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Coastal Hamakua views

A Hamakua estate and garden

I’m visiting a private estate and garden out here in the northern part of Hawaii island, would you like to come and join me?

Well, let me tell you a little about this gorgeous estate along the gorgeous Hamakua coastline with rugged cliffs dropping down straight into the Pacific ocean. The owners of this property have a large estate with panoramic coastline views of the Hamakua coast along with two waterfalls adjoining the property. You will be able to see almost every type of exotic plant, flower and fruit tree on this property which the owners have lavishly maintained for decades.

Tropical anthuriums,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island
All right, let’s get started shall we. First let’s hike down to see the two waterfalls below the property. A narrow downhill pathway with lush plantings of anthuriums, ferns and large-leaved tropical plants of every shape and color.  I could hear the waterfalls directly ahead and in no time arrived at this beautiful pond framed with lush ferns and the magnificent falls.  It was tranquil and perfectly sized, and I had the entire place to enjoy on my own along with the pesky mosquitos.  In order to avoid all the swarming mosquitos, I quickly followed the stream bed down a worn path lined with palms and coconut trees. Finally, I make it to the edge of the coastline along the cliffs which are framed with  huge ironwood trees, supporting the entire cliff below – quite an idyllic spot to relax. The soft breezes at this point were keeping the mosquitoes at bay and allowing me to relax and enjoy the scenic views at my leisure.

Travel PHoto Discovery

fern framed waterfall

Travel Photo Discovery

Waterfall spilling into the Pacific


Coastline views

It was a unique and powerful experience to see the waterfall cascading directly from the cliffs to the bottom of the ocean.  After some time enjoying the view, it was time to make that arduous hike back up those 100 plus steps to the main house, at double speed to avoid all the hungry mosquitoes lurking all the way back uphill.
Lilly blooms,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island




Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island



Finally back on top of the property, immediately in front of us is an entire field of day lilies in bloom – which the owners maintained as a small business prior to their retirement. A large pathway connects through a tropical fruit orchard of bananas, pineapples, guavas, oranges, lemons and limes and exotic fruit I couldn’t easily identify. Closer to the main home a huge garden room is filled with tropical Rhododendrons or Vireyas blooming with many shapes, sizes, colors and amazing floral notes.

Tropical rhododendron or vireya,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island
Huge clusters of Vireya blooms with sweet flowery scents



Tropical rhododendron or vireya in Hawaii, Trommer Lilly farm





Plumeria blooms ,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island
Plumeria trees loaded with aromatic and ginger scented flowers perfume the walkways



There are many unusual and gorgeous tropical flower trees on the property, not all of them were blooming during this visit. But, here are a few of the beautiful blooms from the flowering trees,  shrubs and other tropical flowers in bloom that day.

Plumeria blooms ,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island




Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island





Orchid blooms,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island
Many flower trees also hosted scented orchids like these dendrobium orchids


Well, that was a beautiful garden tour of this estate, pretty amazing isn’t? It’s hard to imagine the owners taking care of so many plants with bare bones help, I’m sure it’s an endless dedication and love for their tropical garden.
Variegated Pineapple,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island


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