Looking for Geishas in the Gion and Pontocho, Kyoto

Geisha a stop light in Gion

Geishas are very elusive and difficult to spot in Kyoto even though there is a larger percentage of them working in the various restaurants and establishments in the ‘geisha districts’ of Gion and Pontocho.  The typical visitor is unlikely to see them entertaining in these exclusive establishments – catering specifically to business types and regulars with a very deep pockets.






Looking for Geishas in the Gion and Pontocho, Kyoto

Colorful red lanterns of Gion


Where to find Geishas in Kyoto

Despite these restrictions, visitors still flock to the Gion, Kyoto and the Pontocho districts in Kyoto where the majority of these tea houses and restaurants are situated. Gion at night is busy in all the major street corners where many of the diner/bar venues are and it’s almost stifling with all the crowds of picture takers and gawkers standing everywhere looking for the geisha of Gion egged-on  from all the guidebooks and online sites and advising visitors to go to catch a glimpse of the geishas while they are in transit walking to the evenings engagement. It’s almost like everyone is there to stalk a celebrity and in this city –  geishas are the stars of Pontocho and Gion.



Looking for Geishas in the Gion and Pontocho, Kyoto

A private tea house in Gion


Looking for Geisa in the Gion district

Not having any luck seeing any geisha around town at any of the temples or obvious places of discovery, I followed the pack to Gion and at the magic timeframe (sunset) prior to dinner timeframe. Although, it seemed like many of the tourists I saw around the same temples in Kyoto were also on the hunt to snap a quick picture and maybe a poise with the geisha – Ha we wish!


Looking for Geishas in the Gion and Pontocho, Kyoto

Geisha spotted in Gion


Things to do in Kyoto at night

Geishas are quite elusive and even when they are seen walking through the streets of Kyoto’s red light district, they have a determined walk with no time to poise and chit-chat.  This is where you will see geisha in Kyoto passing to their next bar/restaurant visit and needless to say the encounters are very brief and quite candid passing through the geisha district of Kyoto. But fortunately, luck was on my side tonight when I was able to listen quickly to where the crowds were chirping out ‘ over here’ to their friends. Knowing that these are split second encounters – I almost flew to where the massive chirping was occurring and was able to finally see a geisha in all her resplendent finery. I wonder how they feel knowing that they are celebrities and tracked down to these areas every day, almost assaulted daily with cameras all over the place. I’m sure it’s not a pleasant experience, but at the same time it comes with the territory of being a public figure in the streets of Kyoto.

Having just read Geisha by Liza Dalby, I was intrigued to visit their environment in Gion and Pontocho and see the unique aspects of life within these districts. Unfortunately it is only these brief encounters that we can even get a hint of their beauty and ornate costumes.


Looking for Geishas in the Gion and Pontocho, Kyoto

Bowing to guests at Pontocho

Looking for Geisha in the Pontocho District

Having tired of waiting with a grumbling stomach, we decided to head out to the Pontocho district (another geisha hangout),which is area filled with varied dining options and more open to the public.  It’s a very scenic alleyway facing the Kamo river with aging two-story wooden homes converted into little restaurants and shops. The restaurants with their red lanterns and delicious displays of food, just beckon you to come right in and sit.

It’s fun looking at all the menus (with English translations) and peeking through the windows to get a sense of the interiors and activity. Also, it gave me a good look in deciding whether I really want to eat at a particular establishment.  Being a fussy eater, I practically looked at every menu at Pontocho (it’s a lot of places, trust me) before deciding on the right dining spot. But if you’re not too fussy, there are plenty of good choices for dining in this scenic neighborhood of Kyoto.


Looking for Geishas in the Gion and Pontocho, Kyoto

Sample menu at Pontocho



Looking for Geishas in the Gion and Pontocho, Kyoto

Floral details in Pontocho


Spotting Geisha in Kyoto

Funny how good opportunities happen when you least expect it, a Maiko (Geisha apprentice) jots out the door from a geisha show of an establishment just in front of me and a few Japanese tourists kindly ask her to pose in front of this gorgeous lantern. And guess what, my camera was all ready to snap that picture! Just a few nice and short photos before she quickly smiled and disappeared to her next engagement. Ah, I was so grateful for this chance meeting with a Japanese geisha and  was ready for a nice feast ahead, because I was famished and ready for a nice tall and cold glass of Asahi and some nice local Japanese sushi or appetizer dish.


Looking for Geishas in the Gion and Pontocho, Kyoto

A Maiko (trainee) with a welcome lantern





Looking for Geishas in the Gion and Pontocho, Kyoto

Maiko san regalia


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