Athens, Greece at sunset

Athens, Greece at sunset

10 ways to take advantage of higher Dollar to the Euro exchange in Europe


Did you know that the higher dollar exchange rate to Euro is going to make it more affordable for Americans to finally visit Europe and at a favorable exchange rate that is almost at a one to one exchange rate. This is going to be a big boon for Americans visiting Europe for the first time, or returning back to explore more European destinations that has been on their bucket list of places to visit.

In order for travelers to take advantage of the today’s favorable exchange rates and really maximize their vacation budgets, I have put together a quick list of tips and suggestions for making their dollars stretch even more while traveling abroad.

1) Use a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees. This is simply the best way to cut your expenses. If you have a credit card that also gives you mileage, then that is an added plus to using your credit car. I typically use my mileage credit card to buy almost everything before, during and after travel to add up add up on a trip to Europe and no foreign transaction fees make it a real plus.

2) Track various websites for the cheapest airfares available. Travel search sites like Skyscanner, Kayak or Travelzoo are great search consolidators that also tie in search on popular sites like Expedia, Hotwire and Priceline so you can easily track the average flights. Many of these sites also have a calendar schedule where you can also track the cheapest airline price for an entire month at a time. Give yourself at least three months out for planning to finding the best airfare deals from various sites.

3) Using your debit card –  In place of using a credit card, debit cards do incur a charge but typically low fees averaging 1 %. Your own bank typically will not charge a fee but the bank of the retailer or shop you use your debit card will typically charge this nominal amount

4) If your travel vacation location is flexible, start planning now to find those amazing European deals now before summer approaches when transportation and related destination fees also increase.


Late fall visit to Sigurta park in Lake Garda

Late fall visit to Sigurta park in Lake Garda


5) Traveling in the off-season to Europe in the early spring, late fall (after October) to winter timeframe will typically give you better rates for transportation, lodging and even package tour options which can be a bargain in certain destinations.


6) Pay for trip upfront with current exchange rate. Many advocates of financial experts advocates that you pay for everything upfront in cash or charge so the current exchange rate is utilized for this upfront payment including airfare, lodgings and any other events or attractions that you can pay in advance and reserve to take advantage of the low exchange rate. Many of these experts also suggest getting Euros now before you start a trip and have the case available vs unfavorable rates with exchange banks at the airport.


Visiting the Parthenon in Athens, Greece

Visiting the Parthenon in Athens, Greece

7) Travel to destinations where the exchange is best like Greece or Portugal – these two countries are relative bargains n ow due to economic woes. You will be able to find budget friendly areas where you definitely can stretch your Euro better than typically expensive trafficked areas like Paris, Barcelona and Berlin. You can also find cheap European bargains in countries like Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia which are the cheapest Euro zones destinations to visit.

8) Travel for a longer time frame. Typically foreign travel for most Americans is relatively short and expensive, but extending it out longer and in a particular destination will be cheaper for longer visits to many destinations in Europe.

9) Splurge on the good things. The expensive Parisian dinner or Gondola ride has always been out of reach but with today’s exchange rate, not so outrageous enough for a little splurge at the popular destinations around the continent. Enjoy it now while the exchange rates are great for dollar conversions.

10) Hold off on pre-booking tours, rail passes, and other tickets through American-based agencies and instead pay for attractions directly from European sites that will charge in Euros and the current conversion will allow for the current rates for those bookings.

It is predicted that this will be a banner year for Americans to be visiting Europe again with exchange rates almost that same as in 2008 exchange rates. So the main advice is to definitely go now and enjoy Europe at your doorstep. Hopefully these 10 ways to take advantage of higher Dollar to the Euro has helped you with budgeting a fantastic trip to Europe. If you have any other tips you might like to share with our readers, please do share it in the comments section below.





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