Travel photo postcard - Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

Travel photo postcard – Prambanan Temple, Indonesia


I’m visiting the ancient complex at Prambanan Temple in Indonesia built in the early 9th and 10th centuries and is the largest hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva. Designated as a Unesco World Heritage site in 1991, the complex comprises of over 240 temples and is a prime example of masterpiece collection of Indonesian Shiva art. Despite that the temples collapsed from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and political turmoil during the 11th century, the temple complexes are are completely preserved or restored with immaculate detail. All the work done in preserving the temples during the 17th century up until 1918 has created a well maintained and stunning historic complex in spite of regular and occurring earthquakes that happen in this region of Indonesia.



Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

One of the many temples at Prambanan Temple, Indonesia


Temple details

Temple details. Travel photo postcard - Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

Temple details. Prambanan Temple, Indonesia



We came to tour the temples late in the day followed with a delightful dinner and evening show. This was really a nice way to enjoy the archaeological park outside of the typical tour of the various significant monuments and temples in the compound. We were treated to an amazing evening with a delicious dinner of local specialties including: Chicken Sate, Chicken Ayam, fresh local fish, noodle dishes and a variety of appetizers and salads.



Travel photo postcard - Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

Dinner performance at Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

Evening performance at Prambanan Temple

I love visiting Unesco World Heritage sites and the complex at Prambanan Temple Compounds offer a spectacular look at the ancient site and cultural traditions that are part of Hindu religion and tradition. The evening performance and dinner that follows after the closing of the temple is an added bonus and worth staying a little bit longer to enjoy seeing the temple lit up at night and indulge in a delicious dinner buffet. The show is a spectacular stage event that covers a very popular tale of Hindu gods, popular kings mixed in with local tradition and folklore.


Travel photo postcard - Prambanan Temple, Indonesia

Dinner and dance performance at Prambanan Temple, Indonesia



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