Visiting the glass beach at Fort Bragg



Glass beach at Fort Brag -Travel Photo Mondays #10

Coastal views along the shoreline



Today, let’s go visit another beautiful area up in Mendocino county called the Glass beach at Fort Bragg. This coastal area and beach is filled with glass, pottery and other remains polished smooth by the rough surf pounding into the beaches. What you will find at Glass beach are the leftovers from an early dump in the early 20th century when locals threw glasses, appliances and rubbish down the cliffs into the beaches of the ‘local dump’ and set fires to cut the trash pile. Less than a 20 minute drive from Mendocino town, you’ll enjoy visiting this beach and state park to explore in more detail.


Checking out Fort Bragg and the coastline

Glass beach at Fort Brag -Travel Photo Mondays #10

Tree stumps decaying at the beach



The dumping was finally stopped in 1967, environmental cleanups ensued to correct the damage. The rough surf also helped in churning out the garbage and crumbling the remains and glassware into small polished bits. Later the private owner worked to transfer ownership to the California Coastal Conservancy and waste management cleanup to make the beach safe again for public use and access. What you see again today is a newly revitalized beach cleaned and opened for the public to enjoy and pick up some ‘treasures’.



Glass beach at Fort Brag -Travel Photo Mondays #10

Along the coastline





Glass beach at Fort Brag -Travel Photo Mondays #10

Rough surf at glass beach



The town of Fort Bragg is a sweet and easy walk around town with its tourist shops of local art galleries and cafes mixed in with general sundry shops. Considering this town is located along the remote Northern California coastline, it’s a surprise to find so many art galleries supported local crafts and artisans, tourist shops, gourmet stores and cafes to support tourism and the local economy. It’s a fun a walk around the ‘block’ (the two main parallel streets of the town) to check out all the cool and interesting shops in town and try some local specialty or dessert. Make sure to visit the town, if you decide to look for some polished glass and treasures at the glass beach in Fort Bragg.


Glass beach at Fort Brag -Travel Photo Mondays #10

An art gallery in Fort Bragg






Glass beach at Fort Brag -Travel Photo Mondays #10

Decaying trees at the beach



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