Views of the historic center in Zagreb, Croatia

Views of the historic center in Zagreb, Croatia

I had no idea about what Zagreb would be like outside of some initial research and viewing some pictures of the Croatian Capital. Not really grabbing my interest, I still placed in my travel destinations for access to various parts of Croatia that I wanted to visit and Zagreb is the central axis as a transit hub. I enjoyed visiting the city and my first Impressions of Zagreb, Croatia were quite positive to this gorgeous city. It was fun to walk around the old town part of the city or take public transportation to different areas that are easy to get to and explore.

Weather and Best Time to Visit Zagreb

When it comes to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, the weather and timing of your visit can significantly influence your experience. Noel, considering your passion for travel and exploration, here’s what you need to know:

Zagreb experiences a continental climate, which means you’ll have distinct seasons. Summers (June to August) can be warm, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F). It’s a great time for outdoor adventures like hiking and biking, or simply strolling around the city.

**Best Time to Visit:**

Spring (April to June):

This is an excellent time to visit if you prefer milder weather and want to explore the city without the summer crowds. Spring offers pleasant temperatures, making it ideal for your photography pursuits.

Summer (June to August):

Summer is the peak tourist season, and for a good reason. The city comes alive with various events and festivals. As a content creator, you’ll find endless opportunities for engaging content, especially during the Zagreb Summer Evenings festival.

Autumn (September to October):

If you enjoy local food, this is a fantastic time to visit. Zagreb’s cafes and restaurants serve delicious traditional dishes, and the weather is still pleasant for outdoor activities.

Winter (December to February):

Winter in Zagreb is magical, with the city adorned in festive decorations. As a writer, you could capture the charm of the Advent season, and as a photographer, the holiday lights and decorations provide wonderful subject matter.

– Zagreb’s rich history and culture offer you ample material for your blogs.
– The city’s mix of Austro-Hungarian and modern architecture provides a unique perspective for your photography.
– The seasonal changes in weather ensure diverse content opportunities.

– Summers can be crowded, so you might need to plan your shoots during less busy hours.
– Winters are cold, so be prepared for chilly temperatures during the holiday season.

In conclusion, Noel, the best time to visit Zagreb depends on your preferences. Each season offers something special, whether it’s outdoor adventures, cultural exploration, or capturing the city’s beauty through your camera lens. Happy travels and happy writing!

Touring main attractions and places of interest around the capital city of Zagreb

Panorama of the capital at Zagreb

Panorama of the capital at Zagreb

Arriving the main train station was pleasant enough, but I thought the main station was fairly compact and nondescript. No worries, I’m not here to hang out at the station so I eagerly ventured outside and was immediately greeted with a wonderful flower and fruit market in the nearby square. It didn’t take too long to find my lodgings for the night with exceptional vistas of the city. It looked like most of the city especially in the historic district had a fairly low skyline except for the main cathedral sticking out boldly in the central area.

The exterior facade of Zagreb Cathedral

The exterior facade of Zagreb Cathedral

How to get around Zagreb

Navigating a new city is a crucial part of your travel experience with easy transportation options. In Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, you have several convenient options for getting around that will cater to your love for exploration. It’s easy enough to walk or take trams and other location transportation to get around the city. Here’s a smart and practical guide to help you move around this vibrant city:

– Zagreb’s city center is wonderfully walkable. Stroll through the historic streets, and you’ll discover numerous hidden gems, historic sites, and charming cafes. As a photographer, this is an excellent way to capture the city’s unique character.

– Zagreb has an extensive tram network that covers most parts of the city. Trams are a reliable and efficient way to get around, especially for longer distances. They run frequently, and tickets can be purchased at kiosks or through mobile apps.

– Buses are another reliable option for moving around Zagreb. They are especially useful for reaching destinations not directly accessible by tram. The bus system is integrated with trams, making transfers easy.

– Taxis are readily available in Zagreb. While they are convenient, it’s advisable to use licensed taxi services or ride-sharing apps for a fair and safe fare.

Bike Rental:
– If you enjoy biking, consider renting a bicycle. Zagreb is becoming increasingly bike-friendly with dedicated lanes and bike-sharing programs. It’s a fantastic way to explore the city at your own pace.

– Uber and other ride-sharing services operate in Zagreb. They offer a comfortable and convenient way to get around, particularly if you’re in a hurry or traveling with luggage.

In your role as a content creator, exploring Zagreb’s different modes of transportation can be an interesting angle for your blogs. You can provide valuable insights into the convenience and experiences each mode offers, catering to your audience’s diverse interests. Enjoy your travels around this captivating city, Noel!

Sculpture facing the Assumption of Mary, Zagreb Cathedral

Sculpture facing the Assumption of Mary, Zagreb Cathedral

Main square at Zagreb, Ban Jelačić Square

Main square at Zagreb, Ban Jelačić Square

The main market in the historic district is wonderful to visit and very colorful with all the fall harvest produce and finished products that you can sample and take away for a picnic or gifts of your visit to this lovely capital city.

Dolac market in lower town, Zagreb

Dolac market in lower town, Zagreb

Try these specialty foods and dishes around Zagreb

Exploring the local culinary scene is one of the best ways to truly experience a place. In Zagreb, you’ll find a delightful tapestry of flavors that are sure to pique your interest as a food enthusiast and writer. Here are some must-try specialties:


Start your culinary journey with this traditional dish. Štrukli are delicious pastry rolls stuffed with cottage cheese, sour cream, and various savory or sweet fillings. They’re often baked to perfection and make for a delightful appetizer or dessert.

Zagorski Špek:

If you’re a fan of cured meats, Zagorski Špek is a local delicacy. This smoked bacon, usually served in thin slices, is rich in flavor and pairs perfectly with local cheeses.


For a taste of hearty, traditional Croatian cuisine, try Peka. It’s a method of cooking that involves baking meat (often veal or lamb) and vegetables under an iron bell covered with hot coals. The result is tender, succulent, and full of flavor.


This spicy stew is a meat lover’s dream. It typically contains a mix of meats, such as pork, beef, and sausages, all slow-cooked with generous portions of paprika and other seasonings.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with Kremšnita, a delicious cream cake that’s an iconic dessert in Zagreb. Layers of custard and cream sandwiched between flaky pastry sheets – it’s a dessert worth indulging in.

Zagrebački Odrezak:

If you’re into schnitzels, you’ll love Zagrebački Odrezak. This breaded and fried veal or chicken cutlet is served with a flavorful sauce and often garnished with ham and cheese.


Native dance at the Dolac market in Zagreb

Native dance at the Dolac market in Zagreb

Check out these popular public markets of Zagreb

Exploring public markets is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local culture and capture the essence of a city through your writing and photography. In Zagreb, you’ll find a selection of lively markets that offer a diverse range of experiences and fresh, local products. Here are some popular public markets you should definitely check out:

Dolac Market:
– Located in the heart of Zagreb, Dolac Market is the city’s most famous and bustling market. It’s a feast for the senses with vibrant displays of fresh fruits, vegetables, local cheeses, and traditional products. The colorful umbrellas and the iconic statue of a Zagreb market woman are a photographer’s dream.

Britanski Trg Market:
– Britanski Trg (British Square) hosts an antique and flea market on Sundays. This is a goldmine for unique finds and vintage treasures. Your love for photography will be rewarded with an array of interesting subjects.

Cvjetni Trg Market:
– Also known as the Flower Square, Cvjetni Trg is famous for its flower market. It’s a visually enchanting place where you can capture the vibrant colors and fragrances of fresh blooms.

Kvatric Market:
– Kvatric Market is known for its diverse food stalls, offering a wide range of international and Croatian cuisine. It’s a great spot to explore different culinary traditions and sample local flavors.

Gornji Grad – Medveščak Market:
– This market is set in a picturesque location in the Upper Town, surrounded by historic architecture. It’s an excellent place to experience the charm of Zagreb and its traditional products.

If you love visiting public markets, street foods and local cuisine, you’re bound to find endless inspiration in Zagreb’s public markets. Each market has its own unique character, providing you with plenty of content material that not only informs but also engages your readers.

Shopping for some treats at the Dolac market

Shopping for some treats at the Dolac market

It’s really fun to walk around a very compact and historic city like Zagreb in both the upper and lower town or the old center.  I’m sure there are many wonderful discoveries and cool places to visit in the capital city and I’m sure you will find this city quite fascinating and worth visiting when you are in Croatia.

More inside tips to visiting Zagreb, Croatia

Exploring the lesser-known gems of a city can provide a unique and enriching experience. Here are some inside tips to make your visit to Zagreb, Croatia, even more memorable, focusing on hidden treasures rather than the main attractions:

Secret Courtyards:
– As a content creator, you’ll appreciate the city’s hidden courtyards in the Upper Town (Gornji Grad). These charming spaces are often tucked away behind unassuming entrances and offer a glimpse into Zagreb’s history and architecture. They are excellent for photography and provide a quiet escape from the bustling streets.

St. Mark’s Church Roof Tiles:
– St. Mark’s Church in the Upper Town is well-known, but its colorful roof tiles are a lesser-known treasure. They display the coats of arms of Zagreb and Croatia. As a photographer, capturing these tiles can provide a unique perspective on local history and identity.

Tunnel Grič:
– Delve into a piece of Zagreb’s underground history by visiting Tunnel Grič. This former World War II shelter now hosts art installations and occasional events. It’s an intriguing location for your blog, with its blend of history and modern creativity.

Tkalčićeva Street:
– Tkalčićeva is a charming street in the Lower Town filled with cozy cafes, art galleries, and a vibrant atmosphere. It’s a great place for candid photography and writing about Zagreb’s thriving arts and culture scene.

Hidden Cafes:
– Zagreb is known for its cafe culture. Seek out hidden or quirky cafes, like Tolkien’s House, which is a haven for book lovers, or Basement Bar, a hip underground spot. These unique settings can inspire interesting content.

These inside tips will not only enhance your travel experience but also give your readers a more in-depth understanding of Zagreb beyond the usual attractions. Your knack for finding the extraordinary in the ordinary will shine through in your content. Enjoy your journey of discovery in this enchanting city!

People watching in a pedestrian zone at Zagreb

People watching in a pedestrian zone at Zagreb

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Conclusion on this first impression of Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia, is a captivating city that beautifully blends history with modernity. From intricate architecture and vibrant markets to hidden courtyards and lesser-known gems, it’s a city full of stories waiting to be told.

Thanks for joining me for this first impression of Zagreb, Croatia. I hope that you enjoyed the visit and please do share the post with any of the social media buttons located around the post. Thank you.

As you continue to explore, your bond with Zagreb deepens, making it a place of endless discoveries and experiences. Cheers to the exciting journey ahead!

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