Slovenia highlights: fall time in Lake Bled

Slovenia highlights: fall time in Lake Bled

Slovenia highlights: fall time in Lake Bled with autumn colors and stunning landscape (2023)

There’s nothing like Slovenia in autumn time and being outdoors and enjoying nature is quite spectacular here especially Lake Bled in Autumn season. The fall season in Lake Bled, Slovenia is something everyone should experience if you are visiting the country and have time to spend outside of the capital city. Even though the mornings are relatively cool, The temperatures are still warm during the day time and a walk around the lake is a wonderful experience. I enjoyed visiting the country and the Lake Bled region in fall when the colors are truly stunning and you definitely should try to visit here also in the autumn season.

Not only are the views spectacular everywhere you turn, but it seems to have this surreal it can’t be real – but it is that stunning. Surprisingly, I had no expectations of how amazing day trip to Lake Bled. After some initial research and saw some scenic pictures taken during the summertime, I thought this would be a nice day trip from Ljubljana (a long day trip), but definitely better with an overnight stay to enjoy the best views, hikes and exploring the cute towns, castles and other highlights in the area.

There are so many fantastic Slovenia places to visit and Lake Bled is just one of those magical spots that stand out in the fall season.

Where is Lake Bled located in Slovenia

Lake Bled is located in the northwestern part of Slovenia, near the town of Bled. It is situated in the Julian Alps and is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, including a picturesque lake with an island and a castle perched on a cliff overlooking the water.

Lake Bled is approximately 31 miles (50 kilometers) northwest of the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The drive from Ljubljana to Lake Bled typically takes around 40 minutes by car.

Fall countryside train ride in Slovenia

Fall countryside train ride in Slovenia

Take a train ride from the capital at Ljubljana

Although there are many modes of transportation to Lake Bled, I ended up taking the trains since it really is my favorite way of traveling and you get some stunning views of the countryside. Traveling by train is easy and you  have the flexibility of walking around or planning your day trip or longer to Lake Bled. The trip leaving Ljubljana was not that interesting passing through some suburbs and smaller communities, but once you get into the countryside and into the foothills, things start to change for the better.

The pastoral scenes are bucolic and pretty, you get views of small farmlands, towns in a distance, meandering next to some river s and canyons and finally climb slowly into some mountain areas thick with pine forests and trees showing their colorful fall foliage and a Lake Bled Fall colors and landscape start coming into view on this scenic train ride from the capital.

How to get around Lake Bled once you arrived at the train station

Lake Bled’s train station is located a bit outside the town of Bled, so you’ll need to make your way to the lake area from there. Here’s how to get around Lake Bled once you’ve arrived at the train station:


If you don’t have much luggage and enjoy walking, you can stroll to the lake area from the train station. It’s a pleasant walk of approximately 2.5 kilometers (about 1.5 miles), and you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

Local Bus:

Bled has a local bus network, and you can check the bus schedule to see if there’s a convenient route from the train station to the lake area. Bus stops are usually well-marked, and you can purchase tickets on the bus or at kiosks.


Taxis are readily available at the train station, and it’s a convenient way to reach your accommodation or the lake area quickly. Be sure to agree on the fare with the driver before starting your journey.

Rental Bikes:

Lake Bled is a bike-friendly destination, and you can rent bicycles at various locations in town. If you’re comfortable cycling, this is a fun and eco-friendly way to get around and explore the lake and its surroundings.

Pletna Boats:

Once you’re at the lake area, you can take a traditional pletna boat to visit Bled Island. These wooden boats are operated by local rowers and are a unique way to experience the lake. You can find them near the lake’s edge.

Car Rentals:

If you plan to explore the broader region, you can rent a car in Bled. Many rental agencies have offices in town, and having a car gives you the flexibility to visit nearby attractions.

Remember to check the local transportation options and schedules in advance, as they can vary depending on the time of year. Lake Bled is a relatively compact area, so once you’re in the town and lake vicinity, you can easily explore on foot or by bike.

What to do around Lake Bled in Autumn season

Lake Bled weather in fall 

The Lake Bled weather in October through November can be pleasant but variable depending on the weather patterns, but the earlier in the fall season tends to be nice and warm still during the day time and gets very cool once the sun goes down. On clear or partially cloudy days, the weather warms up after past 10am and starts to cool off again after 4pm. I would wear layers to adjust for temperature changes and rain or cloudy skies or other changes in weather.

Initial views of Lake Bled from the train station

Initial views of Lake Bled from the train station

Autumn Glory at Lake Bled

Along the way, everyone has to make a change at one of the junction areas to switch to a local train headed to Lake Bled. The process only took about 10 or so minutes and we were quickly on our way. In no time we were able to finally get to the main railway station ( a small sleepy station with no staff at the station. No worries, we check for the return schedule and look at the large map outside fronting Lake Bled.

It’s mid morning and the weather is nice and sunny, a perfect day to walk around the lake. First impression of the lake and areas is that it is a lot smaller than I was assuming. For some reason the photos I have seen with these monumental mountains with Lake Bled in the middle, make it looks huge. But in reality it is quite compact and feels more like a resort area, still nice but not as majestic as I had envisioned. Although I was pleasantly surprised when we started our hike along the coastal trails.

Autumn glory by the shore line at Lake Bled

Autumn glory by the shore line at Lake Bled

Views from the lake = stunning!

Inspired by Slovenia - a photo essay

Inspired by Slovenia – a photo essay

Morning comes on the island and the Church of the Assumption

In the middle of Lake Bled sits the majestic Church of the Assumption on Bled island. I knew that you could actually take a short boat trip to visit the island, but the timing was off when I arrived the train station in the morning and opted to take the waterfront trails around the island and enjoy all the gorgeous fall colors in the  area.

Moring views -The Church of the Assumption at Lake Bled

Morning views -The Church of the Assumption at Lake Bled on Bled Island

How to get to Bled island and the Church of the Assumption

Getting to Bled Island and the Church of the Assumption is a unique and picturesque experience. Here’s how to reach the island:

Pletna Boat:

The most traditional and iconic way to reach Bled Island is by taking a pletna boat. These wooden boats, operated by skilled local rowers, depart from several locations along the shores of Lake Bled, including the town of Bled and the area near Bled Castle. You can easily spot the pletna boat docks as they are adorned with colorful awnings. The rowers will take you on a serene journey across the lake to Bled Island.

Rowing Yourself:

If you’re feeling adventurous and would like to row to the island yourself, you can rent a wooden rowboat from the rowboat rental station located near the town of Bled. Rowing to the island can be a fun and rewarding experience, but keep in mind that it requires some physical effort.

Once you arrive at Bled Island, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the charming Church of the Assumption, which is perched atop a staircase of 99 stone steps. The church is known for its stunning Baroque interior and a tradition where couples ring the church bell for good luck in their relationships. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and the splendid views of Lake Bled from this picturesque island.

Following the coastal trail along Lake Bled

Following the coastal trail along Lake Bled

Hiking around Lake Bled, Slovenia

You have to walk downhill from the train station to get to the main hiking trail that runs along the lake’s edge which looked easy going downhill, but I was sure would be a pain going uphill at the end of the day.

Walking to one of the piers jutting out of the lake, I see the iconic island and castle located in the middle and just starting to get lit with the suns first rays on the island – stunning (I’m saying to myself) and picking up my camera to snap shots in different angles to try to capture that first light.

My traveling friend Kyna gets a head start and I’m trailing far back since I stop to check out the scene and frame some more photos. It’s easy to admire and capture the myriad of autumn colors in front of you and hiking right alongside the lakeside trail.

A pleasant hike around Lake Bled in Fall

A pleasant hike around Lake Bled in Fall

The colors of fall at Lake Bled = magnificent

Everything seemed to be turning colors at Lake Bled and the hiking trail along the waters edge is paved and relatively easy and flat. The autumn colors of the local maples, beech, larch and many other indigenous plants and foliage light up the hills and landscape surrounding the lake area – it truly is a magical time to visit Lake Bled!

Fall color at its best in Slovenia

Fall color at its best in Slovenia

I couldn’t stop taking pictures every hundred feet or so, the show was just incredible. I haven’t seen fall colors so stunning like this in a very long time and I wanted to capture the moment and also enjoy the moment while nature was giving me this wonderful show.

Along the way I stopped by the shoreline to glance back at the island in the middle of the lake, here’s another wonderful shot that I took from a further distance below.

A castle, views and a village at Lake Bled

A look back at the church on the island at Lake Bled

A look back at the church on Lake Bled island

Visiting Bled Castle

Continuing on our route, I noticed a sign for a castle located on a hill, I’m sure the views must really be outstanding from above. I told my friend Kyna that we should make this detour and climb up to the top and explore Lake Bled Castle. It was not easy to do this first thing in the morning, but we trudged on to find something pretty amazing. But, you’ll just have to wait for my next post when I continue on our discovery tour of the castle and views around Lake Bled.

For part two of this fall hike to Lake Bled continue here.

Or for something fun, checkout this post about glamping in Lake Bled if you’re thinking about an overnight stay. It’s definitely worth an overnight stay to see this part of Slovenia in fall time and all the fall colors and beautiful landscape to enjoy, hike and experience.

Where to stay around Lake Bled

Definitely worth doing an overnight stay or longer to explore and enjoy fall season at its best in Lake Bled. You can check out these top rated hotels and inns here for more details.

Hotel Park – Located in Bled town and waterfront promenade this large and expansive hotel has great views, easy access to town, trails and lovely places to explore with comfortable rooms and great service

Vila Preseren – located next to Bled Castle and gorgeous views of the entre lake, this comfortable boutique hotel has great breakfast/meals and accomodating service with comfortable rooms and a view to die for.

Hotel Lovec – short few minutes walk to the lake with spacious rooms, fantastic public areas and huge pool and jacuzzi and nice breakfast spread with wonderful service.

There are a variety of fantastic places to stay from classic hotels, modern styled accommodations to small inns. Check out the best rated inns and hotels here for the best rated places to stay in the area.

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Conclusion to a Lake Bled Autumn Season

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