This city totally draws you in, it’s almost overwhelming….there’s so much to look at and observe all at the same time.  Sometimes it seems like the only way to truly appreciate a place with so much meticulous detail and distraction is to focus on the macro level and just what’s in front of you. Even better yet is to focus on the simple and yet sublime – in looking more carefully and at the very small details,  you can start to understand and see how truly exceptional the city is.

What to see in Venice – it’s all in the details

Venice - the small details, Travel Photo Mondays #33

Mailbox with angel

Many little details attract me and draw my immediate attention when I’m walking down some of the quiet alleyways, away from all the mayhem and bustle of the all the tourists pressing to find the top attractions to the city. But for me these little impressions that draw my eyes to focus on them for a moment makes me appreciate the special things that no-one else sees while touring the city or doing some day trips from Venice to explore.

Here are some things along my walk that drew me in for a closer look:

Venice - the small details

Fresh produce via boat

The Cicchetti and pub crawl experience in Venice

Trying some of the delicious seafood at any of the small bacari (Venetian bars) is definitely a must do experience…so many Cicchetti (small bites) to savor!

Venice - the small details

Fried seafood to go

Venice - the small details

Brass knob

All about the little details in Venice

I love enjoying the walk around various parts of the city and the islands. Along the way I spot so many beautiful little details like door entrances, portals, corner sculpture and even unexpected art in the public squares. It’s all a fun discovery tour of the islands.

Venice - the small details

Church stone detail

Murano glasswork in Venice

Stunning artwork like Murano glass installations dot several locations on Murano island, you must see them and visit some of the amazing galleries there.

Venice - the small details

Murano Glass in a park setting

Venice - the small details

Ornate door details

Venice - the small details

An intricate and color door entry

Venice - the small details

Venetian style windows

Wondering around the historic sites and islands, a weekend in Venice is ideal to see everything or just slow down and capture those special moments or photographs to treasure forever.

Venice - the small details

Gondolas with blue covers

Venice - the small details

Windows and fountains

Venetian hand crafted

Beautiful crafts and artistry when you window shop and look at all the amazing work from Venetian artisans. The leather masks below are a fine example of a specialized craft made in Venice.

Venice - the small details

Leather crafted masks

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How to get around Venice

I find that getting around Venice, a city of canals and islands, requires a unique approach due to its lack of conventional roads and vehicles. Once you are at Venice it is easy to walk around and explore or even take a local water bus to some of the outlying islands.

Here are the primary ways to navigate Venice:

1. Walking: Venice is a pedestrian-friendly city, and much of its charm lies in exploring its narrow streets and historic neighborhoods on foot. Stroll through the labyrinthine alleyways, crossing countless picturesque bridges, and discover hidden gems around every corner.

2. Vaporetto (Water Bus): The vaporetto is Venice’s primary mode of public transportation on the water. It’s essentially a water bus that serves various routes along the Grand Canal and to the outer islands. Tickets can be purchased at ticket booths or automated machines at vaporetto stops.

3. Water Taxis: Water taxis offer a more private and convenient way to get around Venice, but they are more expensive than vaporettos. You can hire them at designated taxi stops or arrange for pickup in advance.

4. Gondolas: While primarily used for tourist rides, gondolas can also serve as a means of transportation in the narrowest canals. However, they are quite pricey and more of a cultural experience than practical transport.

5. Traghetti: Traghetti are gondola ferries that transport passengers across the Grand Canal at various points. They provide a unique and inexpensive way to cross the canal and experience a gondola ride without the full expense.

6. Water Buses (Alilaguna): Alilaguna operates water buses that connect Venice’s Marco Polo Airport to the city and provide transportation to the nearby islands like Murano and Burano.

7. Walking Tours: Guided walking tours are an excellent way to explore Venice with the expertise of a local guide who can lead you to notable landmarks and share the city’s history and culture.

8. Bicycles: While not commonly used within the main part of Venice, some of the outlying islands like Lido allow for bicycle use. You can rent bicycles on Lido for a leisurely exploration.

Keep in mind that Venice is a city of waterways, so expect to rely on boats, walking, and a sense of adventure to navigate its unique and charming streets and canals. Each mode of transport offers a different perspective on this iconic city, so be sure to take advantage of the variety of options available.

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