spectacular spring gardens around the world

Spectacular spring gardens of the world burst with vibrant colors, fragrant blooms, and the promise of new beginnings.

Springtime is a wonderful time to recharge and be outdoors and if you love plants and flowers, visiting a local garden is a visual feast to inspire and enjoy. Take a look at some of these spectacular gardens of the world shared by travel journalist and bloggers on some of their favorite must visit gardens. Hopefully you can visit soon or even start your own spring garden to enjoy. Visiting botanical gardens in my experience, is something I always love to see when I’m in a new destination to explore.

If you love to visit gorgeous spring gardens like I do to get inspired and maybe dabble a little in your garden, let these world reknown gardens inpsire you to visit any of them some day.



Visit the Spring Gardens in the United States

naples botanical gardens

Naples Botanical Garden – Naples Florida

The Naples Botanical Garden is truly a hidden gem. This 170-acre world-class garden paradise features plants and cultures of the tropics and subtropics.

The botanical garden is located between Naples and Marco Island Florida.  These gardens are lush, tropical, and colorful. I would recommend arriving when the gardens open at 9 am when it is cooler as it gets extremely hot during the day.

naples botanical gardens

The gardens are divided into multiple specialty gardens. There is a children’s garden, Brazilian garden, Caribbean garden, and Asian garden, just to name a few.  There is also a space devoted entirely to butterflies and the plants that sustain them.  This is where you will find the photographers with their zoom lenses trying to get that perfect shot of the hummingbirds in action.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes when visiting the gardens as, with six separate gardens and 90 acres of restored native preserve, there will be a lot of walking while exploring the beautiful grounds.  We wandered the grounds for 3 hours and could have easily wandered some more.

Diana Becevello with Diana’s Healthy Living


International Rose Test Garden, Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is known as the “City of Roses” for good reason. Nestled in Washington Park, just outside of the city center is a peaceful garden that contains over 10,000 rose buses of more than 650 rose varieties.
The garden was founded in 1917 to provide a safe place for European roses during World War I to keep them safe from destruction. And today the garden draws around 700,000 visitors every year.
Roses are sent here from all over the world to be evaluated and receive awards based on their bloom formation, color, and fragrance. Late spring/early summer is when these roses are at their peak. They bloom from April through October with June being the best month to visit the garden.
You can wander around this lovely garden, smelling the fragrant roses while learning a bit about each varietal. If you’d rather take a guided tour, Portland Parks offers a free tour every day from Memorial Day through Labor Day beginning at 1:00pm.
The International Rose Test Garden is perched on a hill, overlooking Downtown Portland so you’ll be rewarded with views of the city and even Mount Hood on a clear day. And the picturesque Japanese Garden is directly across the street, it’s another recommended visit.
The rose garden is open daily from 7:30am – 9:00pm and admission is free. It’s one of the best things to do during a trip to Portland, Oregon!

Val with Wandering Wheatleys


Zilker Botanical Garden

A Swedish log cabin, a dinosaur, and the Butler Window are just three of the many interesting finds at Zilker Botanical Garden located near downtown Austin Texas. With over 25 acres of land the Zilker Garden is a place to escape the city and explore nature. Individual sections include the rose garden, butterfly garden, and the impressive Japanese garden created by Austin resident Isamu Taniguchi as a thank you to the city of Austin. Walk along the streams and ponds with giant Koi fish and elegant water lilies, hop across stepping stones to a waterfall, then walk over the wooden ‘Bridge to Walk Over the Moon’ in the peaceful garden space.


What makes Zilker Botanical Garden truly spectacular in the springtime is the abundance of bright pink blooms on the redbud trees. Signally the start of spring in Austin the redbud blooms only last a few weeks, so timing is important, visit between the end of February and mid-March.

Susan Moore with Solo Trips and Tips


Dallas Arboretum in Texas

We love going to the Dallas Arboretum in Spring when the hundreds of blooming rainbow of tulips make you wonder if you have been transported to the Tulips gardens of Netherlands. During Spring the gardens are bursting with colorful spring blooms and come Fall the garden is filled with pumpkins and fun festivals.  One year the famous glass artist Chihuly had an exhibit here and stone works by Zimbabwean sculptures, ZimSculpt were on display during summer a couple of years ago.
dallas arboretum annual flowers
If you are in Dallas don’t miss visiting Dallas’ 66-acre floral paradise. It has been mentioned in multiple magazines and websites. TripAdvisor chose the botanical garden as the number one entertainment spot in the city, and USA Today named the Dallas Arboretum one of the top ten best botanical gardens in the United States.  You can bring a picnic to enjoy among the hundreds of Tulips, Hyacinths, Camellias, Narcissus. Sometime we even have cherry blossoms and azaleas and azaleas blooming at the same time.
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Japanese-gardens-at golden gate park

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco

The largest open space park located in the middle of San Francisco hosts a variety of gardens that are easy to explore in the park. Containing fantastic exhibit gardens including the Conservatory and cactus garden, the Japanese garden, rose garden, Stern Grove lake area, the botanical garden, the rhododendron dell, Dahlia dell and the Aids garden, there so many wonderful places to explore within Golden Gate park along with some fabulous museums like the De Young and the California Academy of Sciences.
Stow-Lake-in golden gate park
Check out my extensive post on the gardens of Golden Gate park here for more inspirations, images and details to visiting each garden area.
Noel with Travel Photo Discovery
Brookgreen Gardens fountain of muses

Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina

We’ll go way out of our way to see good art.

Especially when the display of that art is so unexpected, refreshing, and new to us. Because, honestly, we’d never heard of most of the American sculptors whose work is displayed at Brookgreen Gardens, near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and we were so glad to make the introductions.

Founded in 1931 by Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington, Brookgreen Gardens contains the largest and most comprehensive collection of American figurative sculpture in the country, with more than 2,000 works by 425 artists. The collection contains almost exclusively figurative art–that is, human and animal figures from nature, history, and mythology.

Brookgreen Gardens joy

Oh, and the gardens and fountains themselves are spectacular. Walkways and garden paths link the sculptures in their distinctive garden, fountain, or landscape settings.

The Brookgreen Gardens Sculpture Gardens are a real American gem, and worth making a special trip to this part of South Carolina to spend a delightful morning wandering in them.

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Miami Beach Botanical Garden 2016

Miami Botanical Gardens

The tropical gardens at the Miami Botanical Gardens is a little gem easily located in South Beach. A small and easy to walk garden with colorful garden rooms, sculpture and beautiful tropical landscapes is fun to walk through and photograph. Wonderful paths, grand garden berms and cool art located throughout the park make this an easy garden to explore especially if you are already in the South Beach area.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden 2016

Check out my post of the Miami Botanical Gardens here for more imagery and details to visiting.

Noel with Travel Photo Discovery

Spring gardens in Central and South America

Rio botanical gardens

Botanical Gardens of Rio de Janeiro

The Botanical Gardens of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are beloved by tourists and researches alike. There are other botanical gardens in Brazil, such as those in São Paulo and Curitiba, but none are as famous or as beautiful as the ones in Rio.
Rio botanical gardens
The gardens sit in a prime location, right at the foot of Corcovado Mountain. You’ll find greenhouses devoted to specific types of plants, including bromeliads, cacti and orchids. Not all of the gardens are cultivated, however. In fact, about 60 percent is Atlantic Forest, and wandering along the forest paths will certainly be a highlight of your visit to the gardens.
This forest is home to many species of birds, as well as monkeys and marmosets. They’ve become accustomed to human visitors, so even though they roam freely they are much easier to spot than they would be in a fully wild area.
Brazilian novelist Clarice Lispector loved to sit in these gardens. Keep an eye out for the park benches with quotes from her engraved on them. Then do as Clarice would do: sit on a bench and do nothing, just letting the world be.
Wendy with the Nomadic Vegan
Botanical garden Cienfuegos orchids

Botanical Garden of Cienfuegos

About 14km outside the historic center of Cienfuegos, Cuba is the Jardín Botánico de Cienfuegos, or Botanical Garden of Cienfuegos.

The garden was founded by an American sugar baron, Edwin Atkins, in 1901 in cooperation with a couple of Harvard professors as The Harvard Botanic Station for Tropical Research and Sugar Cane Investigation. Beginning with research on sugar cane production, the Botanical Gardenof Cienfuegos became, over time, a center for tropical plant research and an arboretum featuring trees from around the world.

We enjoyed our knowledgeable guide who lead us through varieties of orchids, bamboo, banyon and fica, palms (192 varieties!), ebony, Brazil nuts, bougainvillea, with a few termite nests and bird sightings thrown in.

Botanical garden Cienfuegos naturalist_

Harvard’s participation petered out in the early 1960s as the U.S. Cuba embargo fell into place. The site is well maintained and visitor-friendly, but a whiff of nostalgia for international cooperation hangs in the air.

Today the garden has a large collection of tropical exotic plants (with more than 2000 species. Among the most complete collections are more than 400 types of orchids.

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medellin-garden in spring

Botanical gardens of Medellin, Colombia

If you are in Medellin you can’t miss out on the botanical gardens which are located by the side of the University metro station. Strolling around the botanical gardens is one of the things to do in Medellin that are among the most popular in the city.
Perfect for relaxing and escaping from the chaos. The gardens are full of beautiful trees and the pond is so relaxing that you may never want to leave. Also, look out for the iguanas that roam around, they’re often camouflaged within the trees or just casually walking by.
medellin-garden display
There is a gift shop just by the entrance and is worth a look. The items on sale are very reasonably priced, perfect for buying souvenirs. One of the highlights of the park is the magnificent on-site restaurant. You can visit and eat whilst maintaining your connection to nature

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Palermo Park in Buenos Aires Rosedal

The Bosques de Palermo Park is the most beautiful park in Argentina. Following the country’s decades long obsession with New York, the Buenos Aires’ iconic park was modeled after the most iconic park of all. The highlight of the Bosques, however, isn’t its Central Park inspired lakes and running paths, but the rose garden, El Rosedal. Palermo’s rose garden has been here for over 100 years and is an emblem of when Buenos Aires was a cultural powerhouse on the world stage. Buildings, the city’s layout and of course gardens were designed based on European ideals.


Every Spring (October and November here in the Southern Hemisphere), 8,000 roses bloom across ten acres. There are 93 species of roses of all shades and sizes planted in this massive rose garden. There are paths that weave among them, so feel free to bring a book and spend the afternoon relaxing by the roses or the lake. The Rosedal is free to enter and open every day of the week except Mondays, so plan your Buenos Aires itinerary accordingly. 

Erin with Sol Salute

Experience the Spring Gardens in Europe

Linderhof Gardens Travel Tyrol

Linderhof Palace Gardens, Germany

The gardens and park of Linderhof Palace in the German Bavaria explode in a sea of colours in spring – just like Mad King Ludwig II would want it. This was, after all, the only one of his castles or palaces which was completed in his lifetime.
Although there are many acres of beautiful parkland, it’s the formal gardens around the small palace which are a real pleasure to the eye during spring. Ludwig II did, after all, set out to recreate the palace and gardens of Versailles at Linderhof.



Linderhof Palace Travel Tyrol

The gardens of Linderhof Palace are made up of mixed styles including Renaissance-style terraces and Baroque parterres. Inspiration was drawn from French, English, and even Spanish landscape gardens.
A highlight is the decorative garden in the Western parterre which was completed in 1872. The ornamental spring flower beds are the perfect backdrop for two gold gilt fountains of Amor and Fama.
There are three Italian-inspired terraces with ornamental flower beds behind the large pool. The views of the surrounding countryside are beautiful from this elevated position.
Linderhof Palace is often overlooked in favour of nearby Neuschwanstein Castle. However, it’s certainly worth a visit, especially in spring when the first flowers start to bloom in abundance.

By Linda from Travel Tyrol





Potsdam spring gardens in Europe

Potsdam palaces and gardens

The Prussian kings of Germany created spectacular palaces and showcase gardens to complete their massive castles. One of the most impressive gardens are in Potsdam with the public and beautiful garden spaces of Sanssouci and the Neues Palais with large open air gardens that cover large tracts of land. Spring gardens are planted early with a gorgeous display of colorful annuals throughout the many gardens but mostly close to the areas located around each palace.

Sanssouci gardens in spring time

It’s a fantastic time to visit Potsdam to enjoy the outdoors and annual spring displays in the gardens along with a visit to all the spectacular palaces at Potsdam. Check out my Potsdam palaces and gardens tour here for more images and inspiration to visiting the area.

Noel with Travel Photo Discovery





spring gardens in Mainua Islands

Gardens of Mainua Island in Germany

“Mainua Island is located in southern Germany near Lake Constance and was established by a Sweedish Price called Count Lennart Beradotte in 1932 as a flower island with a 13th-century baroque palace. The island is now managed by his children and is truly a delight! Flower season begins in Spring with orchids inside the palm house and millions of tulips. Rhododendrons follow the tulips and in summer there are more than 300,000 flowers on display. In September, visitors will be greeted by Dahlias and peonies, hydrangeas and hibiscus.
Even though the island is well known for its flowers, children will delight with a wonderful playground, petting zoo, pony rides and a small little garden railway just their size. In addition there is a butterfly house where you can walk through with thousands of butterflies fluttering around. Fun Fact: The German words for butterfly is ‘schmetterling’, which just sounds adorable when spoken by little children.
Be sure to visit Mainua Island and southern Germany on your next trip! Looking for more things to do with kids near Stuttgart, Germany?
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Glenveagh gardens

Glenveagh Castle Gardens, Ireland

Located in Donegal, Ireland’s northernmost county, and along the Wild Atlantic Way, we find Glenveagh National Park, a designated Special Area of Conservation and Special Protection Area under Irish and EU law. Within the park you will find Glenveagh Castle, famous for its dark history and association with the land clearances and evictions back in the 19th century, and for its gardens.

Glenveagh Castle Gardens are an orderly contrast compared to the wilderness of its surroundings. They are divided in different areas with the main ones being the Pleasure Gardens and the Walled Gardens, both constructed in the late 1880s, shortly after the castle was finished. The original lay out of the Walled Gardens remains intact, and some of the purple maples and scots pine trees in the Pleasure Garden were planted when the gardens where first created.

Glenveagh gardens

Glenveagh Castle Gardens are well known for its rich collection of trees and shrubs from the southern hemisphere and for its diverse collection of Rhododendrons, which are at their best from late March to the end of May. There is also a large collection of old daffodil varieties that bloom in March and April.

If you are visiting Donegal, check out all these top things to do in Donegal here for more inspiration.

Teresa with Brogan Abroad


Crathes castle gardens in spring time

Crathes Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Crathes Castle in Aberdeenshire Scotland was granted to the Burnett family by Robert the Bruce in 1323 and they lived in this Scottish tower for over 350 years.   Not only did they have a beautiful home, but they also designed amazing gardens that beckons you to explore.

Four acres of gardens can be viewed right from the castle windows, but you will want to get out and wander through the paths filled with color and flower scents.  You can start your exploration right from the castle terrace.  The gardens are actually divided up by eight different sections.  Each section is designed with detail and preciseness

The choice of colors and varieties matched with height and placement make each section different.  The topiaries are trimmed into perfect shapes to complement the flowery plants.  Seek out the pool garden and be soothed with its setting. There are also fountains and benches, so you can take your time and enjoy these lovely sanctuaries.  It is common to see families enjoying some of the land next to the gardens for picnics as well as in the walled area a competitive game of croquet.

Crathes Castle is a member of the National Trust for Scotland, you can purchase membership at the gift shop, which will give you entrance to other castles too.

 Sherrie Fabrizi Allbritten with Travel By A Sherrie Affair

Warsaw botanical garden1

University of Warsaw Botanical Gardens

For both their charm and history, the University of Warsaw Botanical Gardens are a must-visit gem. They were founded in 1818, have included over 10,000 species by 1824, were ruined during World War II, and were reconstructed right after. Today, the gardens are relatively small, but what they lack in size, they make up for in beauty. From roses to magnolias to different kinds of trees and shrubs, they house thousands of species from all over the world. Strolling around, the diversity in species make some areas look like a floral garden and others look like a big forest. The gardens are also dotted with a few fountains and sculptures, making them even more scenic.
Warsaw botanical garden
Surprisingly, even though they are located in the famous Lazienki Park, the University of Warsaw Botanical Gardens are kind of a hidden gem in Warsaw. That makes them a perfect spot for a quiet afternoon stroll and a great way to get off the beaten path in Warsaw.
Let me know of you need any changes.
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tulip fields in the Netherlands

De Keukenhof – The Netherlands

Another spectacular spring garden you have to visit is De Keukenhof in The Netherlands. De Keukenhof gets around 1 million visitors in a few months every year and is most famous for it’s beautifully shaped flower patterns. Although it’s incredibly popular,  it’s still a beautiful place to see the tulips and other bulbs in full bloom. Did you know that there are more than 7 million tulip bulbs, hyacinth bulbs and other flower bulbs planted in De Keukenhof?
spring annuals in the Netherlands
There are many things that you can do in De Keukenhof. From a small tour in a boat to guided tours through the park. One of the most spectacular things is to just simply stroll through the 79 acres park and enjoy the bright colours of the flowers. There are several exhibitions that you can visit in the Keukenhof Castle, which is definitely worth a visit as well. But no matter what you end up doing, you will enjoy De Keukenhof with its colourful patterns and flowers.
Kew gardens

Kew Gardens in London

Kew Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is a must for any UK Bucket list, let alone London bucket list! The gardens are expansive and you can easily spend the whole day in the grounds. Kew Gardens is the best botanic garden in the world in my opinion and there is no better time to visit than the Spring Time, although in my opinion there is no bad time! However Spring brings out the best in Kew Gardens Many of the beautiful flowers bloom in Spring. The highlight for me is the beautiful rose gardens which blooms in May! However other highlights in Spring are the beautiful Camelias, Magnolia and the astounding Cherry Walk!
Kew gardens1
On top of the spring blooming flowers be sure to visit the year round attractions such as the beautiful palm houses and glass houses that provide year round entertainment.
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Terra Nostra Azores

Terra Nostra Botanical Garden, Azores

I have been to many gardens around the world and out of them all, my favorite is the Terra Nostra Botanical Garden on Sao Miguel in the Azores.  Terra Nostra is a large garden that consists of native plants (which are unique to other places in Europe), global plants, and baths that contain mineral properties that are supposed to be healing and therapeutic for the skin.  I spent hours inside just marveling at the different species of flora and the ability to get lost in your own world inside.  There are many Azores hotels in the vicinity and Furnas, the closest city to Terra Nostra Botanical Garden, is a really great base and launchpad to explore the eastern side of Sao Miguel.  Furnas is known for its geothermal energy paired with unspeakable beauty.  I definitely recommend a trip to Terra Nostra if you love gorgeous spring gardens and some relaxation while in the Azores.

Megan with Megan Starr.com

edingburgh botanical garden1s

Edinburgh Royal Gardens

Edinburgh Royal Gardens are just one of the many things to see in Edinburgh. The reason I love these gardens is because of the stark contrasts between each area, the research happening within the gardens, and the fact that it only costs £7.00 to enter. Inside the gardens you wander around the Arboretum, Rhododendrons, Rock garden, woodland garden with massive trees, the Chinese hillside that feels like a secret garden and then comes the Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden. Here you have a quaint and quiet area with a small house where you can sit. When you enter the entire house is lined with seashells and pinecones, a perfect place for solitude from the city. Be sure to peek through the trees during your wanderings as there is one particular spot that allows you to see the Edinburgh Castle.



edingburgh botanical gardens

There are also several greenhouses worth visiting where different plants from all over the world and grown, including a beautiful collection of orchids, and some of the strangest trees I’ve ever seen with surprisingly beautiful flowers. So if you are ever in Edinburgh, be sure to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens there, it is a great escape from the city.

 -Janiel Green with CultureTrekking.com

Explore the Spring Gardens in Asia

Japan cherry blossoms1


The place features around 200 cherry trees stretches for 700m along the promenade that decorate the moats beautifully, and over 1 million people come and enjoy this stunning view. The cherry blossoms are lightened up at night after sunset till 22:00.

The moat surrounding the Imperial Palace is covered in over 200 gigantic cherry blossom trees – with many reaching over on top of the edges of the moat. Over 1 million people come during the cherry blossom bloom to enjoy this unforgettable view. They are lighted up at night until about 10 pm. But really the best way to see them is to rent a paddle boat and get close to all the petals on the water. Make sure to get there early, like an hour before open because the lines are immense during peak bloom.

Japan cherry blossoms

You can also check out Chidorigafuchi Path, which is a narrow sidewalk alongside the moat of the Imperial Palace that runs from a short distance from the cemetery to the Boat Rentals. There are many blooming sakura trees here, but they do get packed pretty fast. Also, make sure to get here early if you want a picnic spot under the blooms.

Access: from Tokyo Toei Shinjuku line, Metro Hanzomon line, Metro Tozai line, Kudanshita station exit 2 walking 5 mins

Best time to visit: late March to early April

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Penang Botanic Gardens

Only 8km away from bustling UNESCO-inscribed George Town, Penang Botanic Gardens pack a lot of trees, open spaces and rare plants and orchids in a beautiful space at the foot of Penang Hill. The place was first opened in 1884 by Charles Curtis of the Gardens & Forests Departments Straits Settlements from an old quarry site, and since then, it has resisted the island’s development, maintaining a literal “green lung” amidst high-rises and shopping malls. The trail to the beautiful waterfall set beyond the gardens is now off limits to visitors, but there is still a side path leading up to an interesting lily pond filled with tortoises and lotus flowers, and several greenhouses sheltering rare plant species, ranging from cacti to orchids and ferns.
Penang Botanic Gardens are also used as a popular jogging track, given they have a paved loop road that makes for a very scenic space for a run. It’s also popular with endemic macaques, who have by now grown accustomed to being fed by tourists, and occupy the sides of the jogging track — they are generally innocuous, but don’t disturb them.
Nature lovers and hikers may want to consider the nearby Moongate hiking trail, which starts near the main entrance to Penang Botanic Gardens, and climbs up the flank of Penang Hill.
by Marco Ferrarese of penang-insider.com

Singapore gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore is famous for its many green spaces nestled neatly among the city’s skyscrapers. And even though the Singapore Botanic Gardens is just one of the many green lungs of the city, it is undoubtedly of the best botanical gardens in the world! 

With more than 4 million visitors every year, this UNESCO World Heritage offers a great escape from the busy streets of downtown Singapore – with plenty to do, see and love year-round.

Besides the obvious lush greenery and colorful plant life on display here, there are also a few lakes, various themed gardens and a Learning Forest – safeguarding some of the most endangered plant species in the world. But, the star attraction remains the Orchid Garden – the world’s largest permanent display of orchids. 

Singapore gardens orchid displays

The grounds are open from 5am-12pm (daily) and there is no entrance fee to the main areas, so you could easily spend a few hours enjoying the gorgeous plant life here. If you want to visit the Orchid Garden, there is a SG$5 fee (roughly USD$4 and it’s worth every penny). 

The gardens are one of the best attractions in Singapore, so it’s really best to time your visit here. Visit in the early morning before the crowds come in and the humidity kicks in! 

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bali orchid garden

Orchid Garden Bali

Bali orchid garden is located in the south of Bali island, about 10 minutes away from Sanur beach. The ticket is the equivalent of 8 USD. Is better to visit at the end of the rainy season, in Spring, when all the flowers are in bloom and the atmosphere is beautiful indeed. You will also get a guide that will explain to you all the varieties of orchids that you can admire around the garden.
bali orchid garden
The area is sprinkled with flowers in all shapes and colors, most of them, orchids, and with fountains, alleys and other decorations. We even saw mini pineapples and a plant very similar to the beak of a tropical parrot. At the end of the visit, you have the chance to taste the famous Kopi Luwak coffee, made of high-quality arabica coffee. It’s a lesser known place in Bali that I highly recommend you to visit.
adachi museum in Japan

Adachi Museum in Shimane Prefecture

If you want to see Japan’s most beautiful garden, you must visit Adachi Museum of Art. The garden was voted the best garden in Japan annually since 2003 by the “Journal of Japanese Gardening”.  The garden was created by a local businessman who believed that Japanese gardens should be like a living painting, so he has devoted his life to gardening until his death. There are about 6 gardens, and it is about 165,000 square meters in total. Since the garden shows various seasonal faces, you can enjoy the varying character of the grounds at anytime of the year. I personally recommend you visit in May as the green color of the garden is vivid and impressionable.
adachi museum in Japan
Adachi Museum of Art is located in Shimane Prefecture. Maybe you haven’t heard about it, but Shimane is the place to go if you want to enjoy the country’s most beautiful scenery and a truly authentic experience of Japan. Once you are in Shimane Prefecture, take a free shuttle from JR Yasugi Station to access to the museum. 
Yuki with FindingYoki.com

Royal Botanical Gardens of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is full of beautiful botanical gardens that bloom in Spring, but my absolute favourite is the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kandy. It’s a large set of gardens that are filled with a wide range of plants and flowers from around the world.

 Actually, it feels like you’re taking a trip around the world in just a few hours. I love rose gardens, and there is a whole section dedicated to these gorgeous flowers. Simply get your map and plan your route of wonderful things to see. After you’ve walked among some of the most beautiful flowers in the world, you can stop at the on site cafe for a local tea and a bite to eat.

Or, it’s a wonderful place to have a picnic. Whatever you decide to do, simply wander for hours and immerse yourself in the stunning nature that surrounds you.

 Cazzy Magennis with Dream Big, Travel Far


Ryoan-Ji Zen Garden In Kyoto

Ryoan-ji temple’s zen garden is one of the most famous dry gardens in all of Japan. Interestingly it’s also one of the most mysterious ones, because its origins are unknown.

The garden consists out of carefully landscaped moss pads with rocks on them, sitting in a sea of white pebbles raked into linear patterns. The surrounding nature rising up from behind the temple walls gives this whole a good canvas to shine on.


Its simplicity coupled with its meticulous attention to detail is what makes this garden stand out. I highly recommend a visit if you enjoy nature and peace. Go in the early morning or just before it closes to avoid the crowds though.

The temple area also has a park and lake to explore, as well as a tofu restaurant with a view. If you like to experience the serenity of a Japanese garden in your accommodation as well, consider staying in a Kyoto Ryokan, as they often have carefully tended gardens too.

Paul with Journey Compass

spring_gardens_shinjuku Gyoen national park1

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo during spring

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo, Japan is a great place to visit in the spring.  Shinjuku Gyoen is a large and beautiful park and a relaxing and quiet oasis in the middle of hectic Tokyo.  There are three different types of gardens (English landscape, French formal and Japanese traditional) as well as ponds, wooded bridges and a teahouse.  
spring_gardens_shinjuku Gyoen national park1
While it is beautiful year round, Shinjuku Gyoen is extra special in the spring because it is one of the best places in Japan to enjoy the famous cherry blossoms.  Home to a large number of cherry trees, the best time to visit is usually late March or early April when the delicate pink flowers reach full bloom.  Even though it is a popular place in Tokyo for cherry blossom viewing (hanami), it is not as crowded as other cherry blossom viewing spots probably because there is a small entrance fee.
Matilda with The Travel Sisters


 Garden of Morning Calm in Korea

Located in the hills of Gapyeong, South Korea, the Garden of Morning Calm is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. With its impressive size of 30,000㎡, it takes a couple hours to navigate the 1000+ colorful plants in the garden. Start the journey by crossing the bouncy suspension bridge which leads to many floral attractions. Check out the roses, conifer trees, cacti, or even take a short hike up the hill for amazing views. We loved the tranquility of the Japanese pond garden and the iconic Millennium Juniper tree that is over 1000+ years old.

What makes this garden special is that they celebrate all seasons through seasonal plants, educational exhibits, and festivals. During our springtime visit, we saw multi-colored tulips everywhere. The wintertime has the famous Lighting Festival where the garden illuminates in the evenings.


If you want to visit this place, combine a trip with the nearby attractions of Nami Island and Petite France. It’s a quick getaway from Seoul as a day trip.

Jackie Szeto with Life of Doing

Miscellaneous Spring Gardens of the world

butchart-gardens vancouver island

The Butchart Gardens in Vancouver Island

Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, British Colombia (not to be confused with the city of Vancouver, located on the BC mainland), is one of the premier gardens in the world.  The gardens are located outside of Victoria and are over 100 years old.  Spring is a good time to visit the gardens, as they contain all of the spring flowers such as crocus, daffodil, and tulips, and also a number of flowering trees.  The gardens feature multiple areas of plants, including rose, Mediterranean, Italian, and Japanese Gardens.  The most famous garden is the “Sunken Garden” which highlights seasonal flowers in a sunken area complete with fountains and viewpoints.  A must do activity at Butchart Gardens is having afternoon high tea.   Other activities include a carousel and boat tours.  If you visit on a Saturday in Summer, you can enjoy concerts and a fireworks show.

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Fin Garden

Fin Garden in Kashan, Iran

Persian gardens are famous all over the world but one of the most beautiful ones is Fin garden in Kashan. Kashan is a true desert city with a picturesque old town where most houses are made from sand and mud. The traditional homes often have wind towers to keep it cool in summer.

It is hard to imagine a Persian garden in such a desert place, but Fin garden is a lush green oasis that blooms in spring. It’s a place to cool down from the desert heat as the orange trees and cypress trees provide shade from the sun.

Fin Garden1

The garden has a perfect symmetrical design that is typical of persian gardens. There are 4 smaller gardens separated by waterways and pools. Built in 1590 under the Safavid dynasty it is the oldest garden in Iran and a UNESCO World heritage site.

The garden also has a traditional teahouse where you can experience true Iranian hospitality. It is a good way to finish your visit. Fin garden is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon and a must visit when you are in Kashan.

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Churchchurch fountain 1234

Botanical Gardens in Christchurch, New Zealand

The Botanical Gardens of Christchurch, on the east side of the South Island of New Zealand were founded in 1863 when an oak tree was planted to commemorate the marriage of Prince Albert and Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

From those auspicious beginnings the gardens were continuously enlarged and improved until they became the exquisitely landscaped attraction they are today.

Although the gardens boast plants from all over the world, it is in the rose section where the garden really shines.  Two separate rose gardens grace the parks; the Central Rose Garden with over 250 different varieties and the Heritage Rose Garden with unique samples that bloom in the summer.

Entrance fee and a brief tour on a shuttle cost about US$14.00. An extended tour with 17 stops covering the entire park cost about US$28.00.

If you love to be surrounded by nature’s beauty in a peaceful, serene environment, spend a day or half a day in this enchanting location.  It’s good for the soul.   

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Spectacular Spring gardens around the world


Conclusion to visiting the Spring gardens of the World

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