Merrie Monarch Parade in Hilo Hawaii 2016

Merrie Monarch Parade in Hilo (crafts fairs, demonstrations, parades and hula competitions)


The Merrie Monarch parade caps a week long celebration of hula dance, music performance and creative arts in Hilo, Hawaii. It was a beautiful day celebrating the best parade filled with tropical flowers, beauty queens, colorful floats and bands from across the United states marching the parade route through downtown Hilo. Not only does this parade highlight the love of the hula dance but it also embodies the pure spirit of Aloha and enjoying special moments of experiencing the Big Island of Hawaii.


 Beautiful orchids for the Merrie Monarch Parade in Hilo Hawaii


Here are some beautifully captured moments and a video montage of the parade


Hilo band at the Merrie Monarch Parade in Hilo Hawaii



Along with the usual bands, civic groups and clubs, the Merrie Monarch parade celebrates everything surrounding the week-long hula fest.  There is usually a variety of pageant queens including our own Miss Aloha hula contestant winner who is featured in the video highlights below.


Beauty princesses at the Beautiful orchids for the Merrie Monarch Parade in Hilo Hawaii



All the floats are lavishly decorated with colorful flowers like orchids, ginger blossoms and plumeria which are grown commercially for export and showcasing the abundance of plant and tropical flowers grown on the island.  Many of the floats feature live performers singing favorite Hawaiian tunes along with local dancing hula halau (schools) dancing in perfect sync to the music. Even large representations of volcanic eruptions amid the beautiful flora and music are on display below.


Volcano float at the Merrie Monarch Parade in Hilo Hawaii



A favorite of the audience are the local pa’u riders (parade horseback riders) with their extravagant outfits and vivid fresh flower leis and other adornments on the rider and their horse. Representing each island with their local official color and flower, each pa’u rider is an amazing sight to behold along the parade procession.



Island princesses at the Merrie Monarch Parade in Hilo Hawaii


The island princess representing Hawaii Island



Pau riders at the Merrie Monarch Parade in Hilo Hawaii




Even the paniolo men (cowboys) are handsomely presented with their horses in beautiful regalia to match the island colors and flowers below.


Paniolo riders at the Merrie Monarch Parade in Hilo Hawaii



At the tail end of each horse contingent are the pooper scoopers, this was actually one of the favorites at the parade, due to the unique and colorful presentations that were present at this parade. This one was my favorite with the octopus cleverly sitting on top of the hidden poop buckets.


Horse pooper scoopers at the Merrie Monarch Parade in Hilo Hawaii




The Merrie Monarch parade pau rider



Local beauties in a red hot mustang


The Merrie Monarch parade local beauties and a mustang

Here is a video highlight of some favorite moments from the Merrie Monarch 2016 parade

The Merrie Monarch parade celebrates hula and the entire community at its best and most welcomed Aloha.  Its a beautiful event to witness and photograph with each new contingent approaching and exciting events unfolding spontaneously If you enjoyed the post, please check out another post on the Merrie Monarch on the Wednesday night performance called the Ho’ike night here.


The Merrie Monarch parade and locally grown orchids

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