Travel photo: Silver Pavilion Kyoto


Travel photo: Silver temple in Kyoto

Travel photo: Silver temple in Kyoto



You enter through mature trees and tall bamboo that completely obscures any views of what lies ahead, and finally after passing through the entrance gate you are left with this serene view and a total feeling of peace. Check out the highlights to this post on Travel photo: Silver Pavilion Kyoto.


Visiting the Silver Pavilion in Kyoto


In front of you lies the Silver Pavilion, a gorgeous pond surrounding the temple and next to it a huge mound of sand piled high to resemble a miniature mountain. The placid scene unfolds slowly as you take in all the details of Ginkaku-Ji and the stunning details of the pavilion, adjunct temples and the scenic gardens which are all part of this historic Unesco World Heritage site. Beautiful ponds and water gardens, zen gardens and outdoor bonsai surround the temple and surrounding buildings along with delightful trails leading uphill where you can see spectacular vistas of the Kyoto region and the temple grounds below. This fascinating temple has a very interesting past from a Shogun ruler who wanted to create this as his retirement compound and later after his death, the site was bequeath to a zen temple. Originally intended to incorporate silver foil on the pavilion walls, repeated delays and costs delayed prevented the temple from its silver finish, but the name stick stuck to the entire temple grounds.

To learn more about this historic site and more pictures of the center and gardens, please visit a post I wrote about the Silver pavilion at Ginkaku-Ji here. If you enjoyed the post, please do share it with any of the social media buttons around the post, thanks.



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