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Water taxi in Chicago

10 Photography tips for grey sky or rainy days

10 Photography tips for  grey sky or rainy days   I had a quick layover in Chicago and I planned a fantastic urban outdoor adventure exploring downtown and even taking one of the iconic river cruises. Well arriving early on a very cold and cloudy day really dampened my enthusiasm and thoughts of enjoying the […]

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Simplifying the scene focus on one main subject

Photo Tip: Simplify the scene

Photo Tip: Simplify the scene Many photographers try to include everything including the kitchen sink into a photograph and that works for many types of photographs including landscapes, panoramas, skylines and urban environments. In my opinion, a really good photograph should only have a single idea in your photograph that conveys a complete story that hopefully engages […]

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Rule of thirds with the bridge place on the top third of the frame

Photo Tip: the rule of thirds

Photo Tip: the rule of thirds   One of the most well-known rules in photography that gets covered regularly is the rule of thirds. This concept is also well-known in art circles because of the composition elements that are universal in theory and application of the rules to basic composition. Generally, the rule of thirds […]

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