Exploring Chitwan National Park in Nepal

Most visitors to Nepal know about Mt. Everest and the Himalayas, but few people are familiar with  another major national park in the country that hosts wild rhinos, tigers, buffalo, leopards and sloth bears at Chitwan National Park. This region located in the southern part of the country and bordering India lies in a sub tropical and relatively flat region of the country. The  confluence of three major rivers coming down from the Himalayas create a lush and unspoiled environment for wildlife to roam carefree in this amazing sanctuary and protected reserve. There’s a lot to see and do exploring Chitwan National Park in Nepal – it’s a must visit destination while you are visiting the country. My visit to Chitwan national park included a stay at the lovely Machan Wildlife Resort which is located right next to the national park.

Where is Chitwan National park located?

Located in South Central Nepal bordering with India in the subtropical Inner Terai lowlands and is the first national park established in Nepal. Reached mostly through buses or private transportation and now flyiing directly to the regional airport and transfers to the park area.


Exploring Chitwan National Park in Nepal

Entering Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park on the Terrai lowlands in southern Nepal is a bio diverse environment with dense jungles, grassy plains and large rivers that protect many bird species, rare wildlife including leopards, Bengal tigers, one horned rhinos and other rare mammals found in the national park. Getting to the park entrance is a relatively long 9+ hour bus j0urney from the capital at Katmandu due to heavy road construction and repair.  If you have limited time, you can easily fly to the regional Bharatpur airport and arrange for your lodge for pick up service from the airport. (Typical roundtrip airfare is approximately $100 USD).




Machan wildlife resort at Chitwan National Park



Check in at Machan Wildlife Resort

The Machan Wildlife Resort arranges for any logistics to the park via air, bus or personal driver, they create different tour packages based on different activities and meals built into a typical visit. First thing in arriving the park is the check in to the eco resort and getting settled in your own private room which is spacious and beautifully designed, filled with artistic details and modern amenities for a comfortable stay. You can create a customized tour and stay based on what you want to see and do in the park or around region. If you want to do more activities like water rafting or visiting the holy site of  the Buddha’s birthplace at Lumbini, the resort can set up a complete itinerary for you for an extended visit to the region.


Machan wildlife resort at Chitwan National Park

Spacious bedrooms at Machan resort


Bedrooms at Machan wildlife resort

Safari tour of Chitwan National Park

After a quick check in process and lunch at Machan, we were scheduled for an afternoon tour of the park when the sun and temperatures were not so harsh towards the later part of the day. Our small group boarded two open air jeeps for the afternoon tour of the park. We pass a large gate designating the entrance to the park and drive through some rough trails and open terrain while the guides diligently looked around the jungle for wildlife to spot on the tour.




Safari jeeps at Machan wildlife resort and Chitwan National Park



Along the route are several look out towers that you could climb and we stopped by a few of these to check out the lovely landscape and vista points from above. The lush green flora with wild ferns, tall skinny trees and verdant land below create beautiful vignettes to photograph and admire along our trip – the hardest part of the tour was to try and spot those elusive wildlife hiding out in the dense jungle.


Gorgeous jungle landscape at Chitwan National park


The view from a tower station looking below to the marshland and meadows



Lush marshland and meadows at Chitwan National Park



Spotting wildlife at Chitwan National Park

After a long drive through dense jungle and missing the cues from our guides to quickly look left and then right at eagles, monkeys and deer often hidden in the bush and quick to disappear on cue. One of the guides quickly hopped off the jeep, walking silently along a small stream and then motioning us to also follow quietly to an open spot where we finally get to see something quite spectacular.


Rhinos at Chitwan National Park


Lounging and munching quietly on edible water plants, a pair of wild rhinos were spotted at a short distance in front of us – we were all completely mesmerized and quickly pointed our cameras in their direction as if we were capturing our prize photograph from the experience. Luck was on our side today when we were able to spot six sets of rhinos along our journey along with wild buffalo, spotted or barking deer and even some wild crocodiles.



Wild buffalo at Chitwan National Park


A solitary rhino coming in for a close inspection


Solitary rhino at Chitwan National Park


An adult Asian elephant at the ranger station



Elephants at Chitwan National Park


Twilight river excursion at Chitwan National Park

The guides wisely arranged for a twilight river cruise on the Rapti river to spot more wildlife present on the river banks at that time – mostly rhinos lounging, egrets, eagles and the occasional crocodile sleeping on the riverbanks. Even though the wooden boats feel wobbly, we are in capable hands from the boatmen guiding us quietly through the calm waters of the lowland plains.



A river cruise at Chtwan National Park


Climbing into row boats along the Rapti River


A river cruise at Chtwan National Park



The pace slows down and everything  along the Rapti river is still and quiet. The boatmen’s easy strokes evoke such a peaceful and seductive ride through this calm and scenic river while the last golden rays of light spotlight distant mountains and the lush surroundings. Lovely landscapes unfold in front of us and wildlife appear on the riverbank for a drink – it’s a beautiful scene and I treasure this tranquil feeling and experiencing the twilight hour on the Rapti river.


A crocodile along the banks of the Rapti at Chitwan


Our guide quickly spots an albino looking crocodile and we turn the boat around for a closer look at he sleeping giant, I point my camera and quickly shoot while I’m trying to keep up my balance and keep very still. It’s thrilling and nerve  wracking at the same time, but really no worries the giant beast is sound asleep and couldn’t care less with our presence. We glide through another hundred meters and stop by the shoreline where the jeeps are waiting to take us to our next destination.



A crocodile along the banks of the Rapti at Chitwan



Cocktail time and sunset at Chitwan

What a surprise – at the end of our river cruise and jungle trek, the Machan crew had arranged for a special sunset viewing and cocktail party fronting a serene area with picture perfect views for sunset. You couldn’t ask for a better moment, except that the wines were chilled, the beers refreshing, fresh fruit and cheese set for a magical end to our safari. I love little surprises and details like this and Machan really delivers those special moments and caters to your every whim.



Sunset viewing at Chitwan National Park


Sunset viewing and cocktails at Chitwan – a perfect ending!


Chitwan National Park





Cocktail hour at Chitwan National Park

Afterwards, we head back to the resort to relaxed and freshen up for dinner and have a delightful dinner feasting on Nepali specialties and other local dishes from the area.  After dinner a few lounged around in the open bar and revisit some of the fantastic experiences we had today on our safari and river cruise. But most of the group opted to head back to  their deluxe rooms and go straight to bed.



A luxurious dinner at Machan Wildlife resort

Morning trek at Chitwan National Park

For the second day, our guides gave us options for the days activities and we all opted to do a walking trek in the park through dense jungle and then to the riverfront areas – we were hoping to find the more elusive wildlife in the area. Escorted by two elephants and guides for protection, we started our journey passing through the main gates to the park and detoured through a walking trail going towards the main river called the Rapti. We quickly passed through the main gates to the park after an obligatory photo-op and proceeded to where the elephants were stationed for the morning walk along a large grassy plain area.


Chitwan National Park



The elephants are stationed for our morning trek at Chitwan National Park



Morning jungle trek at Chitwan National Park





Morning jungle trek at Chitwan National Park


The elusive Bengal tigers were on the prowl and we were only able to capture fresh tracks spotted on the trail only a few hours before they visited the area.


Tiger tracks spotted at Chitwan National Park


We weren’t so lucky this time outside of spotting a few more spotted deer. But, it didn’t matter, the landscape was beautiful and we passed so many orchids growing wild and in the trees and blooming in large bracts.


Wild orchids at Chitwan National Park


Afternoon stroll at a local village

There are many indigenous tribes located around the national park including a small village just outside of the Machan Wildlife resort. Our guide takes us for a nice long walk around the village and it’s been going through major changes. There are just a few of the mud and dung walled structures left, replaced with western style stucco and tiled roofed homes. Many tribesmen have left to wealthy areas in the middle east and sent back home money to buy better comforts for their families. Despite the changes, there’s still plenty to see and photograph in this colorful village with friendly people that let you visit their modest homesteads and let you explore around their property.


Elephants at Chitwan National Park




A villager at Chitwan National Park




Chitwan National Park



Trying a hat at a local village outside Chitwan National Park


More details to visiting Chitwan National Park

Most of the eco resorts and hotels arrange different stays and activities while visiting the national park, but you can also arrange your own tour or visit. To find out more information about Chitwan National Park, check out their website here for more details.

For Nepal tourism and visiting other key attractions in the area, check out the Nepal tourism site here for more details and other exciting destinations in the area.

For a stay at Machan Wildlife resort and their safari tours and activities, check out their website here for more details.

Transportation options to Chitwan National Park, check out the website information here for more details and updated travel options.



A guide at Chitwan National Park

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