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Sunrise in Hawaii, Travel Photo Mondays

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Sunrise in Hawaii

Sunrise in Hawaiian Paradise Park

Seriously, it’s worth the effort to get up a little early here in Hawaii to see the sunrise in different parts of the island.  There really is something special about greeting a new day on the island and seeing the sun come up from the ocean or even the mountains depending on what part of the island the sun is appearing. Here are some of my favorite morning walks to show you some of our beautiful sunrise moments on Hawaii.


Sunrise in Hawaii, Travel Photo Mondays #28

Morning sunrise on the Mauna Kea

Sunrise along the Kohala coast

Waking up early and taking a morning hike along the many coastal and inland trails offer a different sunrise where the sun appears above Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano over a million years old and rises over 13,803 feet above sea level, quite a majestic view to see in the morning, wouldn’t you agree it’s worth it?


Sunrise in Hawaii, Travel Photo Mondays #28

Sunrise at Hapuna beach

Sunrise at Hapuna Beach

Sunrise along the west side of Hawaii island were the views are more well-known for its spectacular sunsets is also nice with dramatic views of the coastline and the dark contours of Mauna Loa volcano in the background. What you get with the sunrise here is this gorgeous golden light streaming through the green forests, highlighting the palm trees, cliffs and finally the beach at Hapuna. It’s still a gorgeous view with the morning light and worth every effort to be among the first on the beach to greet the new day. Even the surfers get to the beach very early in the morning here before heading out to work or just enjoy the whole day playing on the beach.

Sunrise in Hawaii

Sunrise over Kona town

Sunrise over Kona town

Sunrise over Kona in West Hawaii is beautiful again with the sun breaking across the mountains and spreading a golden glow over the town, it’s a very quiet and idyllic moment enjoying the timeframe before the town wakes and begins a busy day catering mostly to visitors and locals alike.


Sunrise in Hawaii

Sunrise in Hawaiian Paradise Park

Sunrise at Hawaiian Paradise Park

Closer to my neighborhood and a short drive to the coastline in East Hawaii is a sprawling area called Hawaiian Paradise park with its rugged and dangerous coastline with cliffs abruptly marking the beginning of land. What you get here are brilliant and dramatic views of sunrise against black lava rock – glistening in the sun for a brief moment while the sun arches directly from the east and into view – amazing view isn’t it?

Sunrises in Hawaii Island

Sunrise at Kalapana coast

Sunrise at Kalapana beside the lava flows

Sometimes when the lava is still actively flowing directly into the ocean south of Kalapana, I love to take a very early morning hike (about two hours one way) in complete darkness and walking over rough and scary lava rocks to get to the shoreline where lava finally enters into the ocean all the way from Kilauea, the active volcano. What you get is a spectacular show of both lava flowing into the ocean while sunrise along the coastline greets you and grants a spectacular double performance of natures glory on the island – Ah, it’s just amazing to witness!

Take a look a little further down the coastline at the same time the sun is rising over Kalapna, the lava is flowing into the ocean. Anyone interested in joining me for an amazing morning hike like this with me in Hawaii?


Sunrise in Hawaii

Sunrise at with lava flowing into the ocean


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