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Pink Heliconia bloom

Summer flowers

Summer is in full bloom here in Hawaii, although it seems like flowers can bloom year round and they do flower quite often. Here are some of my all time favorite flowers that I love to see almost everyday on my daily walks in my garden and outside in many beautiful places on the island.

It almost seems like the flowers here in Hawaii are so vivid and filled with color, here the plumerias are all different colors and shapes, but this one below is my favorite because of its intense hue of deep red with an orange blush on its throat.
Plumeria blooms,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island


Deep maroon colors of this hibiscus flower the size of someone’s head, it’s huge!

Hibiscus blooms,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island



A bright pink hibiscus flower greets me in the morning timeframe, a perfect welcoming, don’t you agree?

Hibiscus bloom,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island




Bright yellow tropical vireyas or rhododendrons with huge yellow clusters on this shrub almost the size of a small tree. I love taking pictures of flowers when they are backlit like these clusters because they just glow and are more dramatic, don’t you think?

Tropical rhododendron or vireya,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island



This tropical vireya is also sweetly scented like the smell of flowery gardenia. Here’s another shot of a cluster that is backlit, almost making the flowers translucent in their appearance.

Tropical rhododendron or vireya,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island



A detail shot of spider lily blossoms (Lycoris) with their pink undersides and white faces extending out to the sun.

Lilly bloooms,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island


Shade loving anthuriums seem to bloom forever, most of the flowers last weeks if not an entire month.  That’s one of the reasons people love to grow these plants and they make excellent cut flowers for display.

Tropical anthurium,Trommer Lilly Farm, Big Island

Do you love summer flowers, what are some of your favorites? If you would like to take excellent pictures of flowers like those above, take a look at my post on flower photography for some great advice.


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