A Gorgeous Pau rider at a Hawaii parade

A Gorgeous Pau rider at a Hawaii parade

A Gorgeous Pau rider at a Hawaii parade


I’m playing a new word challenge this week to come up with dynamic and colorful images to match the word Vibrant. Not a difficult word considering I live in Hawaii which is filled with lots of color in the landscape,  delicious food, gorgeous festivals and outfits, beautiful flowers and diverse people from different ethnic backgrounds living together and sharing their warm Aloha.

Here are some of my favorite images that capture the essence of vibrant.


Merrie Monarch Hula Festival Ho'olaule'a 2013 Gorgeous hula dancers at the local Merrie Monarch festival in Hilo, Hawaii




Annual HIlo orchid show Beautiful orchids on display at the local orchid show in Hilo, Hawaii




Early morning lava entry to ocean Active lava flowing into the ocean along the coastlines of East Hawaii





Hilo farmers market Beautiful tropical flowers for sale at the local farmers market




Beautiful Hilo and Lei Day Celebration Colorful displays of leis and patterned muumuus at the lei day celebration in Hawaii



This was definitely a bold and vibrant showcase of colors, patterns and imagery. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoyed my interpretation of the word challenge.

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