tips and maybe go out to explore and play with your camera. If you would like to get more updates of my journey and discoveries, please subscribe to my weekly updates to get to get my blog posts by email or visit my Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for a different perspective and live updates.


Noel Morata Travel Photo Discovery


If I can help you with any photography needs, I am available for assignment work and welcome your inquiry. Currently, I specialized in travel and lifestyle, portraiture and events, landscape, commercial and product work and any special commissions. My images are available for license and most of the updated images are available on my Flickr page.  Please contact me using the contact form above for any requirements covering editorial, commercial or personal commissions.

You can view my portfolio and website

My travel images, photo stock, personal work and art imagery on my Flickr page


I love to check out the craft markets in Mexico city

I love to check out the craft markets in Mexico city



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I would love to work with you for any photography, writing, social media or branding strategies, you can check out my Work with me page or directly by email at emorata@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you and helping any way that I can.

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