Trieste, Italy - what to see and do in 24 hours

Piazza Unita D’italia



Trieste, Italy always seems to be at the crossroads for travelers coming or going from Croatia to Italy and back. But those with more time on their schedule should really spend a little time discovering this wonderful city. There’s a lot to discover and enjoy with the city’s unique landmarks and attractions with only 24 hours to spare.  Most of the attractions are within the center of the historic district, so check out the highlights on Trieste, Italy – what to see and do in 24 hours.

Places to visit in Trieste

If your wondering about what to do in Trieste, here are the popular Trieste sightseeing spots worth visiting around the city.

1) A walk along the waterfront area of Trieste will allow you to see many of the city’s historic sites, the main piazzas, dining and shopping venues that are close to the bay front.


Trieste, Italy - what to see and do in 24 hours

Fountain of the four continents



2) Piazza Unita D’italia is the main plaza or piazza fronting the bay front and the historic center of Trieste. Within this huge square are historic and ornate buildings originally palaces on three sides and a large central sculpture called the fountain of the four continents. It’s a perfect spot for taking a nice break to enjoy the square, take pictures and enjoy some people watching. The buildings now house various government offices,  a visitors center and city hall in the center.


Fountain of the four continents

Historic center of Trieste



3) Cittavecchia or the old quarter is filled with many pedestrian streets and filled with fun shopping and eating venues leading to and from the main Piazza, Unita D’italia.  The wonderful historic quarter with its narrow cobbled streets and beautiful old world architecture is a delight to explore, window shop and photograph the street life.


Trieste, Italy - what to see and do in 24 hours

Roman Amphitheater



4) The roman amphitheater and ruins are in the center of town and are well-preserved and worth visiting while in the area. This amphitheater built around the first century was originally close to the water, but with the filling in of land in the bay, the theater is now further back from the waterfront. The roman grounds are closed off, so there is only access to view the  amphitheater from the street level.


Trieste, Italy - what to see and do in 24 hours

Canal grande



5) The Canal Grande not far from Piazza Unita D’Italia is a very scenic area with roads lining the canal, filled with restaurants, shops and other beautiful buildings. It’s a great place to stroll, do some people watching or enjoy a drink and dinner at any of the cafes along the canal. Fronting the canal is the church of San Anthonio Nuovo dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua, it’s a beautiful basilica built in Neo-Classical style. The interior of the basilica is also worth visiting and filled with many classical details of the period. In front of the basilica is a small and ornate carousel, it’s a sweet and popular hang out spot with locals and their children enjoying their passiagata “evening walk” before the dinner time.


Trieste, Italy - what to see and do in 24 hours

Church of San Antonio Nuovo



6) Miramar castle built around 1856 for Hapsburg nobility now houses a historical museum with dramatic and scenic views from the cliffs and seaside. The twenty-two hectare park and castle is open to the public for tours of its ornate interiors. The exterior gardens are free to the public and contain exotic trees and plants, beautiful pathways, follies and scenic garden rooms.

7) James Joyce statue fronting the Canal Grande lived in various areas in Trieste from 1904 – 1920 – it’s easy to find along the walkway and take a nice photo with the author as if you were having a nice conversation while walking down the boulevard.

8) Palazzo Revoltella – a gorgeous baroque palace owned by Baron Revoltella houses an eclectic mix of landscapes, abstracts, portraits and sculpture from the 19th to 20th century. Some of the private rooms are still intact to view including the library,  reception and mirror hall, private bedrooms and other sitting rooms with all its elegant furnishings.

9) Castle of San Giusto – at the top of the hill is the 15th century castle and fortifications. Within the castle is a museum housing some armory collection, period pieces and art including tapestries. The ramparts and grounds are fun to walk through with beautiful vistas below.

Here are some more photo highlights from Trieste:


Trieste, Italy - what to see and do in 24 hours

Gorgeous architectural details





Trieste, Italy - what to see and do in 24 hours

A beautiful fountain detail





A lit up ferris wheel at the Canal grande

A lit up ferris wheel at the Canal grande





Trieste, Italy - what to see and do in 24 hours

Evening scene with City Hall

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