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The Belvedere at twilight – a photo essay – Travel Photo Mondays

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The Belevedere at twilight - Travel Photo Mondays

The Belvedere at twilight – Travel Photo Mondays

 There’s nothing like going visiting a new city for the first time and seeing an amazing monument or attraction. This was a wonderful entry to visiting this stunning Baroque capital in Austria and seeing the Belvedere palace for the first time. My hotel, the Hotel Savoyen Vienna was just down the block from the palace, so it was the perfect first destination visiting Vienna.  Seeing that evening was quickly approaching, I headed out quickly to the Belvedere entry gate before they closed the gates of the palace and it was already past 6pm.

Whew, I barely made it to the entrance in time….but from what I was able to quicky see and experience walking around the grounds of the Belvedere was totally breathtaking. It definitely was a wonderful first impression of Vienna with all the colorful fall foliage framing these animated statues, gardens and the palace grounds below.

Animated sculpture at the The Belevedere palace

Animated sculpture at the The Belvedere palace


I knew Vienna was grand, but my first impression with all the baroque beauty surrounding the palace left me speechless, while I silently walked around in awe of all the beautiful sculpture, gardens and baroque architecture of the Belvedere. Even though the palace museums were closing, I was able to enjoy a private tour of the gardens – the quiet moments and lack of tourists made the experience even more precious, devoid of the typical tourist vibe you get when visiting a popular attraction like the Belvedere.

The skies were suddenly turning these pastel colored hues of pinks and purples, enveloping the lush grounds and dominant sculptures gracing the formal terraces. The palaces of the upper and lower Belvedere and adjunct buildings looked impressive, luxurious and as grand as I envisioned Vienna to be. The formal baroque architecture, sculpture and gardens all seemed to fit so perfectly together and create a cohesive complex of buildings. At the time of imperial rule in Vienna, the Hapsburg dynasty created so many stunning and grand palaces, civic buildings and public art for the aristocracy and the citizens of Vienna to enjoy a long Hapsburg rule over most of Europe and Eastern Europe.




Fall glory at The Belevedere palace

Fall glory at The Belvedere palace

A fall garden at Belvedere

With fall time in Vienna, all the colorful ochres, reds and oranges were bursting out everywhere from the maples, fall foliage trees and shrubs throughout the gardens, adding some brilliant color during a typically quiet time frame for these gardens. Even with limited flowers and annuals, the gardens were dazzling and wonderful to visit this late in the day. An added plus was seeing these brilliant skies illuminating the Belvedere palace in the background.


Beautiful sculpture and gardens at The Belevedere palace

Beautiful sculpture and gardens at The Belvedere palace

 Baroque fantasy figures


Ornate sculpture in the Belvedere gardens

Ornate sculpture in the Belvedere gardens

Water features shine at the Belvedere


Animated sculpture of Children at the Belvedere gardens in Vienna

Animated sculpture of Children at the Belvedere gardens in Vienna



Sunset at Belvedere


Sunset skies at the Belvedere garden in Vienna

Sunset skies at the Belvedere garden in Vienna



Finally the evening glow covers the skies above Vienna. They quickly turn the the skies A warm evening color of dusky pinks and oranges, even though I could not located the sunset, it’s still so beautiful seeing these skies against the palace, don’t you agree? It was a very brief first visit to Vienna and the Belvedere palace, I really enjoyed this first impression of Vienna. I knew this cultured city would be filled with so much art, culture and history along with so much to see and do daily. Please stay tuned for some wonderful photo tours and other adventures in Vienna in my upcoming posts.


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