Iselle aftermath Big Island,Travel Photo Mondays

Iselle aftermath Big Island,Travel Photo Mondays



Iselle aftermath Big Island  – Travel Photo Mondays

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I flew in the day after Iselle came across the Big Island the night before and  typically full planes going to Hawaii, my flight skeletal with a whole row to myself. The flight is smooth with a nice breakfast service and rum punch offered before we fly into Kona – funny it was nice and sunny in Kona with no aftermath effects like it was another perfect day in paradise.

Although, things are totally different on the East side of the island that took the brunt of Iselle’s fury. Many small communities are isolated with down trees, power lines and impassable roads, I can’t even imagine being in these situations and being isolated. I’m getting feedback that power will not be up and running for even a month down the road in more remote areas, scary thought. I’m afraid to even open my fridge since the power is also down in my rural community of Orchidland, so I go to sleep early since it gets dark early in Hawaii.
Iselle aftermath Big Island,Hilo open for business

Iselle aftermath Big Island, Hilo after storm



Morning time and things are quiet and thankfully the roads are clear so I head downtown to Hilo which is boarded up but it came through unscathed from the hurricane. A little bit of clear sky is starting to pop up in the bay and a good sign – the Saturday farmers market is still up and running. I head to iconic Ken’s house of pancakes for my favorite eggs, bacon and pancakes and yes it’s open for business and wow open parking for the first time ever!



Iselle aftermath Big Island, Hilo farmers market is open for business




Iselle aftermath Big Island, bayfront





Iselle aftermath Big Island, Kens is open

Things are back to normal on various parts of the island, but on the East side including my area, we are still waiting for the lights to turn on and hopefully soon! I added my photo highlights of the area on my Flickr page if you are interested, you can check it out here.


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