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Amazing adventure travel experience that is unique to a particular area or region including a destination experience in the United States or international location. The experience of doing a unique adventure covers all facets of recreational activities, boating or water experiences, cruising, road trips, and other challenging sports or recreation

Road trip Walnut Canyon National Monument

Road trip Walnut Canyon National Monument

Road trip to Walnut Canyon National Monument Less than a 30 minute drive East on Hwy 89 from Flagstaff is the historic Walnut Canyon National Monument. This national monument is a breathtaking experience hiking down through the ruins and being up close to the dwellings, stunning landscape and wonderful guides and visitor center. It’s a worthwhile stop […]

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Scenic panoramic view Wupatki National Monument

Road trip Wupatki National Monument

Road trip to the Wupatki National Monument One of the most significant Indian Pueblos located in Central Arizona is the Wupatki National Monument. This is an easy  road trip to visit the monument and other significant landmarks from Flagstaff which is a great base to visit so many other interesting attractions beautiful area of Central Arizona. A road […]

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