Visiting Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan

Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Travel Photo Mondays #21

Capitol details of the royal pavilion

Touring the grounds of Nijo Castle

Today I’m taking you on a tour of Nijo Castle in Kyoto is centrally located in the city and was built 1626 for the current Shogun of Japan. Even though Edo (Tokyo) was the capital, Kyoto and this castle was the home of the imperial family and shogun (ruler).  Major fires destroyed various parts of the castle and grounds which were then rebuilt and placed to its full glory as a historic monument and Unesco World Heritage site.


Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Travel Photo Mondays #21

An overhead view of one of the royal palace grounds




Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Travel Photo Mondays #21

Ornate craftsmanship to the palace entrance


The grounds are quite large with two rings of walled fortifications and two royal palaces along with elaborate gardens that surround the palaces and fortifications. Unfortunately no pictures are allowed inside of the palaces so only exterior photos were taken of the grounds, gardens and palace exteriors. From some of the beautiful details of the exterior galleries and capitols, you can imagine how ornate and lavish the interiors were inside.

Here are a few photo highlights of the grounds and palace exteriors:


Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Travel Photo Mondays #21

A zen garden on the palace grounds




Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Travel Photo Mondays #21

Wood carvings for ventilation





Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Travel Photo Mondays #21

Palace grounds in black and white





Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Travel Photo Mondays #21

Detail craftsmanship


Nijo castle is a beautiful and historic place to visit and see what the typical royal residence would be like including self guided tours of the simple but elegant interiors of the royal chambers and reception areas.  To see more details and for more information about this historic site, visit the official website here.


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It was a fun visit to the Nijo Castle in Kyoto, I hope you enjoyed the tour for Travel Photo Mondays. Please come and visit the blogs below for more interesting places from around the world today.


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