Venice 10 random thoughts, advice and quirky observations

A study of gondolas in black and white

Venice 10 random thoughts, advice and quirky observations

Venice in terms of what people read about and hope to see sometimes doesn’t always live up to expectations to this well-travelled and extremely popular tourist attraction in Italy. Most come away with impressions of it being extremely touristy and crowded almost every day of the year.

Here are 10 random thoughts, advise and quirky observations about Venice and its outer islands:

1) Cruise ships make a large number of tourists crowding the city and canals, the government has recently banned larger ships with a certain tonnage from traveling through the main canals and clogging those precious views

2) Venice is a very small and crowded tourist destination, you really have to plan out the time frames and places to visit before the hoards of tourist come daily and fill up all the attractions and landmarks

3)  On that note, the main attractions are busy tourist traps, so make an effort in finding the hidden gems, quiet streets, the small quaint trattorias and locations with old world charm. Find some cool Venetian bars serving local “Ciccheto” (local tapas or small bites) or researched cool galleries, smaller churches or off beaten path destinations.

4) You are going to get lost, enjoy it and wander aimlessly. But, if you do have a destination in mind and you do get lost, go into any shop and ask the owner/attendant to show you get you back on track (don’t worry they all speak English).

5) Go inside the churches, big ones like St Marks Basilica and the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore, or any of the small off the beaten path churches – they are fun to explore, especially when it’s hot and crowded outside and you want to cool off and see some amazing art and architecture.

Venice 10 random thoughts, advice and quirky observations

Saint Marks Basilica



6) Being on the water exploring Venice and its outer islands is a must do experience. Catch a gondola, water taxi or even an inexpensive water bus and enjoy the various canals, landmarks and attractions from the water.  It’s fun seeing the landmarks from a water view and taking pictures can make it even more interesting.

7) Evening time from sunset to twilight at Saint Marks Square is pure magic. Strolling the shops, finding a cool outdoor cafe with live music or even just feeding the pigeons is so much of the experience in soaking La Dolce Vita in Venice – so do it and enjoy the night life at Saint Marks Square!


Venice 10 random thoughts, advice and quirky observations

Walking the colorful streets of Burano

8) Do spend some time exploring the other islands, Murano and Burano for the glass and colorful architecture, the Lido for the beaches. Even the cemetery is pretty cool with its elaborate tombs and spooky island location.

9) Spending some time hanging out and just watching the scene unfold from the many bridges in Venice is a favorite pass time. From the famous Rialto bridge to some of the small bridges leading you to unknown destinations, it’s fun to explore these areas and just admire the magnificent views and photo opportunities from a bridge.

10) There is nothing like capping off a visit to Venice with an excellent meal at a trattoria, a cafe with a canal view or an elegant restaurant. Do splurge for a good meal and a nice bottle of wine. (Make sure you research and reserve a space at the most well critiqued places and you can’t go wrong with your dining choice!)

So there you have it with Venice, these are 10 random thoughts, advice and observations about enjoying the many attractions, landmarks and quirky places that you can discover when visit. The main part is to really just go with the flow, don’t afraid to get lost but do save some of the favorite items above to make it a special and magical experience when you visit Venice. If you have any more tips to add to the conversation, please do share them in the comment section below.

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