A visit to Glacier National park in Montana

A visit to Glacier National park in Montana

Glacier National park is one of the jewels of the US national park systems and if one of the must see destinations to put in your bucket list. I have heard a lot about this park, but never took the initiative to spend some time to research and plan a trip, but this has really been a great opportunity to finally visit the park on a road trip from the capital Helena which is about 2 1/2 hours south of the park entrance.



West entrance A visit to Glacier National park in Montana


West entrance Glacier National Park

Arriving at the west entrance, you will pass through all the tourist center in West Glacier filled with lodgings, restaurants, galleries and typical tour companies that specialize in park tours. Past the entrance, you can stop at the popular tourist information center which is always busy but has a complete center for guides and tourist information. You continue on in a world of lush greens and views to the large lake fronts the main drive, Lake McDonald is gorgeous with those glimpse of those magnificent peaks in the park.

 Lake McDonald A visit to Glacier National park in Montana


Stunning annual blooms throughout the park


Wildflowers and visit to Glacier National park in Montana


The views keep getting better with a combination of lake vistas, little ferry boats and stunning mountain peaks in the background. Driving through the valley floor is filled with so many ooohs and aaaaahs passing through rushing streams, mass meadows of blooming wildflowers and the start of an incline drive up the mountains of Glacier park.


Ferry at Lake McDonald Glacier National park in Montana


Framed wildflower blooms with river views


Road to the Sun at Glacier National Park

Driving the famous Road to the Sun

One of the highlights of visiting Glacier National Park is to drive the entire length of the Road to the Sun. One of the most scenic road trips in the National Parks systems, the Road to the Sun is about 50 miles in length traveling from the valley floor and Lake McDonald up through the high peaks of the park. Along the way you will see some amazing vistas and will practically stop at every overlook point to see another exciting vantage point to enjoy and photograph. It’s easy to see why this road is one of the most popular and spectacular drives of the national parks in the US, there’s just too many amazing views and panoramas worth stopping and enjoying those breathtaking landscapes.



Here are some highlights of that gorgeous drive up to the peaks of the national park


Road to the Sun at Glacier National Park


Beautiful views looking up from the valley floor


Stunning views at Glacier National Park


Scenic panoramas of Glacier National Park

Around the summit area is a multitude of lookout points and when you see the entire valley floor and mountain range, it just takes your breath away. Pictures really cannot do it justice and you definitely have to visit this park to witness the amazing landscape and vistas driving through the summit road.


Stunning panorama view at Glacier National Park

Selfie time with my niece at an overlook


Selfies and view at Glacier National Park


Along the drive, you will pass through many waterfalls and some that you will actually drive above like the image below of Haystack waterfalls. With the flush of melting snow, it seems like waterfalls are tumbling everywhere and on your drive there are so many varieties of waterfalls including: Bird Woman falls, Lunch Creek and the famous weeping falls which passes directly on the road with water gushing directly from the rock walls onto the road and creating an awesome spectacle to drive through.


Driving across a waterfall at Glacier National Park

More gorgeous waterfalls

 Waterfalls at Glacier National Park


The Big Bend scenic lookout


Gorgeous wild flowers at Glacier National Park


Views at the visitor center Glacier National Park


 Visitor center at Logan Pass

At the summit of the Road to the Summit is the Logan Pass Visitor Center which is the highest point you will pass along the Road to the Sun Drive. This is a worthwhile visit not just to the information center, but also for the spectacular views, exhibits and the wonderful alpine trails above the center. The hike to the Alpine areas include the two popular trails: the Highline trail and the Hidden Lake Trail. In the spring and summertime, the trails are filled with wonderful wildflowers in the meadows going up to the mountain peaks. Along the way on this hike you can also wildlife including Big Horn Sheep Rams that frequent all the meadows of the Alpine trails.

Marmot at the visitor center Glacier National Park

 A furry Marmot greets you at the Visitors center

vistas at the visitor center Glacier National Park

Alpine blooms above the visitor center


Alpine hike at the visitor center Glacier National Park

Alpine hike above visitors center

Right above the visitor’s center at the summit is a fantastic alpine hike and the views are spectacular.  You can hike the Highland loop trail approximately 11.2 miles to the top peak or just go as far as you would like. Or if you want try the Hidden Lake trail which is one of the most popular hikes in the park,  the hike is approximately 5.4 miles roundtrip.  Along the way are magnificent wildflowers that are blooming this time of the year (Visited in July) throughout the meadow areas and up to the mountain peaks.


A magnificent hotel to stay

Lake McDonald Lodge located on the shores of McDonald lake is one of those iconic national park hotels to stay and experience the history and elegance of these historic inns while visiting the park. Of course you do need to book a reservation months in advanced especially during the peak and short visiting season to the park. Here’s what you will see when you enter the hotel and the grounds around the lakefront property.

There are so many fantastic places to stay in Glacier National Park but the Lake McDonald Lodge is the premier hotel located in the park itself and a very cool experience to do.


Lake Mc Donald Lodge Glacier National Park


Rustic interior elegance


Lake Mc Donald Lodge interior Glacier National Park


A rustic and elegant entrance leads to this stunning interior of the lodge with these huge lanterns and wooden posts and beams that create a stunning presence.  If you do visit  the park, try to book a stay at Lake McDonald Lodge, it really adds to the entire park experience. For more information and details about staying at the Lake McDonald Lodge check this website for current prices and availability.


Lake Mc Donald Lodge interior Glacier National Park


Beautiful cabins next to the main lodge and fronting the lake

Cabins at Lake Mc Donald Lodge Glacier National Park

You can rent a boat or take a steamer from the lodge boat launch 


Outdoor recreation at Lake Mc Donald Lodge Glacier National Park

Tips before you go

You definitely need to spend some time researching and booking hotels, car rentals and other activities when you visit because everything books months in advance due to the short visiting season at this park. If you are planning your trip to this national park make sure you book your hotels asap or consider camping at Glacier National Park as an affordable alternative.

Booking your hotel

The first thing to work out is where you will stay because hotels do book months or years in advance especially during the peak season. Prices due rise according to limited availability of hotel or BnB housing. You can check out reviews and the latest prices through any of your favorite booking websites below.

TripAdvisor Glacier National Park lodging reviews and latest prices

Booking.com reviews and bargains of lodges and Inns

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Booking your car rental

In order to get the best prices for limited inventory, you also need to book your rental car as soon as you can. Depending on location you can book basically from where you fly into.


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Red buses at Glacier National Park

Tour activities at the National Park

You can take the Big Red Bus tours around the park on these classic buses with guides and stopping at strategic places to view the landscape. For more information on these tours, check out their website here for details and prices.


National parks group small van tours

If your adverse to driving through the parks and other amazing places to visit in the Northwest, why not take a small group tour of the National Parks in the Northwest. You can check out these small group tours offered by Tours4Fun here for some of the spectacular tours in the Northwest National Parks tour.



Scenic views at Glacier National Park


Other things to do in the area

Whitefish Mountain Resort

Northwest Park road trip


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