35 Amazing Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (2023)

Are you looking for the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas? You’re in the right place.

Planning a trip can be a bit daunting. There are so many things to do in Cabo San Lucas and you don’t want to waste your time searching for things to do every day.

That’s why I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. I’ve explored the ins and outs of Cabo to bring you a list of activities that are not just fun but also meaningful. So, let’s get started on making your Cabo trip one for the books.

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas and Lands End

1. El Arco de Cabo San Lucas and Lands End

If you’re planning a trip to Cabo, two natural wonders you absolutely can’t miss are El Arco de Cabo San Lucas and Land’s End. 

El Arco, also known as “The Arch,” is a stunning limestone formation that has been shaped by the tides over millions of years. It’s a hotspot for sea lions and pelicans, making it an important part of the local ecosystem. 

Just a stone’s throw away from El Arco is Land’s End, the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. This is where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking. 

It’s perfect for activities like snorkeling, diving, and for the more adventurous, cliff jumping. Plus, it’s one of the best places in Cabo to catch a sunset. 

Whale Watching 

2. Whale Watching 

Whale watching is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas, especially if you’re visiting between December and April. That’s when humpback and gray whales make their annual migration from Alaska to the warmer waters of the Baja Peninsula. 

Numerous operators offer whale watching packages ranging from intimate sailboats to larger vessels equipped with underwater microphones so you can actually hear the whales communicating. Some tours even have marine biologists on board to offer insights into the behaviors and characteristics of these magnificent creatures. 

The first time I saw wild whales was in Cabo and it was an experience I’ll never forget. Trust me, whale watching is a must-do activity while you’re in Cabo.

Swim with Whale Sharks at cabo san lucas

3. Swim with Whale Sharks

Swimming with whale sharks is another exhilarating experience that you should add to your Cabo adventure. There are only two places in Mexico where you can swim with whale sharks – Cabo and Isla Mujeres near Cancun. 

Now, before you get nervous about the “shark” part, let’s clear the air: whale sharks are filter feeders and pose no threat to humans. They’re the gentle giants of the sea, and swimming alongside them is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever done.

The best time to go for this unique encounter is between October and April. During these months, whale sharks frequent the waters around the Sea of Cortez, feasting on plankton and small fish. 

Once you’re in the water, it’s a surreal experience. These massive fish can grow up to 40 feet long, but they glide through the water with a grace that belies their size. 

If you’re up for an adventure that’s both thrilling and educational, swimming with whale sharks should definitely be on your list of things to do in Cabo San Lucas. It’s more than just a swim; it’s a chance to connect with nature on a grand scale. And trust me, it’s an experience you won’t easily forget.

4. Lover’s Beach

Visiting Lover’s Beach is like stumbling upon a hidden paradise right in the heart of Cabo. Tucked between dramatic rock formations, including the famous El Arco, this secluded beach is a must-visit for anyone looking for a romantic or peaceful getaway.

Accessible only by boat, the journey to Lover’s Beach itself is an adventure. You’ll likely hop on a water taxi or join a small boat tour, weaving through the craggy rocks that make this area so iconic.

Once you set foot on the golden sands, you’ll understand why it’s called Lover’s Beach. It’s intimate, with just enough space for sunbathing, picnicking, or taking a leisurely swim. 

The waters here are usually calm, thanks to the natural barriers formed by the rocks, making it a great spot for snorkeling. 

Lover’s Beach has a wilder, more untamed twin—Divorce Beach. While Lover’s Beach faces the Sea of Cortez, Divorce Beach is on the Pacific side, and it’s known for its stronger currents and waves. 

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

5. Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is perfect for nature enthusiasts and underwater adventurers. Located about two hours northeast of Cabo San Lucas, this marine sanctuary is often hailed as one of the world’s most successful conservation projects. 

Why? Because it’s home to the oldest of only three coral reefs on the west coast of North America. We’re talking about a reef that’s estimated to be around 20,000 years old!

When you dive into the waters of Cabo Pulmo, it’s like entering an underwater wonderland. The marine park is teeming with life, from schools of colorful fish to intricate coral formations. You might even encounter larger marine animals like sea turtles, rays, and sharks. The biodiversity here is off the charts, making it a prime location for snorkeling and scuba diving.

But it’s not all about what’s underwater. The area surrounding Cabo Pulmo is equally stunning, with pristine beaches and hiking trails that offer panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez. It’s a place where you can truly disconnect and immerse yourself in nature.

6. Wild Canyon Adventure

If you crave adrenaline and love to push the boundaries, then Wild Canyon Adventure is your playground. Situated in the middle of a rugged landscape that features canyons, deserts, and the Sea of Cortez as its backdrop, this adventure park is ideal for thrill-seekers.

One of the standout attractions is the zip line course. We’re talking about flying over canyons at speeds that’ll make your heart race. And it’s not just one zip line; the park offers a series of them, each with its own unique view and level of intensity. It’s like seeing Cabo from a bird’s-eye view but with the added rush of soaring through the air.

Wild Canyon also offers ATV and UTV tours through the desert landscape, navigating rocky terrains and sandy dunes. It’s a bumpy, dusty, and utterly exhilarating ride that lets you explore the natural beauty of the Baja Peninsula in a way that’s far from ordinary.

If you’re in Cabo and looking for an adventure that’s both thrilling and memorable, Wild Canyon Adventure should be on your list. It’s more than just an adventure park; it’s a place where you can challenge yourself, connect with nature, and create stories that you’ll be telling for years to come.

The Longest Zipline in Mexico at cabo san lucas

7. The Longest Zipline in Mexico

The “Superman” zipline, located at Cabo Adventures, is perfect for thrill-seekers. At 4,000 feet long, it holds the title of the longest zipline in Mexico. But it’s not just the length that makes this zipline a must-try; it’s the entire experience that comes with it.

Imagine launching yourself from a cliff and soaring over the stunning landscapes of the Baja Peninsula. As you reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, you’ll feel like you’re flying—hence the name “Superman.” 

The ride lasts for what feels like an exhilarating eternity, giving you time to take in the panoramic views. From the arid beauty of the desert to the shimmering blue of the Sea of Cortez, it’s a visual feast that adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

 Santa Maria Beach at cabo san lucas

8. Santa Maria Beach

While beaches on Mexico’s Caribbean coast like Cozumel or Playa del Carmen often get all the glory, Santa Maria Beach in Cabo San Lucas offers its own unique allure. Nestled in a horseshoe-shaped bay with crystal-clear waters, this secluded spot is a snorkeler’s paradise. The rocky cliffs framing the beach create an intimate atmosphere, making it feel like you’ve discovered a well-kept secret.

What sets Santa Maria apart is its accessibility. You don’t need a boat ride to explore its underwater wonders. Simply put on your snorkel gear, wade into the inviting waters, and you’re immediately surrounded by colorful marine life and coral formations. 

San Jose del Cabo Art Walk at cabo san lucas

9. San Jose del Cabo Art Walk

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the local culture of Cabo, the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk is an experience you won’t want to miss. Held every Thursday evening from November through June, this event transforms the historic district of San Jose del Cabo into a showcase of art, music, and food. 

As you stroll through the cobblestone streets, you’ll encounter a diverse array of art galleries opening their doors to the public. From contemporary Mexican artists to international talents, the range of artwork on display is both eclectic and inspiring. 

What makes the Art Walk truly special is its communal atmosphere. Local artists often step out to engage with visitors, offering insights into their creative process. Street musicians set the mood with melodies that range from traditional Mexican tunes to modern beats. 

Sunset Cruise at cabo san lucas

10. Sunset Cruise

A sunset cruise in Cabo is a great way to unwind and see the area’s famous landmarks from a different angle. You’ll get a clear view of El Arco and Lover’s Beach as the sun sets, and the changing colors of the sky make for some excellent photos.

Most cruises offer a few extras like an open bar and some snacks. Some even have live music. It’s a relaxed setting, and whether you’re there with a partner or a group of friends, it’s a laid-back way to end the day.

As the sun sets, the sky turns shades of orange and purple, and you’ll get why this is a popular activity in Cabo. It’s a straightforward but memorable experience that lets you appreciate Cabo’s natural beauty without any fuss. 

Camel Riding at Cabo San Lucas

11. Camel Riding at Cabo San Lucas

Riding camels might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas, but it’s an experience that’s both unique and memorable. Usually set against the backdrop of the Baja desert, a camel ride offers a different way to explore the natural landscapes of Cabo. 

You’ll typically start with a brief orientation where you learn about camel behavior and how to ride safely. Then, you’ll mount your camel and head out on a guided tour. The pace is slow and steady, allowing you to take in the desert scenery, the ocean views, and sometimes even a glimpse of local wildlife.

Most tours also include a bit of local culture, like a traditional Mexican meal or a tequila tasting, making it more than just a ride; it’s a cultural experience. So, if you’re looking to mix up your Cabo itinerary with something out of the ordinary, consider a camel ride. It’s one of those activities that’s both fun and a great story to tell later.

12. Medano Beach

Medano Beach is the go-to spot for beach lovers in Cabo San Lucas. Located near the downtown area, this beach is famous for its golden sand and calm, swimmable waters. 

The beach is lined with restaurants, bars, and shops, making it easy to spend an entire day there. You’ll find vendors offering everything from jet ski rentals to paddleboarding and parasailing.

What sets Medano Beach apart from other beaches in the area is its lively atmosphere. It’s a social hub where tourists and locals mix, especially during the weekends and holidays. Music plays from the beach bars, and there’s often a game of beach volleyball happening somewhere along the shore.

Despite its popularity, the beach is long enough that you can usually find a quieter spot if you’re looking for a more relaxed vibe. So, whether you’re into the social scene or just want to soak up the sun, Medano Beach offers a versatile beach experience that’s hard to beat when you’re in Cabo.

Todos Santos in cabo san lucas

13. Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a charming little town about an hour’s drive from Cabo San Lucas, and it’s a complete change of pace from the high-energy vibe of Cabo. Known for its vibrant arts scene, Todos Santos is a haven for artists, surfers, and anyone looking to escape the tourist crowds. The town is designated as a “Pueblo Mágico,” or “Magical Town,” by the Mexican government, and it’s easy to see why.

As you wander through the cobblestone streets, you’ll come across art galleries, boutique shops, and historic buildings that give the town its unique character. The Mission of Santa Rosa de Todos Santos, a church dating back to the 1700s, is one of the town’s most iconic landmarks.

If you’re looking to experience a different side of the Baja Peninsula, a trip to Todos Santos is well worth the drive. It offers a blend of culture, history, and natural beauty that makes it a standout destination in its own right.

Golfing in cabo san lucas

14. Golfing

Golfing in Cabo is like playing on a dream course that’s come to life. With a backdrop of the Sea of Cortez, the desert landscape, and the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, it’s a golfing experience that’s visually stunning from every angle. Cabo is home to several world-class golf courses designed by legends of the sport, including Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, and Tom Fazio.

But it’s not just about the game; it’s about the entire experience. Many of the golf courses in Cabo offer top-notch amenities like pro shops, practice facilities, and clubhouses with restaurants and bars. Some even offer “comfort stations” throughout the course where you can grab complimentary snacks and drinks.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, don’t miss the chance to play a round or two when you’re in Cabo. The combination of challenging play and breathtaking scenery makes it one of the top golfing destinations in the world.

Cabo Marina at cabo san lucas

15. Cabo Marina

If you’re looking to tap into the heartbeat of Cabo, the marina is where it all happens. This waterfront area is more than just a docking spot for boats; it’s a lively area that offers a range of experiences, from dining and nightlife to simple, scenic strolls. 

Restaurants and bars line the marina, providing many options for meals with a view. Whether you’re craving a quick taco or a gourmet dinner, you’ll find it at the marina.

As the sun sets, the marina transforms into a nightlife hotspot. Outdoor seating is the norm at many establishments, letting you soak in the pleasant evening air while enjoying a cocktail. Live music often adds an extra layer of excitement, making it a go-to spot for both locals and tourists.

Deep Sea Sportfishing

16. Deep Sea Sportfishing

Deep-sea sportfishing is a big deal in Cabo, and for good reason. The waters off the coast of the Baja Peninsula are teeming with a variety of game fish, including marlin, tuna, dorado, and wahoo. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a newbie looking to try your hand at the sport, Cabo offers some of the best fishing opportunities in the world.

The fishing season in Cabo is pretty much year-round, but the type of fish you’re likely to catch varies depending on the time of year. Marlin, for instance, are more abundant in the fall, while tuna and dorado are often caught in the summer months. 

If you’re looking for an activity that combines skill, luck, and a bit of adventure, deep-sea sportfishing in Cabo should be on your list. It’s not just a sport; it’s an experience that offers a unique blend of excitement and natural beauty.

Standup Paddle Boarding at cabo san lucas

17. Standup Paddle Boarding

Standup paddle boarding (SUP) is a fantastic way to experience the waters of Cabo. It’s a sport that’s easy to pick up, making it accessible for people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re paddling along the shoreline or venturing out to explore nearby landmarks like El Arco, SUP offers a unique vantage point from the water.

One of the best things about SUP in Cabo is the variety of conditions you can experience. On calmer days, the Sea of Cortez offers a smooth, glass-like surface that’s perfect for beginners. For those looking for a bit more action, some areas provide small waves to navigate, adding an extra layer of excitement.

All in all, standup paddleboarding is a versatile and enjoyable way to get out on the water in Cabo. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely paddle or a more challenging adventure, SUP offers something for everyone. It’s a great way to stay active while enjoying the natural beauty that makes Cabo such a popular destination.

Flyboarding at cabo san lucas

18. Flyboarding

If you’re after an adrenaline rush and a unique way to experience the water, flyboarding should be on your radar. Imagine strapping into a board connected to a water jetpack, then soaring up to 30 feet in the air as high-pressure water propels you upward. It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s very much a reality in Cabo.

Getting started is relatively straightforward. After a brief training session where you learn the basics of controlling the board, you’re ready to hit the water. Most operators provide all the necessary equipment, including the flyboard, life vest, and helmet. A certified instructor usually controls the power and height from a nearby jet ski, allowing you to focus on mastering the art of flight.

The learning curve for flyboarding is surprisingly quick. Many people find themselves hovering and even performing simple tricks within their first 30-minute session. The sensation of flying above the water, with the stunning backdrop of Cabo’s coastline, is exhilarating to say the least.

Sailing Tours at cabo san lucas

19. Sailing Tours

Sailing tours in Cabo offer a blend of relaxation and adventure that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re on a sleek catamaran or a traditional sailboat, the experience of gliding through the water with the wind in your sails is both calming and invigorating. 

Most sailing tours offer a range of options to suit your interests. Looking for a romantic sunset sail? You got it. Interested in a snorkeling adventure? That’s on the menu too. Many tours include amenities like an open bar, snacks, and even a full meal, depending on the length of the trip.

A sailing tour is a fantastic way to experience the natural beauty of Cabo San Lucas. It’s more than just a boat ride; it’s an adventure that combines the thrill of sailing with the serene beauty of the ocean. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a complete newbie, it’s an experience that delivers on multiple fronts.

TacoTours at cabo san lucas

20. TacoTours

If you’re a foodie with a love for authentic Mexican cuisine, a taco tour in Cabo San Lucas is a must-do. This isn’t just a meal; it’s a culinary adventure that takes you through the streets of Cabo to some of the best local taco joints. You’ll get to sample a variety of tacos, from classic carne asada and al pastor to more unique offerings like fish tacos and even gourmet versions.

The tour usually includes stops at several different taquerias, each with its own specialty. This gives you a broad overview of the local taco scene and lets you discover flavors you might not have tried otherwise. And let’s not forget the salsas—each place will have its own array of spicy, tangy, and even sweet salsas to complement your meal.

A taco tour is a fun and delicious way to explore Cabo. It’s a chance to go beyond the touristy restaurants and experience the local food scene like a true insider.

Horseback Riding on the Beach at cabo san lucas

21. Horseback Riding on the Beach

Horseback riding on the beach is one of those activities that feels like a scene straight out of a movie. In Cabo San Lucas, it’s a real experience you can have, and it’s as magical as it sounds. 

What sets this activity apart is the connection you feel with nature. You’re not just observing the beauty of Cabo’s beaches; you’re actively engaging with it. The rhythmic motion of the horse, the feel of the ocean breeze, and the sound of the waves create a sensory experience that’s both relaxing and invigorating.

Horseback riding on the beach in Cabo offers a unique blend of adventure and tranquility. It’s a chance to escape the crowds and experience the natural beauty of the area in a way that’s both intimate and exhilarating. If you’re looking for an activity that combines the best of both worlds, this is it.

ATV Tours at cabo san lucas

22. ATV Tours

ATV tours in Cabo San Lucas are a fun way to explore the diverse landscapes of the Baja Peninsula. From the rugged desert terrain to the stunning coastal views, an ATV tour offers a thrilling and scenic adventure. 

The routes can vary, but expect a mix of challenges. You might find yourself navigating rocky paths, speeding through sandy dunes, or even crossing shallow streams. Along the way, you’ll likely have opportunities to stop and take in the views, so don’t forget your camera.

One of the best parts about an ATV tour is the sense of freedom it offers. While you’re following a guide, there’s something liberating about powering through the landscape on your own set of wheels. It’s an adrenaline rush, but also a way to connect with the natural beauty of Cabo in a more hands-on manner.

Espiritu Santo Island

23. Espiritu Santo Island

Espiritu Santo Island, just a boat ride away from La Paz and a couple of hours from Cabo San Lucas, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site often called the “Galapagos of Mexico.” It’s a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers. One of the island’s highlights is snorkeling with its resident sea lion colony.

The island’s coastline is also a playground for kayaking, featuring dramatic cliffs and hidden coves. Snorkeling and diving here reveal a beautiful underwater world, making it a top spot for marine exploration. Birdwatchers will also find a variety of species, from blue-footed boobies to frigatebirds.

Whether you’re into water sports, wildlife, or simply soaking in natural beauty, Espiritu Santo Island offers a condensed package of adventure and awe. It’s a must-visit if you’re in the Cabo area and looking for a day trip that packs a punch.

Fox Canyon Hiking at cabo san lucas

24. Fox Canyon Hiking

Fox Canyon, about an hour’s drive from Cabo San Lucas, is a hidden gem for hikers. Nestled in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, this oasis offers a refreshing change of scenery from Cabo’s sandy beaches. The landscape here is a mix of cascading waterfalls, natural swimming pools, and trails winding through cacti and boulders.

The hike is moderately challenging and suitable for both novices and seasoned hikers. The real treat comes at the end of the trail, where you’ll often find a series of waterfalls perfect for a refreshing dip. It’s a bit surreal to encounter such lush beauty in what’s largely a desert landscape.

Fox Canyon is an ideal day trip if you’re looking to add some adventure and natural beauty to your Cabo itinerary. It’s a chance to stretch your legs and immerse yourself in a more secluded, tranquil setting.

25. Pirate Ship Cruise

If you’re searching for one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas for families, look no further than a pirate ship cruise. This isn’t your average boat tour; it’s an adventure that transports you back in time. Decked out in full pirate regalia, the crew entertains with tales of high seas adventures, treasure hunts, and even a mock pirate battle.

Kids and adults alike will love the interactive elements of the cruise. From sword fights to treasure hunts, there’s never a dull moment. And let’s not forget the stunning backdrop of Cabo’s coastline, including iconic landmarks like El Arco. It’s a fun way to see the sights while keeping the little ones entertained.

If you’re looking to add some excitement and history to your Cabo vacation, a pirate ship cruise is a family-friendly option that delivers on both fronts. It’s not just a cruise; it’s an adventure that’ll make you feel like you’re starring in your own pirate saga.

Flora Farms at cabo san lucas

26. Flora Farms

Flora Farms is a culinary oasis located just outside of San Jose del Cabo, a short drive from Cabo San Lucas. This 25-acre organic farm is more than just a place to grab a bite; it’s a full-on experience that engages all your senses. 

The farm’s restaurant is the main attraction, offering a menu that changes based on what’s in season. Everything is grown on-site or sourced locally, ensuring your meal is as fresh as it gets. It’s a foodie’s dream come true, with dishes that are both inventive and comforting.

But Flora Farms is not just about dining. The property also features a variety of shops selling handmade goods, a spa offering treatments with organic products, and even cooking classes for those looking to up their culinary game. It’s a place where you can easily spend an entire day, lost in the simple joys of good food and natural beauty.

Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas at cabo san lucas

27. Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas

Hiking Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas offers a unique blend of natural beauty and luxury, all set against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Pedregal is known as one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Cabo, but beyond the lavish villas lies a network of hiking trails that offer stunning views and a good workout.

The trails range in difficulty, making it accessible for hikers of all levels. As you ascend, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of Cabo San Lucas, the marina, and the endless ocean beyond. It’s a stark contrast to the tourist areas below, offering a sense of peace and solitude that’s hard to find elsewhere in Cabo.

28. Iglesia de San Lucas and Town Square

The Iglesia de San Lucas and the adjacent town square are the historical and cultural heart of Cabo San Lucas. Built in the 18th century, the church is one of the oldest buildings in the area. It’s a simple yet charming structure, with whitewashed walls and a modest interior that exudes a sense of tranquility.

The town square, known as Plaza Amelia Wilkes, is just a stone’s throw from the church. This area is a hub of activity, featuring a gazebo, a small garden, and several monuments, including a natural history museum. It’s a popular gathering spot for both locals and tourists, offering a glimpse into everyday life in Cabo.

Whether you’re a history buff or simply looking to experience the local flavor, the Iglesia de San Lucas and its surrounding square offer a rich, well-rounded experience that’s among the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas.

Skydiving at cabo san lucas

29. Skydiving

Skydiving in Cabo San Lucas is an experience that takes the thrill of adventure to new heights—literally. Imagine free-falling from thousands of feet in the air, your heart pounding with excitement, as you take in panoramic views of the stunning Baja Peninsula. The blue waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean stretch out beneath you, offering a breathtaking backdrop that you won’t find anywhere else.

For first-timers, tandem jumps with certified instructors make the experience accessible and worry-free. You’ll get a quick training session on the ground before ascending to jump altitude. Once you’re up there, it’s just you, your instructor, and the open sky. The adrenaline rush is like nothing else, and the moment your parachute opens, you’ll glide peacefully, soaking up the incredible vistas.

Whether you’re a novice looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience or a seasoned pro seeking a new thrill, skydiving in Cabo San Lucas offers an unforgettable adventure that will leave you feeling exhilarated long after your feet touch the ground.

Sandboarding at cabo san lucas

30. Sandboarding

Sandboarding is one of those activities that takes the natural beauty of Cabo San Lucas and turns it into an adrenaline-pumping playground. Imagine snowboarding, but instead of gliding down snowy slopes, you’re carving your way down massive sand dunes. It’s an exhilarating way to experience the desert landscapes that surround Cabo.

The sport is accessible to both beginners and experienced boarders. After a quick lesson on how to balance and steer, you’re pretty much ready to hit the dunes. The sand provides a softer landing compared to snow, making it a bit more forgiving for those new to the sport.

Sandboarding offers a unique and thrilling way to explore the natural beauty of the Cabo area. It’s a blend of sport and scenery that provides a different kind of beach vacation experience. If you’re looking to add some action to your Cabo itinerary, this is an option worth considering.

Release Baby Sea Turtles at cabo san lucas

31. Release Baby Sea Turtles

Releasing baby sea turtles into the ocean is not just a memorable experience; it’s also a meaningful one. This activity is often highlighted as one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas for nature lovers and families alike. It’s a chance to participate in conservation efforts while witnessing one of nature’s most awe-inspiring moments: the journey of newborn turtles making their way to the sea for the first time.

The activity is typically organized by local conservation groups and takes place during turtle nesting season, which runs from June to December. Participants get to learn about the life cycle of sea turtles, the threats they face, and the importance of conservation efforts.

The main event is, of course, the release itself. You’ll have the opportunity to hold a tiny turtle in your hands before gently placing it on the sand and watching it make its way to the water. 

Sea of Cortez Snorkeling & Diving at cabo san lucas

32. Sea of Cortez Snorkeling Experience

While people most often associate snorkeling with Caribbean destinations, the Sea of Cortez offers an underwater experience that’s equally mesmerizing. Often referred to as the “Aquarium of the World,” this body of water between Baja California and mainland Mexico is a hotspot for snorkeling and diving. It’s one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas if you’re looking for marine exploration.

The Sea of Cortez is home to a diverse range of marine life, from colorful coral reefs to schools of tropical fish, rays, and even dolphins. The water is known for its clarity, making it ideal for both snorkeling and diving. Whether you’re a beginner snorkeler or an experienced diver, the underwater landscapes here are nothing short of breathtaking.

The Sea of Cortez offers an underwater adventure that rivals any Caribbean destination. With its rich biodiversity and crystal-clear waters, snorkeling and diving here are must-do activities for anyone visiting Cabo San Lucas. It’s a chance to explore a different side of Cabo, one that’s just as vibrant and captivating as anything you’ll find on land.

Jetskiing at cabo san lucas

33. Jetskiing

Jetskiing in Cabo San Lucas is an exciting way to experience the stunning coastline from a different perspective. Imagine zipping across the azure waters with the wind in your hair, all while taking in views of iconic landmarks like El Arco and Lover’s Beach. It’s a blend of speed, scenery, and pure exhilaration that’s hard to beat.

One of the best parts about jetskiing is the freedom it offers. While you’re advised to stay within designated areas for safety reasons, you still have plenty of room to roam. Whether you’re looking to race across the water at top speeds or take a more leisurely ride to explore the coastline, the choice is yours.

Jjetskiing is a thrilling way to add some action to your Cabo vacation. It’s not just about the ride; it’s about experiencing the beauty of Cabo San Lucas from a whole new angle. If you’re looking for an activity that combines adventure with awe-inspiring views, jetskiing should be on your list.

Shopping at Cabo San Lucas

34. Shopping

Shopping in Cabo San Lucas offers a mix of traditional Mexican crafts and modern luxury items, making it a versatile destination for retail therapy. Whether you’re strolling through the local markets or browsing high-end boutiques, there’s something for every taste and budget.

For a more authentic experience, head to the local markets like the Cabo San Lucas Flea Market or the Artisan’s Market in San Jose del Cabo. Here, you’ll find a range of handmade goods, from colorful textiles and pottery to intricate jewelry. It’s a great place to pick up unique souvenirs and gifts.

If you’re looking for more upscale options, the Luxury Avenue Mall is where you’ll find designer brands and high-end jewelry stores. It’s a sleek, air-conditioned space that offers a break from the heat and a chance to indulge in some luxury shopping.

Swim With Dolphins 

35. Swim With Dolphins 

Swimming with dolphins is one of those bucket-list experiences that Cabo San Lucas delivers in spades. It’s a chance to interact with these intelligent and playful creatures in a controlled environment, often led by experts who prioritize both human and animal safety. For families, couples, or anyone who’s fascinated by marine life, this activity is a standout.

You’ll usually start with a brief educational session, where you’ll learn about dolphin behavior, communication, and conservation efforts. Then comes the moment you’ve been waiting for: stepping into the water to interact with the dolphins. Whether you’re holding onto their fins for a swim or simply petting them, the experience is both thrilling and heartwarming.

Final Thoughts: Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

Final Thoughts: Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a destination that effortlessly blends adventure, relaxation, and cultural richness. Whether you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping or simply unwind by the ocean, this Mexican paradise offers an array of experiences that cater to all tastes and interests. 

Now that you’re armed with this list of the best things to do, you’re ready for an amazing vacation in Cabo. 

Guest Writer Bio

Guest Writer Bio

Sherry Arkfeld is the author of the travel blog, Digital Nomad and a Dog. She focuses on helping other digital nomads and travelers live their best lives. Sherry is living her dream while traveling full-time with her little dog, Shelby, with plans to eventually go pretty much everywhere.

By Sherry Arkfeld, Digital Nomad and a Dog

Conclusion to visiting Cabo San Lucas in Mexico

In conclusion, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico offers a dazzling blend of natural beauty, adventure, and vibrant culture. With its stunning beaches, world-class fishing, and lively nightlife, it’s a destination that caters to all tastes. Whether you seek relaxation, exploration, or a taste of Mexico’s vibrant charm, Cabo San Lucas delivers an unforgettable experience on the Baja California Peninsula.

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