20 pictures of Crete in Greece


20 pictures of Crete in Greece – don’t you want to be here?


Crete feels so remote compared to the other Greek islands swirling around the Mediterranean, but it is a relatively short plane ride from the capital city of Athens. And it is definitely on of the most arid and stunning landscapes filled with amazing history, culture, food and monuments – what more could you want? Just to tempt you, here are 20 pictures of Crete in Greece to give you some inspiration to hopefully visit the island soon.



A small Greek harbor temple - 15 pictures of Crete, Greece

A small Greek harbor temple in Crete, Greece


Highlights visiting Crete in 20 pictures




Sunrise in the countryside of Crete in Greece

Sunrise in the countryside of Crete in Greece

Morning and sunrise in the countryside of Crete

Sunrises are always a welcomed time to slowly start a day on the island and marvel at all the small details that start to come alive with the morning light. Views are varied around the island depending on where you are at and where the sun rises, but walking up early to catch the first views of the day are always fantastic and a great way to celebrate the sunrise in Crete.




Chania harbor - 20 pictures of Crete, Greece

Chania harbor in Crete, Greece


Chania harbor in black and white

The harbor scene in Chania is busy and quite panoramic viewing or walking along the stunning harbor area filled with cafes and galleries catering mostly to a tourist crowd. It is a very colorful area to explore and photograph. A different approach would be to capture the harbor in black and white to show the texture and contrast to this vibrant and visually stunning port.


Chania waterfront Crete, Greece - Exploring Chania, Crete

Chania’s waterfront area in Crete, Greece

 Chania harbor in color



Carriage rides at Chania harbor - Exploring Chania, Crete

Carriage rides at Chania harbor – Crete

 Horse carriages for hire at Chania harbor

Slowing down to enjoy the town and harbor via horse drawn carriage is always welcome. You really get a different take on the many promenades and scenic spots your driver will take you to, many hidden from the typical tourist destinations around the old town.

The oldest historic lighthouse in Chania harbor


Chania harbor lighthouse - Exploring Chania, Crete

Chania harbor lighthouse – Crete, Greece


 Chania’s church of the Trimartyri in the old town


Greek Orthodox basilica at Chania, Exploring Chania, Crete

Greek Orthodox basilica at Chania, Crete


 Exploring the narrow cobbled streets of Chania’s old town

Go ahead and pick any street to get lost in and eventually you will find an interesting church, landmark or monument to visit along the way. The mixture of old, new and different cultures blend and make the alleyways so diverse and fun to explore.


Narrow alleyways of Chania - Exploring Chania, Crete

Narrow alleyways of Chania, Crete


 Chania’s Islamic temple converted to a Greek church

Once the main Islamic temple of Chania, the building was converted into a Greek orthodox church for daily services. It is fascinating to visit and see the combination of Islamic art mixed in with orthodox symbols and details combined.


An Islamic temple converted to a Catholic church in Chania, Greece

An Islamic temple converted to a Catholic church in Chania, Greece



 The agora or public market in Chania

The Agora just outside the old town of Chania is always busy with locals and tourists looking for daily provisions and what is freshly grown, caught or just made for a quick sale at the marketplace. It is a fun place to explore and take home something delicious or prepared for a meal or quick snack.


Inside the public market in Chania, Greece

Inside the public market in Chania, Greece


Rugged northern coastlines of Crete  

The coastlines are rugged with rocks peeking out through the rough ocean and surf making for dramatic vistas throughout the island. It’s fun to drive along the many roads that skirt around the island and just happen to stunning scenery like the image below.


Rocky coastline - 20 pictures of Crete in Greece

Rocky coastline of Crete in Greece


 Small harbor scenes of Crete

Little harbors can be found all around the island of Crete, many of them house the typical leisure craft and fishing vessels that ply the ocean to catch a multitude of local seafood ending up in the local markets around the island and the main seafood market at the Agora in Chania.


Fishing boats and harbor - 20 pictures of Crete in Greece

Fishing boats and harbor in Crete, Greece





Fishing boats and harbor in Crete, Greece

Fishing boats and harbor in Crete, Greece


 Exploring the Minoan palace at Knossos

Visiting the ancient ruins of the Minoan palace at Knossos is a must to understand the history and culture of this ancient civilization in Crete. The palace grounds are huge and worth spending half a day to explore the fascinating ruins and artwork around the grounds. You can check out a recent post with more images and details of Knossos palace here.


A visit to Knossos in Crete and the MInoan palace

A visit to Knossos in Crete


Beautiful murals of ancient Knossos in Crete

A visit to Knossos in Crete and a dolphin mural

A visit to Knossos in Crete and a dolphin mural


Wildflowers and coastline views in Crete

There are so many scenic spots driving along the coastline that make it easy to stop and enjoy some of the natural beauty and fauna of the island including the wildflowers below. It’s easy to stop when you discover these breathtaking views, if only just for a quick stop to soak in those views and then photograph them as a reminder of this road trip.


Flora and views in Crete 20 pictures of Crete in Greece

Flora and views along the coastline in Crete


One of the many small harbors in Crete


A small harbor in Crete - 20 pictures of Crete in Greece

A typical small harbor in Crete, Greece


The bustling port city of Heraklion


Heraklion city and port - 20 pictures of Crete in Greece

Heraklion city and port in Crete, Greece




Enjoying the views above Heraklion city and port in Crete, Greece

Enjoying the views above Heraklion city and port in Crete, Greece


More scenic cliff views to a secluded bay in Crete


Cliff views to a secluded bay in Crete, Greece

Cliff views to a secluded bay in Crete, Greece


Where to stay in Crete

There are many coastal communities to stay around the island, but you’ll find the majority of inns and hotels around the two larger cities of Chania and Heraklion. You can also check into Air Bnb accommodations all around the island with both cities central to visiting all the different areas around the island. For reviews and current prices in Chania, Check out these Trip Advisor reviews here for an updated calendar and availability. For Heraklion, check out these reviews here for current availability and prices.


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Visiting Crete Greece in 20 pictures


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