Girona cloisters - Game of Thrones in Spain


When Game of Thrones was shot in Seville, Spain for season 5, the gorgeous gardens and alcazar palace in Seville were chosen to feature the amazing location for the stunning water gardens of Dorne. ( You can check out my post of Seville and the Game of Thrones post here). Now with the start of season six, the production crew is starting to stake out scenic locations throughout the Eastern Catalonia coastal areas of Costa Brava. Some of the targeted sites include the scenic medieval city of Girona and the fortified castle of Peniscola which juts out from the seaside resort. Both of these cities are already popular tourist attractions in their own, but with the increase interest of locations used on the Game of Thrones productions, many of the iconic spots chosen will be even more popular visiting spots.

Here are a few highlights of the areas in both destinations worth visiting and checking out the stunning medieval architecture and vistas that may be a part of the Game of Thrones series for Season 6.


Game of Thrones in Girona, Spain

Girona Spain, river view 


The historic and medieval areas of old Girona are quite stunning and very well preserved including many of the ramparts, towers, churches and old sections of the city. The City contains a beautiful river, canals and old bridges that span the historic areas and offer magnificent views to the historic districts and medieval architecture. The main attraction and probable location setting for the Game of Thrones series is speculating that the cathedral could be utilized for season 6. There are many gorgeous parts of the medieval cathedral which looks to be the best choice of filming, including the old town with the Jewish area, which is filled with medieval architecture and cobbled streets. Many speculate that both the old town and cathedral are going to be filmed to represent the Citadel, Braavos or Kings Landing.

Girona Cathedral

Cathedral interior and altar

Cathedral of Girona - Game of Thrones in Spain


Medieval details in Girona

Cathedral of Girona - Game of Thrones in Spain


The ornate cloisters of the Cathedral at Girona


Girona, Cathedral Cloister


Column details of the cloister at Girona

Girona Spain, architectural detail    


The views from the different ramparts and towers of Girona are beautiful and may also be featured into the filming with natural views to the landscape and scenic countryside.

Girona Spain, ramparts


Scouting crews have been seen investigating scenic areas of the coastline and perhaps may utilize some of the beautiful views of the Costa Brava region and more of the medieval ruins or fortresses located throughout the region. If your a die hard Game of Thrones fan, look out for these locations for season 6 and maybe you’ll recognize a few of these images on this post. Better yet, go and visit Girona and walk around the medieval areas and Cathedral of the city and you will really get a nice vibe of why this city was chosen as a new film location for the series. You can find out more details about exploring Girona and Costa Brava here for what to do and see in the region.



Game of Thrones in Spain at Girona


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