Sunsets In Hawaii

Sunset into the Pacific

Sunsets In Hawaii, a time to observe and enjoy the moment


It’s almost sunset in Hawaii…

          quick find a spot and be quiet…..


Sunsets In Hawaii

A poolside sunset at the Hapuna Prince


The moment happens very quickly at twilight and you want to spend the moment observing and taking it all in.


The sound of the ocean crashing on the beach


Sunsets In Hawaii

Sunset along the shoreline on the Big Island


 – the wind blowing and softly, bending the grass and gently caressing your face – it’s all part of the Magic!


Sunsets In Hawaii

Hawaiian sunset with flowers in the foreground


How often do we actually spend the time observing and enjoying nature at its best, so do take the moment.



Sunsets In Hawaii, a time to observe and enjoy the moment

Sunsets In Hawaii, a panoramic view at Pu’ukohola heiau  in West Hawaii


Walk along the beach or some pathway, even a gorgeous vista point with a panoramic view

                                     – you can’t lose tonight because it is truly spectacular!


Yes, isn’t the sunset here in Hawaii even more amazing, what do you think?




                           …or is it that 2nd Mai Tai making you feel more nostalgic or even romantic….



Sunsets In Hawaii

A golden sunset in West Hawaii



                 Well that was really nice…now my stomach is grumbling – another journey awaits!


Sunsets In Hawaii

The last golden glow in Hawaii

Have you taken the time to enjoy a sunset lately or even one in Hawaii – how was it?


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