Travel Photo postcard Death Valley

Death Valley dunes at sunset

Travel Photo postcard – Death Valley

Welcome to the Travel Photo postcard series to get you out on the weekends and hopefully visit some of these wonderful destinations. Some of them maybe easy day road trips or even quick getaways from where you live so I hope this inspires you to see some of the world around you even if its close by to where you live.

Photo postcard at Death Valley National Park

I visited Death Valley early in March hoping to find some wildflower blooms over the desert landscape but I found that it was still to early to come at this time of the year. No worries, there was still so much to see and do while visiting the national park. It is a huge park, with a lot of ground and landscape to drive through so you definitely need more than just a day visiting the park. One of my favorite things to do was hike through some of the major trails that are relatively easy and fast so I can do many of them in a short timeframe.



Travel Photo postcard Death Valley at the natural bridge

The natural bridge walk in Death Valley

One of my favorite experiences was driving through a very long and dusty trail and then hiking to the Natural bridge at Death Valley. The dirt roads really put you in a state of mind of how it would have been done in earlier times through horseback or even in those long busses that toured the valley floor. It is a relatively short hike under a mile round trip to the arch and passing through some amazing rock cliffs and landscape and before you know it you are right there in front of this magnificent scene. You definitely need to go under and through a short distance to capture the best photograph like the image above.


Sunset is magical at Death valley with the amazing golden light streaming through some of the iconic landscape and monuments. It was really hard to decide on one perfect spot, but I chose wisely and made it to the sand dunes just in time to capture some wonderful moments including the first picture and the dune image below. I would definitely go earlier to stake a spot before the hordes come in to do the same photograph, and it really is a long hike through big sand dunes to get to the perfect location.


Travel Photo Friday Death Valley sand dunes

Death Valley sand dunes at sunset



I’m planning on doing a more detailed visit of Death Valley with images soon on this blog of the visit and personal experience, but wanted to share this in my photo postcard inspiration as the first post of this series. Please stay tuned for an updated post on visiting

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