Travel photo : Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Travel photo : Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Historic Travel photo sites: The Blue Mosque in Istanbul


The Blue Mosque in Istanbul is also known as Sultan Amed Mosque was built from 1609 to 1616 . This historic mosque is well-known for its blue tiles on the exterior domes of the structure consisting of one main dome, eight smaller domes and six minarets. Built during the reign of  Amed 1 on the site of the previous grand palace of the Byzantine emperiors, the mosque faces directly to the Ayasofya, the main Byzantine cathedral which was converted into a mosque, and at that time was the most worshipped mosque, when the Blue Mosque was eventually built to be the official mosque of the ruling sultan’s family.  This historic structure sits in the most historic sites of Istanbul in an area called Sutlanahmet. The entire Peninsula surrounding Sultanahmet was later dedicated as a Unesco World Heritage site in 1985 containing many of the important historic monuments and buildings in Istanbul. For more detailed information on the Blue Mosque, you can visit the wikipedia page here.

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