Amalfi Coast, Italy (explore the coastal region, scenic islands, road trips, beautiful cities)


Everyone is looking at Amalfi as that dream destination in Italy with those towns and cities perched on the cliffsides of these spectacular coastlines and rambling downhill towards the ocean.

It truly is a magical area that wows and delivers at every lookout point while traveling down the main coastal road.

Check out these amazing cities and beautiful attractions to explore in the Amalfi Region starting at Naples and running down to Campania region of Paestum. You’ll want to put some of these into an Amalfi coast itinerary to explore the entire region.

Use this post for your complete Amalfi Italy guide to visiting the region and exploring all the unique towns, historic sites, scenic islands and viewpoints to visit in the Amalfi region.


Amalfi Coast, Italy (explore the coastal region, scenic islands, road trips, beautiful cities)


Amalfi Coast FAQ


Is the Amalfi coast worth visiting?

Just a short train ride from Rome, the Amalfi coast is easy and definitely worth visiting. With amazing towns, beaches, gorgeous vistas and delicious regional food, there’s so much to do and explore in this scenic region of Italy

Do you need a car to explore the Amalfi Coast?

There’s decent bus and van service throughout the region and adequate boat service to the islands and various ports. A car rental is faster and lets you explore more inaccessible areas and in your timeframe that works better with your schedule.

How many days do you need to visit the Amalfi Coast?

We would suggest a week to enjoy all the little towns and villages along with the many historic sites you can explore. When you factor in public transportation that would be a more comfortable time to explore the region.

Also, maybe basing yourself in different areas of Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi will give you a better vibe and flavor of exploring each of these unique and beautiful towns along the Amalfi area.

What is the best months to visit the Amalfi region?

Summer time is extremely crowded and more expensive so the shoulder season of May or September to October is ideal with less crowds, pleasant weather and more availability of lodging, dining and entertainment venues around the region. Average temperatures normally sit around 68°F to 77°F during those months to early October.


Amalfi Coast FAQ

Amalfi Coast FAQ


Explore these fantastic places around the Amalfi Coast



Visit the island of Ischia


Visit the island of Ischia

Located in the Gulf of Naples, the Island of Ischia has been known for its thermal waters, rugged terrain, and architecture. The island, while still popular, is overshadowed by Capri, its more famous neighbor which is an advantage as it sees far fewer tourists.

Seafood is very popular and plentiful on the island and one of the best meals to get at the many shoreside restaurants. There’s lovely boutique hotels and shopping in particular in the areas close to the main port of the island.

Visitors should be sure to explore the Castello Aragonese d’Ischia which sits on a small islet connected to the main island by Causeway. Built in the 5th century BC, the impressive fortress has incredible views of the island and sea.

While most people who visit Ischia stay in the area around the Port and Castle, you can get way more solitude and see the beauty of the island if you explore further away. There are bikes and scooters for rent on the Island for those looking to explore.

Summers are incredibly popular on the Island, with tourists peaking with the summer holidays. September and October are the perfect times to visit, with still warm days but a fraction of the tourists. The Island services do tend to close as winter approaches as the season is very slow on the Island.

Ischia is easily reached by ferry from Naples. During the tourist season they run regularly and take roughly 1 – 1.5 hours depending on the ferry.

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Pompeii ruins


Many travelers take a taxi or hire car to get from Naples airport or city center to the Amalfi Coast. Pompeii is connected to Naples by the Circumvesuviana train line and from Pompeii, it is only an hour by car, or 36 kilometers, to the major towns of Amalfi, Positano, and Praiano.

Even if you have seen some of the world’s great archaeological sites, you will still be amazed at the sheer size and almost perfectly preserved remains of what was once a large city with significant regional settlements and industries. When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 72 AD, this city, and the residents who were unable to flee, were quickly subsumed by super-hot ash, lava, and liquified rock.

The excavated remains include statues and sculptures, mosaics, frescoes, and intricate gardens. 11,000 people once lived here and you can find everything from their preferred sexual positions in the city’s brothels to the three different kinds of plumbing used in their public bath houses. When you wander around the less touristed parts of the site you only see wild flowers and hear birdsong amongst these long-ago ruined structures. It’s a little eerie and very cool.

You can of course stay right across from Pompeii (Hotel Forum is a lovely 4-star hotel only 100 m from Pompeii), but it’s also a great day trip to take in the middle of your beach and boating days on the Amalfi Coast, or on a cloudy day.

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Ravello on the Amalfi Hills

Ravello on the Amalfi Hills

Ravello is a gorgeous village set high in the hills above Amalfi. It’s a sophisticated place with elegant architecture, vast, sweeping views of the ocean and beautiful gardens.

One of the things it’s most famous for is its annual festival of chamber music. The concerts take place on an incredible stage on the cliffs with an amazing view of the ocean beyond. There are also concerts that take place in other venue around the town. See the upcoming events here.

The town is also worth a visit even without the concerts. Wagner, Virginia Woolf and DH Lawrence all used to visit there so it has a history of great creativity.

One of the most popular places to visit in town is Villa Rufolo, which is a 14th-century villa with multi-level gardens that have impressive views of the surrounding area.

Some of the best places to eat are Vittoria t and Mimi Bar Pizzeria.

Ravello as a fantastic and slightly off-beat spot to base yourself at during an Amalfi Coast road trip.

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Exploring Capri

Exploring Capri

The island of Capri is one of the top places to explore in the Amalfi region for its beaches, famous sights and delicious Italian dishes. It’s easy to get to, the ferry runs several times a day from most of the towns on the mainland. You can jump on the ferry from Naples, Sorrento, or many places along the Amalfi Coast. If you want to stay in the famous Positano, take a day trip to Capri from Positano for a wonderful day long adventure.

If you have the time, book a room at Hotel Syrene in the town of Capri. This way you can explore the island after the tourists leave when the island is quiet and magical.

Take a boat ride around the island to spot the several glowing grottos, the Faraglioni rocks and the Punta Carena lighthouse. Back on land, you can skip the tourist shops at Marina Grande, and take the funicular up the hill to the town of Capri. You’ll want to shop at the local and more luxurious stores and have sandals made directly to your foot!

For a more unique experience, stroll the Gardini di Augusto for views of the Faraglioni Rocks as well as the famous Via Krupp, a zig-zag road that leads down the side of the cliff. Or, head to Anacapri and ride the chair lift to the highest point on the island!

Book reservations months in advance to enjoy a meal at Da Paolino, a restaurant built inside an enchanting lemon grove. Here you will eat delicious local cuisine like the Caprese salad (invented on the island) and lemon centered dishes.

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Explore Naples, Italy

Explore Naples, Italy

Naples is a somewhat neglected destination in the Amalfi region, perfect for a visit while you’re exploring the area. Known for its cuisine, the food in Naples is both affordable and incredibly tasty, with traditional Neapolitan pizzas and rum-soaked baba pastries available throughout the city. While you wait for a table at one of the famous pizzerias in Naples, you can sip an Aperol or Limoncello spritz, usually served with a few small snacks like peanuts and potato chips, and people watch.

When you’re in Naples, don’t skip a visit to Caffe Gambrinus, one of the oldest cafes in the city that has long been frequented by the city’s elites. The large, traditional cafe has an elegant sitting room, a bustling espresso bar, and a selection of tantalizing pastries. Be sure to try a baba stuffed with a sweet pistachio filling along with a cappuccino made with hand-pulled shots of espresso.

When staying in Naples, choose a spot either in the center of the city or in the quieter, hilltop area of Vomero. B&B CasaZeni is conveniently located near Caffe Mexico and Caffe Brazil, two of the best coffee shops in Naples. It’s also only a short walk from the cable cars that descend into the center of Naples and a Metro stop.

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Procida In the Amalfi region


Procida In the Amalfi region

Procida is one of the best hidden gems along the Amalfi Coast compared to the well sought-after Capri and Positano. Now known as Italy’s Capital of Culture there is no way you should miss this vibrant island full of color and cheer. The number one thing to do is watch the sunset from Terra Murata. Here, you will find all the pastel-colored buildings and the sky turns orangey red at sunset.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a visit to the Amalfi Coast without seeing the beaches. In Procida, you should go to one of the many like Spiaggia del Pozzo Vecchio, Chiaiolella, and Spiaggia Chiaia. It is a relaxing thing to do after all. Be sure to visit the town’s favorite restaurant for seafood, La Lampara. From here, there is a stunning view making it well worth a stop.

The easiest way to get to Procida is by ferry from Naples which is also the closest airport. It only takes around 40 minutes. If you want to stay the night on this off the radar island, then stay at the nice boutique hotel overlooking the gorgeous views. It is called San Michele Procida Boutique Hotel.

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Paestum in Campania

Paestum in Campania

Further south past the Amalfi region but still accessible by bus or train service is the Greek Unesco site at Paestum in the Campania region. This historic site and city is so intact with magnificent temples and museum you can explore on your own around this beautiful ruin. The Unesco site to the city and temples is relatively easy to get to on bus or train service from Naples or all along the Amalfi coastline.

The highlight to visiting here are the three stunning Greek temples and the magnificent temple that you can visit at the site along with many other buildings and ruins around the intact city walls that you can also explore around the Unesco site.

Check out our post on visiting Paestum here for more inspiration and images to visiting the site.




Visit to Positano, Italy

Visit to Positano, Italy

One of the best places to explore around the Amalfi region of Italy is the town of Positano. From Amalfi, you can reach the town in a quick way by bus, and besides that, it is possible to reach Positano by boat. Positano is a beautiful coastal town that is known for its viewpoints, great hotels, and small boutique shops. It is great to visit the town for a day or a few days. You can go for a walk in the city where you can explore small boutique shops selling a variety of local items, including craft items. Also, it is great to see small historic churches in the town. Positano also has many restaurants that serve delicious food and that have a great view of the sea. For example, Da Vincenzo is a great restaurant for this. Also, there is a beautiful beach, Spiaggia Grande, where you can relax while looking at the town’s houses. Besides that, Positano is a great destination for people that love to hike, as there are scenic hiking trails next to the town. Furthermore, great boat tours start in Positano through which you can see the town from the sea and explore the surrounding areas of the town. Also, a great hotel to stay is Le Sirenuse.”
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Exploring  Amalfi

Exploring  Amalfi

Amalfi, the little town that gives its name to the whole region between Sorrento and Salerno, in the southern part of Italy, is a great place to spend an entire holiday or just to explore it for a day. If you want to spend your holiday here, choose a hotel in an old building, like Hotel Relais Villa Annalara 3* or even a hotel with an infinity pool in Amalfi.

When you first arrive here, you will be impressed by the white buildings that seem to fall in the sea from the hill. First, go to the beach, so you can admire it.

After that, you can start exploring the city. A must do in Amalfi is a visit of the Cathedral. Il Duomo or Sant Andrea Cathedral is the large church overlooking the main square of the city. It is an imposing church from the 9th century, dedicated to the apostle Saint Andrew. It underwent various changes over time and today includes different architectural styles in its structure: Romanesque, Norman and Baroque. If you climb the stairs to it, you will discover that inside it houses a wooden crucifix from the 13th century and another one made of mother-of-pearl and brought from the Holy Land.

A fun thing to do in Amalfi is a visit to the Museo della Carta. Here, you will discover how the paper was produced centuries ago and you will get the chance to visit he old mill that houses this museum.

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The Path of Lemons

The Path of Lemons

The Path of Lemons (Sentiero dei Limoni) is a stone trail that connects the small towns of Minori and Maiori in the Amalfi Coast region of Italy. It is one of the highlights of the area and is not to be missed.

The trail can be started in either Minori or Maiori. It is generally well marked, with lemon tiles along the way to guide you. The path winds up and down stairs among the rolling hills of the Amalfi Coast.

Visitors are greeted with lovely views of the sea and beaches on one side, and lush green hills on the other side.

Along the path, you will see many of the region’s famous lemon trees, with oversized lemons among the tree branches and lying on the path below. You may even run into a local vendor carrying a bucket of lemons for sale.

A highlight of the trail is the stunning view of the town of Minori from an overlook above.

The path itself is paved with stones throughout. It is moderately difficult due to some steep climbs and steps. Much of the path is not shaded, which can make it strenuous to climb in the hot Italian summer months. It generally takes about 45 minutes to an hour to travel one way at a moderate pace.

By Merry Allison (Virginia Vacation Guide)

Experience the Fior di Latte

Experience the Fior di Latte

Learning how fresh cow’s milk mozzarella cheese is produced at Fior di Latte is a wonderful diversion when snow piles up on the Amalfi Coast. The cozy shop is a three-generation family affair. It is located on a side street in Agerola (nicknamed Little Switzerland due to the snow-clad mountains nearby). The morning demonstration is held in the workroom.

The employee wears cobalt blue rubber gloves and is dressed in a white apron. He patiently stirs the curds with a stick in the large cauldron. They bob and float in the bubbling water. The milk must be curdled to turn it into cheese. Slowly, the bubbling white mass is turned into silken skeins of cheese. The cheesemaker then kneads the curds. The final step is to break off skeins to be molded into mozzarella balls. He braids the mozzarella ropes into “treccia.” The cheese balls are soaked in brine and float in cold water. Then he tosses Sicilian salt into the pot. The final step is to hang the cheese balls in rows. After the demonstration concludes, another employee serves mozzarella balls with hard crackers seasoned with fennel. Fior di Latte also produces fresh ricotta. It is sold as cakes of creamy soft cheese. It is a key ingredient in producing manicotti and lasagna.

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Conclusion to visiting the Amalfi Coast

Conclusion to visiting the Amalfi Coast

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