Coastal hike along the Mendocino coastline,Travel Photo Mondays

It’s Monday morning, time to enjoy some gorgeous travel photography and inspiration from around the world. Let’s banish those Monday blues by sharing gorgeous imagery and story telling. If you have a few minutes to get away this morning, lets go visit some of the wonderful coastline in Mendocino town and see the city from the cliffs and other unique places along the coastal areas.


Mendocino sunrise hike

Mendocino coastline views at sunrise

Mendocino sunrise

Today, let’s go take a coastal hike along the Mendocino coastline in Northern California to

catch the sunrise this morning. 

        .                         There’s hardly anyone walking early 

                                                        along the coastal trails just outside of town.


Coastal Mendocino sunrise hike

Golden light and coastal Mendocino views


Doesn’t the grass look like it’s on fire in the early morning light?


Mendocino sunrise hike

Beautiful clouds and Mendocino sunrise


The clouds look so close to the ground, you could almost touch them….



Mendocino sunrise hike

Early morning light on Mendocino town


The weather is brisk and a quite windy this morning

                               …….not making it any easier to get out of bed and greet the sun

                                                    but walking along the coastal area with sheer the cliffs facing

Mendocino town. It’s definitely worth the effort…..Don’t you think?




Coastal hike along the Mendocino coastline

Quiet early morning In Mendocino bay


 Large cabbage-like plants and wildflowers sway in the morning breeze – dreamy…..



Mendocino sunrise hike

A sweet spot of sit


 Right next to this fence is a nice big wooden bench, nice to just sit and

                                greet the morning like this every day – it’s nice here in Mendocino.



Mendocino sunrise hike

Hidden cove along the cliffs


It was definitely worth waking up early and braving the cold and breezy winds this morning – hope you enjoyed the coastal hike along the Mendocino coastline minus the cold! Thanks so much for coming to visit Travel Photo Mondays and visiting beautiful   Mendocino today. Come and enjoy some of these other bloggers from around that world showing you some beautiful imagery.


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