Easter desserts and foods around the world to experience now

Easter celebrations always welcome wonderful foods that celebrate this Easter season on a spiritual, family or just a fun gathering to celebrate the holiday. I asked a few fellow travel and food bloggers to share some of their favorite foods of the Easter Season below and some fun recipes that you may want to try out on your own.





Easter dinner meals

Check out some of these amazing dishes that will make you drool and want to try for your Easter celebration or just for a nice week night meal, it definitely will make an impression for your loved ones.



Easter desserts and foods around the world

Hot Cross Buns – An English treat

You may have heard the nursery rhyme about hot cross buns but never knew what they were.  “Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns!” This nursery rhyme comes from the call of bun vendors who would sell these traditional Easter treats for people to eat at the end of Lent.
Queen Elizabeth I thought they were somewhat decadent and ordered they could only be eaten during Easter and certain other special religious festivals. Nowadays they are popular throughout the year and sold at supermarkets. Queen Elizabeth I would not have approved.
A hot cross bun is sweet bun made with spices and raisins inside and marked with a cross on the outside. The religious symbolism of the cross is self-evident and the bun is supposed to represent Communion. In historic times, hot cross buns had a whole host of myths associated with them. For example, a hot cross bun baked on Good Friday could be used as medicine throughout the year.
If you would like to try your hand at baking a hot cross bun yourself, check out this recipe from BBC Good Food.
Shobha George with Just Go Places


Easter dessert and foods around the world

Easter breakfast casserole photo credit Kayln’s Kitchen

Easter breakfast casserole with Kayln’s Kitchen

This tasty breakfast casserole with asparagus and artichoke hearts looks perfect and a healthy alternative to a typical egg entrée which typically is filled with lots of cheese and other heavy ingredients.



Easter dessert and foods Deviled eggs with Savory Tooth

Spicy deviled eggs photo credit Savory Tooth

Spicy deviled eggs with Savory Tooth is easy and gives you a nice kick for a deviled egg treat and is always perfect for an Easter celebration and looks fantastic.



Easter dessert and foods Pork Loin with Savory Tooth

Pork Loin photo credit Savory Tooth

Bourbon brown sugar pork loin with Chaos Bliss – Sweet and savory pork in a wonderful Bourbon sauce that is sure to impress all your guests. Serve with roasted potatoes and this makes a wonderful entrée for your Easter dinner.



Easter dessert and foods Rillets aux Deux Saumon with A Lady in France

Rillets aux Deux Saumon photo credit A Lady in France

Rillette aux Deux Saumons with A Lady in France – an elegant but not fussy pate that made with smoked salmon and it is so easy to make and a fantastic appetizer dish to prepare for a potluck or dinner gathering.



Easter dessert and foods Duck a l'Orange with A Lady in France

Duck a l’Orange photo credit A Lady in France

Duck a l’Orange with A Lady in France – For an extra special Easter or evening meal that really makes a statement, this recipe is easy to follow and fun to make. Your guests will definitely feel pampered for an amazing Easter dinner with this delicious duck entrée.


Easter dessert and foods Ultimate lemon chicken with Recipe This

Ultimate lemon chicken photo credit Recipe This


Ultimate whole chicken in a slow cooker with Recipe This – A sumptuous slowly roasted and crispy chicken with citrus essence that will win you some adoring fans for Easter. This classic recipe is easy and really brings out the essence of the citrus and herbs infused into the roasting.


Easter dessert and foods Easter Bunny Bread with Thrift T's Treasures

Easter Bunny Bread photo credit Thrift T’s Treasures


Easter bunny bread with Thrift T’s Treasures – For a fun and slightly sweet bread that is perfect for any Easter meal try this easy and cool bread bunny recipe.


Easter Desserts

After a wonderful brunch or dinner, you definitely have to present a delicious Easter dessert to put your guest in sugar bliss. These recipes range from easy to over the top decadent so definitely give some of these a try for your Easter celebration.


Italian cookies Easter desserts and foods around the world

Italian cookies photo credit The Monday Box


Italian Easter Cookies with The Monday Box – these popular Easter Cookies called Taralli  dolci pascqua are crunchy and typical of the coffee dunking type of cookies made in Italy




Easter dessert and foods Orange cranberry scones with Savory Tooth

Orange cranberry scones photo credit Savory Tooth

Cranberry orange scones with Savory Tooth – an easy and simple dessert scone to present to your guests that is drizzled with an orange zest glaze that makes the perfect touch on this lighter Easter dessert.



Cadbury eggs with My gorgeous recipes

Cadbury eggs photo credit My gorgeous recipes

Cadbury crème egg cupcakes with My Gorgeous Recipes – adds a decadent finish of an entire Cadbury crème egg to the filling of these delicious cupcakes, what a bite!



profiteroles with A Lady in France

Profiteroles photo credit A Lady in France

Decadent profiteroles with A Lady in France – So lovely, a crème puff pastry that will be consumed so fast when they get placed on your dessert table. This will definitely be a favorite dessert served on your Easter dinner.


Chocolates at Easter time

This is popular in many countries celebrating the holiday especially in a more commercial venue many stores are capitalizing that visitors or locals want to celebrate with delicious chocolate products. You can find Chocolate bunnies, Chocolate eggs and a slew of other cutely packaged chocolate goodies to tempt any sweet tooth to come in and buy up a lot of these seasonal sweets to give or indulge in.



Easter bark with Slap Dash Mom

Easter bark photo credit Slap Dash Mom


White chocolate Easter bark with Slap Dash Mom – a fun and peppermint infused candy that is addicted to eat and easy to make.


Easter-Candy-Macadamia-Bark-Recipe with Thrifty Jinx

Easter Candy Macadamia Bark Recipe photo credit Thrifty Jinx


Easter Candy Macadamia Bark with Thrifty Jinx – Pastel inspired candy bark with Reece’s Pieces eggs make this a fun Easter candy treat that everyone will love.

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