Enjoying a day in Trogir Croatia

Panorama of the city from the bell tower


Enjoying a day in Trogir Croatia

Just a short drive and pleasant drive from the large port city of Split, Croatia is the small island of Trogir which is practically situated next to the mainland. Originally A very colorful city with a historic past, Trogir is a Unesco World Heritage site and a very easy town to walk through and enjoy the many landmarks and attractions.

Founded originally as a Greek colony called Tragurion (island of goats) founded as a trading settlement in the 3rd century.  In succession, the island past through many rulers to include: the Romans, Saracens, Venetians, Hapsburgs and then Croatian rulers. The architecture of the town has many beautiful influences including: Medieval, Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque influence of the Venetian time frame and Gothic periods blending into a very eclectic and colorful town filled with many architectural gems. The original street plan follows Hellenistic planning styles and then morphed into narrow and maze like alleys and streets during Medieval periods. It’s fascinating walking around and just getting lost, then finally walking out the city walls to the broad and sunny promenade facing the river and the Croatian mainland.


The main city gate of Trogir in Croatia

Trogir main gate

The main sites and landmarks worth visiting in Trogir include:

  • The historical city core and squares including a mixture of architectural styles and over 10 churches
  • The city walls (15th century) and the main city gate (17th century)
  • Kamerlengo Fortress  (15th century)
  • The Cathedral (13th century)
  • The Duke’s Palace (13th century)
  • The city loggia from 15th century
  • The big and small palaces Cipiko from the 15th century


 Here are some more photo highlights of the town:


Trogir city hall and central square

City center and city hall


The main square in the center of town houses the city hall, main cathedral and many other civic and historic architectural buildings from many periods. Have a seat in the main square and you will be serenaded with many different A capella men’s chorus groups entertaining the crowds for tips or sales of their chorus cds.


Trogir Marina and promenade

Trogir Marina and promenade with restaurants and landmarks


The popular spot is along the marina lined with many outdoor cafes serving the freshest seafood and Dalmatian specialties of the area. It’s also a perfect spot for people watching, visiting some of the historic landmarks or just enjoying the gorgeous views of the Dalmatian coastline.


Trogir marina

Trogir marina




Fortress Kamerlengo and marina

Fortress Kamerlengo and marina




Trogir marina and mainland

Trogir marina and mainland


Just outside of the island next to one of the main bridge crossings to Trogir is the daily farmers market. It’s worth a visit to try some local delicacies and other prepared foods or try some of the in season fruits from farms nearby.


Trogir farmers market

Trogir farmers market


If you do visit Trogir here are more details:

The main airport serving the Split area is about 4 miles from Trogir

There are regular bus routes servicing the Trogir, airport and Split corridor.  Or an easy thing would be to rent a car to visit Trogir and a drive along the coastline. You can rent a car with Holiday Autos.com to book your rental in the Dalmatian coastal areas.

Parking is easy with available paid parking lots on the mainland side, and you access the island through foot bridges.

The island is relatively small, even if you get lost, you will eventually find the marina or exit areas back to the entrance gates.

Save your appetite for a nice seafood meal along the waterfront or any of the unique restaurants in the heart of the inner city walls.

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