My Ugobag customized hand carry luggage

My Ugobag customized hand carry luggage

Luv my Ugobag


It just came in the mail – well really Fed Ex sitting by the front door and I was like a little kid in a candy store. Funny I haven’t been this excited about anything in a while, let alone a suitcase! Yes you heard me a suitcase – I’ve held off in trying to find just the right hand carry on to bring on my trips. I’ve been looking for something cool and distinctive and the Ugobag was just what I wanted.

A new player in the luggage market – Ugobag’s are the ultimate in customized suitcases to fit your requirements and aesthetic. It’s funny, I was totally giddy over the thought of creating my look and details and isn’t that what it is all about in travel, all the details? The bags are customizable with your own artwork, text or logo including any personalized details that you want to add to create your own bag vibe.

First thing I noticed is how large and beautiful the imagery turned out on the design element, it practically takes up a large part on one side of the bag. Also, since the image submitted was a high-resolution file, the blown up image was still nice and sharp which really impressed me. Another nice surprise is how light the bag is, it doesn’t seem to weigh anything close to my other hand carry bags. This is fantastic considering the heavy hand carry items I typically bring which includes all my cameras, computer and other electronic items.


Interior compartments and detail

Interior compartments and detail



All the details I requested were actually done to a T and there were also some wonderful features including:

* Four spinner wheels

* Fully lined and compartmentalized interior

* Lightweight but tough polycarbonate surface

* telescoping handle

*protecting bumper guards on edges

*TSA locker

This is such a unique concept and I am really happy with this luggage overall.  I think if you are looking to create a statement with your luggage, then it’s a minimal investment to buy your Ugobag.  Want to have one of these cool bags, check out their link on their Kickstarter page here.


The Travel Photo Discovery custom luggage

The Travel Photo Discovery custom luggage


Thank you Ugobag for customizing a suitcase for me, all opinions and thoughts are all my own and I Luv my Ugobag.

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