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Travel gear

I try to travel as light as possible. Shorter trips will usually be a hand carry that I can tuck into any airline overhead compartment. I usually bring a pair of slacks, assorted t-shirts, a dress shirt and walking shoes. In addition, toiletries, underwear, socks and reading materials cover the carry-on.


Camera gear

In addition, I usually have a sturdy backpack to carry my laptop, camera and accessories. Typically I carry one camera body (my trusted Cannon 7d) and three lenses, 24-70mm, 18-135mm for general use, and my 70-300mm for zoom coverage. I find that with these three lenses, I can pretty much cover a full gamut of distances and depth of field. Traveling should be minimal in gear especially when I don’t have to worry about storage and security. If I can only bring one lens, the 18-135mm gives me the most coverage from close up to zoom and can shoot in most conditions except for extremely low light.

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