Best places to visit in fall around the world

Fall time is a perfect time for people to travel and do a quick getaway and travel for autumn colors, a late season holiday to avoid the crowds or taking part with fall holiday celebrations. Following are some of the best autumn and fall destinations to visit from countries around the world. Top bloggers share their favorite best places to visit in fall time and inspiration for you to do this coming fall.


Top recommendations for fall foliage around the world



Places to explore with fall color in Europe


Best places to visit in fall Plitvice National Park

Plitvice National Park views from above

Fall season at Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Croatia’s Plitvice National Park is such a spectacular site to visit in the fall season. Not only are there less visitors to the park at this time of the year, but the fall colors around the scenic landscapes and stunning waterfalls are even more spectacular to walk around and enjoy. For nature enthusiasts the dramatic fall colors at the park are quite stunning with yellows, oranges and reds all popping all around the hills and surrounding countryside, making this an incredible experience and worth the effort to visit Plitvice during the fall season. Another plus outside of the smaller tourist crowds is the availability of hotels, choices of food venues and even shorter lines for the buses and ferry boats that shuttle visitors all around the park areas.

Check out more highlights, images and details from my post on Plitvice National Park Part 1 and Plitvice National park part 2 for more inspiration

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 transylvania-sighisoara in fall season

Must visit to Transylvania in fall time

If there is a region of the world that gives its best during fall time, this is Transylvania. This region in central Romania has it all for a great road trip: medieval towns, fortified churches, impressive castles and beautiful landscapes. And it is the home region of Vlad the Impaler, later the protagonist of the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker: foggy days in his home town, Sighisoara, recreate the horror atmosphere of the book.

Apart from Sighisoara, the main towns to visit are the vibrant Brasov and the peaceful Sibiu, whose clean and tidy centre will make you fall in love with it, especially with sunset’s colours. The fortified church of Viscri stands in a remote village where carts pulled by cows are the only mean of transport. Do not miss it and its panorama on the Transylvanian countryside. Finally, visit the castles of Bran, considered Dracula’s castle even though Vlad III only spent there a few days, and the former royal palace of Peles, with its astonishing baroque interiors.

Odo with The Histourist






Sarajevo Fall Colors fall colors around the world

Fall time in Sarajevo

Nestled deep in a valley along the Miljacka River in the heart of Bosnia-Herzegovina is the city of Sarajevo. The culturally diverse city dates to ancient times and grew significantly under Ottoman rule in the 15th century, which is still evident in the preserved Old Town district. Surrounded by five mountains of the Dinaric Alps, Sarajevo is a glorious sight in the late autumn when the hillside trees glow in red and golden hues.

The city and region is often associated with the war of the late 1990s and the Siege of Sarajevo – and there are, no doubt, still poignant reminders of the terror the city endured. In the gray of the city, buildings are covered in bullet holes and pedestrians skirt mortar blasts on sidewalks. Vast cemeteries lie where lush forests once grew. However, nature still prevails in the mountains that rise around the city – and it is only a short drive (or ambitious hike) out of the city center.

Standing southeast of Sarajevo is Trebevic Mountain, a nature retreat and home to the (now abandoned and graffiti-covered) 1984 Olympic bobsled track. Walking the length of the cement structure, it is evident that nature is reclaiming its space and, in the fall, it’s particularly stunning with foliage as vibrant as the spray paint.

Tip: For more beautiful fall colors, drive south of Sarajevo on M18 in the canyon along the Zeljeznica River.

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Best places to visit in fall Lake Bled, Slovenia


Exploring fall colors in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia is such a beautiful country and when you visit here during fall season, your in for an amazing experience especially if you go out to visit the Lake Bled area north of the capital city. The landscape around Lake Bled is really amazing with all the spectacular fall colors combined with a gorgeous lake, castles on hilltops and little towns that ooze so much charm and distinctive architecture.  If you have time, climb up to Bled castle overlooking the entire lake and beyond  – the views of the hills and countryside ablaze with fall colors is worth the effort climbing up. Check my two series fall post with more spectacular images of Lake Bled fall here and Lake Bled fall colors Pt 2 here for more inspiration.

Tip  – if you don’t want to climb up to the castle, you can catch a local bus or taxi all the way up to the castle entrance with a very short walk up the steps into the castle courtyard.


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Lake Bled



Fall time in Stourhead, England

Stourhead in England in the fall season

When thinking of the fall season, the image of glowing reds, yellows and oranges are bound to fly into your mind. It’s the colours of trees during the fall season that really set the wanderlust alive for nature lovers as well as travellers.

One location in England that is particularly great for seeing these vibrant fall colours is that of Stourhead in Wiltshire.

Why, you may ask?

Here, you have the opportunity to visit Stourhead House and Gardens (managed by the National Trust – a fantastic institution within the UK). These gardens include a vast lake surrounded by woodlands, which positively come alive with colour during the fall season. Just look at the bright yellows these trees are emitting – isn’t it wonderful?

Not only that, but a walk around the lake gives way to Stourhead’s unique selling point – the neo-classical statues, buildings and temples that are found on every side of the lake. From a pavilion offering incredible views across the lake, to a secret grotto hiding statues underground, it’s these intricacies that give Stourhead its reputation (beyond just being a fantastic place to come for the most vibrant of fall colours).

Justine Cross with Wanderer of the World
Lapland places to visit in fall season

Fall In Lapland, Finland

Lapland sits above the Arctic Circle and spreads across Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway in Northern Europe. Due to the relatively mild summers, leafy trees prosper even in this climate until the months of August and September bring incredibly vast colour palettes of the nature out for all of us to marvel. Lapland is dotted with tranquil and beautiful national parks, best of which is Lemmenjoki in Finland. 

The most vibrant of the leaf varieties is the maple tree, which turns itself from green to bright yellow. Soon, it will turn to nod towards the coming winter and adopt even deeper colours. From yellow, the leaves turn rich orange and onto the brightest red you have ever seen. Lemmenjoki is very popular with local tourists traveling all the way from the Southern shores of Finland to the rolling hills of Lapland. The Lemmenjoki council maintains log cabins for hikers to stay overnight in – completely free. Even fire wood is provided for the nature loving visitors with no cost at all. Lemmenjoki is a national park that follows the Lemmenjoki stream and what’s best about this hidden gem is that even at the peak season it’s incredibly quiet. 

 Raisa Haapala with Dream Work and Travel





Schonbrunn in fall time

Vienna in the Fall time

I love visiting Vienna, it is one of my favorite cities in Europe. Fall time is the best time to visit with less crowds and amazing fall colors all around the city to enjoy. One of my all time favorite spots is to visit the palace at Schonbrunn which is a spectacular experience to enjoy the fall gardens and beautiful trees surrounding the property. Check out this Schonbrunn post for more images and inspiration and maybe you’ll want to also want to visit in the fall season.

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South America in the Fall time




Santiago, Chile in the fall season

Santiago, Chile during fall season

Santiago is Chile’s door for all international travelers and it’s probably the most visited destination in the country.  Chile is a privileged country related to nature and landscapes and the central region, due to its geographical location is having all the four seasons manifested. This central area of the country and all of Santiago and Valparaíso surroundings are great to enjoy nature and especially the mountains.

 Fall turns certainly beautiful in the city center’s parks but the most stunning place to admire this season is in El Roble Hill, located in Valparaíso region. Close to Olmué city, in ‘El Roble’ you will experience one of the most beautiful fall views, with colorful oaks and the valley and mountain chain of the Andes as a background. The trekking to the top is exhausting due to its length -4 hours each way-, but as it’s not too steep it can be done by almost everyone, at least until the base.

 Very close to Santiago and Valparaíso, it takes 1 hour to reach this area, a treasure not many people are usually visiting. Small villages, local food, beautiful nature and quiet lifestyle are the trending in the area. A visit to Olmué, the closest biggest city to El Roble Hill can include different hiking routes including ‘La Campana’ National Park and other outdoor activities.

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Best places to visit in fall Perito Moreno glacier


Perito Moreno glacier and Chubut region

During October/November, Puerto Madryn in the Chubut region of Argentina is the perfect base to come to see the millions of Magellanic penguins who come to mate, and get close up to the whales who some here during the Fall months to look after their offspring.
The Perito Moreno glacier further south in Argentina in El Calafate is one of the most striking landscapes we’ve ever seen. It gets extremely popular during their summer months December to February, so the Fall months just beforehand make it the best time to visit when it’s not too cold and not full of people.
Finally, for the best fall colors, the Alerces National Park near Esquel in the Chubut region of Argentina is a winner. It has some of the most stunning vistas, beautiful emerald green lakes and exciting trails we’ve ever experienced in our travels


Stefan Arestis and Sebastien Chaneac with Nomadic Boys

Link:  10 interesting facts about Patagonia

Chubut region




Puerto Williams, Chile - southernmost city in the world


Puerto Williams in Chile

Puerto Williams is a remote and unique place. It is the southernmost city in the world, located on Navarino Island in Chile. As many places around the world, it is most beautiful during the fall. Temperature is almost consistent throughout the year, hovering between 5-15C in summer. Therefore it looks almost the same all year, except in the fall.

Few visitors that come here get to experience a part of Tierra del Fuego, known as the Land of Fire. Tundra like nature, diverse ocean wildlife and a feeling of being off the beaten path.

You can learn about indigenous people who came here almost 10,000 years ago and how they survived in the inhospitable environment.

Outdoor enthusiasts go for a 4-day trek Dientes de Navarino, “The Teeth of Navarino”, named because of teeth-shaped mountains in the city’s background. There are several day hiking and mountain biking options as well.

From the hill Cerro Bandera (see the picture), you can see the Beagle Channel, standing on the Chilean land while looking on the mountains of Argentina.

Getting here is an adventure alone. The most interesting way is to take the 33-hour ferry from Punta Arenas. You’ll see several glaciers, whales, and sea lions along the way.

Maya Steininger with Travel with the smile

Link: Puerto Williams, Chile – southernmost city in the world

Puerto Williams



 Fall season in the United States

Shenandoah Valley in Virginia

Shenandoah Valley in Virginia

“When that first cool breeze sweeps in to remind you Fall is just around the corner, it’s time to make your leaf peeping plans. And if you happen to live in the northeast or mid-Atlantic US, the perfect place to see the fall foliage is along Skyline Drive in Virginia. Located in northern Virginia, the Skyline Drive is part of Shenandoah National Park, and easily accessible from Washington DC. There are plenty of rest stops and 75 overlooks along the Drive and amazing views from both sides — the Shenandoah Valley to the west and the rolling Piedmont to the east — so you’ll have good light all day long for taking gorgeous fall pics.
INSIDER TIP: Spend an afternoon visiting Sperryville, a charming Virginia town right off Skyline Drive with a range of excellent restaurants and quaint shops to browse. Stop for fresh apples and cider at one of the roadside stands there, then hop back on the Skyline Drive for a long weekend in Shenandoah.”
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New York City in fall time and Harlem Meer


A New York City Autumn

 New York City is perfect for a fall visit! The stifling heat of summer is gone and in comes fresher air and pleasant temperatures. The summer crowds go back to work and school and the holiday season is still a couple months away. The city exhales from the hectic summer pace and first-time visitors will find it much easier to navigate the sidewalks with less competition to see the sights.

Fall in New York City marks the start of a new season of festivals and events. It’s the official start of the new Broadway calendar making it the best time to see new plays and musicals. There are also events like the New York Film Festival, the New York City Marathon, OktoberFest at South Street Seaport, and the annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade!

Of course, no autumn trip is complete without seeing nature’s brilliant colors. Stroll through Central Park among the red, orange, and yellow leaves wearing a comfy scarf and holding your favorite hot beverage to create your own New York movie-worthy moment! For a full day of fall foliage, head to the old-growth forests of the NY Botanical Gardens or the Cloisters for medieval art and sweeping, colorful views of the Hudson River.

Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie With Globe Trotting Teacher


New york




Minnesota and Ontario border

Border of Minnesota and Ontario

The Boundary Waters border northern Minnesota and Ontario and are the perfect place to spend your next fall. This region is mostly untouched by humans so be prepared to either pitch a tent or stay in one of their few lodges. Locals go here to escape the bustle of the cities and visitors come to witness the natural beauty–heightened during the fall season when the trees all turn vibrant colors and the air turns cool. This is the best time to grab a warm coffee from Front Porch Coffee and hike around exploring the natural wonders. If you’re adventurous  you can rent a canoe and get on the water, but I highly suggest just sitting around a bonfire roasting s’mores and playing games-as not to risk falling into the cold lake! Either way, the Boundary Waters is the best place to witness the season change and enjoy being outdoors.
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Fall season in Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island in fall

Newport, Rhode Island is one of my favorite cities in the US. It is full of history. JFK got married here and the sweeping summer houses of the US’ first millionaires still sit on its spectacular waterfront Cliff Walk. The nature is spectacular both along the coastline and places such as the Norman Bird Sanctuary. The quaint downtown is exactly what you are dreaming a New England town will be like and don’t forget to visit the US Tennis Hall of Fame. So, why visit in fall? You will see the area in its beautiful fall colors and miss out on the only bad part of Newport- the summer crowds.

Jamie Italiane with Daily Adventures of me




 Mt Will Views in fall time

Western Maine

Maine is one of the top places in the United States to see the colorful changing leaves. Every Fall, thousands of people, affectionately called “leaf peepers,” come from near and far to see the oranges, yellows, and reds before they fall to the ground. It’s so popular that there is even an official website,, where you can read the latest foliage reports. Western Maine, especially the small towns of Bethel, Farmington, and Carrabassett Valley, are the most popular destinations as each town has a variety of restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and hiking trails. Rent a car or hire a bicycle and transverse the 21 miles of the Grafton Notch Scenic Byway from Newry through Grafton Notch State Park to the border of New Hampshire.
Katelyn Michaud with Diaries of a Wandering Lobster

western Maine




Western Colorado places to visit in the fall time

Western Colorado – Grand Junction / Palisade 

 Most people immediately think Rocky Mountain National Park for fall colors, but the best under-the-radar location for leaf peeping is actually Western Colorado. A great weekend trip from Denver that’s only four hours away, Grand Junction is the last major town before you hit the Utah border, meaning the landscape is dotted with the same gorgeous rock formations Moab is famous for without the crowds. It’s especially picturesque in the fall when the aspens of Grand Mesa National Forest are bathed in yellow hues as far as the eye can see. The breathtaking scenic byway extends for 63 miles and has over 300 lakes and countless overlooks. Home to the largest flattop mountain in the world, the 11’000 foot elevation keeps photographers entertained for hours.

 When you’re ready for a refresher, the neighboring town of Palisade has another major draw– wine and peaches. With a designated bikeable wine trail, two wheels are by far the best way to explore the 20+ vineyards in the region in the cooler autumn months. All the harvest festivals happen in the fall so you know you’ve picked the right time to visit.

Lauren Monitz with The DownLo

 Grand Junction



bridge in Oregon fall colors

Credit for this image:, Image by Oregongal under Creative Commons

Autumn color in Oregon

Known for it’s iconic Douglas-fir stands, Oregon may be better known as an evergreen state than a Autumn color hotspot. However, don’t let that fool you when it comes to enjoying the vivid reds, oranges, and yellows of changing fall foliage. In particular the Willamette Valley or Columbia River Gorge offer plenty of potential for stunning landscapes showing off their awe-inspiring colors.


If you plan to venture through this region during Autumn several highlights include taking a drive along of the incredibly scenic McKenzie River Highway (Highway 126) east from Eugene-Springfield. Heading west along the highway is also possible and takes you through rolling hills scattered with red alder and vine maples as you head towards the Oregon coast.

You’ll also find a spectacular showing of color at the Oregon Garden, the OSU campus in Corvallis, or the 209-acre Mount Pisgah Arboretum close to Eugene. If you are in search of some waterfalls as a backdrop of fall color, hiking the Trail of Ten Falls within Silver Falls State Park is a wonderful outing.

Name: Rand Shoaf at Well Traveled Mile
 Willamette Valley




hwy2fall Western Washington in Fall time

Western Washington in the Fall

I’m sure when everyone thinks of traveling to see Fall colors they think of the east coast. Vermont, New Hampshire and the like. I’m sure it’s beautiful but what about the Pacific Northwest? Sure, Washington  is called the Evergreen state for its year round green foliage but a drive through the mountains in late September will paint a breathtaking backdrop!

If you’re lucky enough to be in Seattle during the Fall, a day trip to Leavenworth is a must! Hop on Highway 2 and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind! Just 3 hours outside of the city, nestled in the Cascade Mountains, is a little Bavarian town called Leavenworth.

Alpine style buildings and the smell of sizzling brats awaken your senses! Weekends in late September/early October are alive with music, authentic German food and a daily beer tapping ceremony during their annual Oktoberfest. Even if you don’t manage to make it on these weekends, the city always has great food options, tons of shopping and
a nutcracker museum!

Samantha Lorenz with

Western Washington




Blue Ridge Parkway fall season colors

Western North Carolina in Autumn

Nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the charming town of Asheville offers the longest-running fall leaf color display in the US. The reason behind this? Elevation range. Within a 50-mile radius of Asheville, the Blue Ridge Mountains have a 5,000-foot elevation change including the highest peak in the Eastern United States, Mount Mitchell, at 6,683 feet.

The fall colors start earliest at the highest elevations and the show gradually works its way down to the lowest elevations. This means the colorful spectacle lasts for weeks in the Asheville area and visitors can take advantage of this by driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway. On top of that, many waterfalls are highly accessible and can be seen from the parkway itself. Visitors from all over the world flock to Asheville in the fall to go leaf peeping along the Blue Ridge Parkway, to visit Biltmore Estate, to shop for antiques and art, to visit one of the many craft breweries, and to attend one of several fall festivals in the area. All these combine to make Asheville one of the world’s greatest fall color destinations.

Cristina Garcia with Travel for Wildlife

Western North Carolina




Northern Minnesota during fall season

Northern Minnesota in Autumn

Northern Minnesota is the perfect autumn destination! Enjoy beautiful fall color punctuating the evergreens of the boreal forest and brisk outdoor experiences against the backdrop of sparkling water. When the weather turns moody, head indoors to cozy rental cabins and comfort food at restaurants with a distinctive “up north” vibe. Smaller towns – such as Grand Marais, Ely, Walker, Hibbing, Detroit Lakes, medium sized cities – Brainerd, Alexandria, Moorhead or Bemidji, and Duluth – Lake Superior’s mini-metropolis, all have distinctive personalities to welcome visitors on invigorating days and frosty, starlit nights. Go wildlife spotting and color touring, head out on the water for spectacular fall fishing, and curl up around the campfire under the harvest moon. Go apple picking, visit a pumpkin patch, imbibe local brews and wines, attend festivals and events: Northern Minnesota’s welcoming spirit has something for everyone.

 Northern Minnesota

Canada in the fall time

New-Brunswick-Autumn_in Canada

New Brunswick’s autumn season

New Brunswick, Canada’s St. John River Valley scenic drive is well worth the detour any time of year, but it particularly shines in the autumn. The drive stretches from the Appalachian Mountain Range in the north all the way to the world’s highest tides in the Bay of Fundy to the South. Begin your tour in Saint John where you can experience the unique Reversing Rapids. Discover the history and culture of the province’s capital city, Fredericton, before continuing through stunning farmland, where U-pick apples and pumpkins are plentiful. Along the way don’t miss the world’s longest covered bridge at Hartland. End your tour in Edmundston where you can discover the unique Brayon culture and enjoy a craft beer from local brewery Petit Sault.
Alison Cornford Matheson with
New Brunswick
Fall time at Whistler, Canada

Fall time at Whistler

Whistler in Canada is best known for its winter sports scene where thousands flock to plough down Blackcomb and sip mulled wine in the Village, however Whistler at fall should not be dismissed. During fall, visitors do laid-back hikes around the designated treks and can take a dip if they feel brave or are enjoying an Indian summer. Bikers can hit the mountain since its snow free. Whistler’s Beer Festival takes place in September for those who enjoy craft beer and for the crafty tourist there is a self-guided art walk where over 40 venues show off local talent. For all-year round tips check out our Canada travel guide.

Gemma and Craig with Two Scots Abroad






Mount Tremblant in fall season

Mont Tremblant during fall season

Mont Tremblant, Quebec in Canada is the perfect place to get a healthy dose of crisp air, brilliant fall colors and luxurious comfort.  This resort area is nestled in the Laurentian Mountains, about a 90 minute drive northwest of Montreal.

The best way to enjoy the view is to take the gondola to the top of the highest peak in the Laurentians.  If you want to get moving, there are a number of hiking trails in the area, which just might include wildlife watching opportunities.  Deer, wolves, black bears, foxes, raccoons, otters and moose are common here.  There’s also a drive-through safari park, Parc Omega, less than an hour away.

If adventure activities are your thing, you can do zip lining, horseback riding and rock climbing.  In addition to celebrations for Canada’s 150th birthday, there’s a new illuminated night trail through the forest called Tonga Lumina.  If you’re looking to relax, there are two world class spas – – my favourite at Hotel Quintessence has a jacuzzi overlooking the lake—and plenty of options for fine Quebecois cuisine.

It varies with the weather, but the fall colors usually peak in the first week of October.

Cindy Baker with Travel Bliss Now


Mont Tremblant

Asia locations during the fall season



Autumn Views on the Tateyama Ropeway Japan - Pretraveller

Fall Colours on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in Japan

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is located over the border of both the Nagano and Toyama Prefectures in Japan, which is approximately 250km north west of Tokyo.  The 90km route crosses the ‘Roof of Japan’ using a variety of transportation methods, including cable cars, ropeways and electric buses which pass through tunnels through the mountains.  You can either do the route one way from Toyama to Shinano Omachi or in reverse, or alternatively you can go up to the top and then return to either side in a single day, which includes time to explore each stop along the route.  In fall the entire mountainside is a spectacular display of colors, as you can see in the photo of the Tateyama Ropeway from when we visited. 

If you plan to do the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route as a single day activity, plan to make an early start so that you can make the most of visiting the attractions at each stop which include a wide range of hikes as well as onsen springs to bathe in.  If you can take some more time you should also check out the accommodation options across the mountains.

Author:  Anne Sutherland-Smith from the Pretraveller travel blog







kyoto gardens at fall season in Japan


Fall gardens in Kyoto, Japan

The fall season in Kyoto is a spectacular time to visit the amazing sites around the city which is filled with fall colors. Outside of visiting the main temples and attractions around Kyoto, the gardens of Kyoto are also a wonderful way to enjoy the stunning landscapes right in the center of town. Borrowing from the hills and other surrounding landscape, these urban gardens make you feel like you are actually out in the countryside instead of the heart of a busy urban city. Master gardeners have perfected this wonderful technique and give an illusion of grand gestures and borrowed landscape.

Check out these other wonderful gardens of Kyoto here for more inspiration and photographs.

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Seoul in fall season Gyeonbukgong

Seoul in Fall season

Contrary to what you might think, the metropolis of Seoul is covered in greenery. There are mountains dotted throughout the city which, in Fall, become the most vivid mix of red, yellow, green and brown. It looks as if the trees are ablaze, but it’s only the changing of the leaves. Almost any of the mountainous areas are a perfect Fall destination, such as Namsan Mountain all the way up to the N Seoul Tower. Yet if you’re afraid of heights, you can choose to walk along historic Samcheong-dong road right next to Gyeongbokgung Palace. It’s a very romantic stroll, particularly with the enticing smells of freshly pressed waffles and the first cool breezes of the season. One of my favorite pieces of greenery in Fall is around World Cup Park and Olympic Park (what locals call OlPark). It is a huge park with long paths and perfect picnic spots. So take some freshly mulled gluwein or hot cocoa and watch the sunset surrounded by the changing colors of the season.

Mar Pages from Once in a lifetime journey






Visiting Australia in the fall season


Places to see in the fall time Richmond-bridge-tasmania

Tasmania’s Fall Festivals

While Australia may not come to mind as a country with four seasons, there are a few regions in southern Australia that are stunning to visit in fall. A great place to go in fall is Tasmania, which is Australia’s southernmost state and an island. As Tasmania is relatively compact, you don’t have to travel far from the city to see fall colors. The island is a fabulous destination to go on a road trip as everywhere you look there are stunning landscapes of lakes, mountains and rolling hills. With a backdrop of golden leaves, Tasmania’s many historic towns look straight out of a picture book. Stay on a farm, tour Tasmania’s wineries and make sure you pay a visit to the Tasman Peninsula and historic Port Arthur. Our tip is to pick a small local fall festival to plan your trip around. You will meet many locals as Tasmanians are extremely friendly and proud of their island home. Christina Pfeiffer from Travel2next suggests 10 things to do in Tasmania in fall

Christina Pfeiffer with Travel 2 Next





 Southwest Australia fall views and color

Fall in south West Australia

One of the loveliest things to do in Autumn in South West Australia is to head to the small regional town of Balingup ( where you’ll find a strip of very quaint shops and cafes set amongst gorgeous rolling hills.

Just outside the town is the Golden Valley Tree park which is considered the largest arboretum in Western Australia.

The heritage listed park is around sixty hectares in size, and consists of a varied collection of deciduous trees, including rare and unusual specimens from around the world. The best time to visit is in Autumn, particularly the months of April and May when the colours are gorgeous.

Including the world collection of trees, Golden Valley showcases a selection of Australian native trees including tall eucalypts to dry season deciduous species.

Entry is free to the park, but a gold coin donation is welcome and after a leisurely stroll along the walking tracks which meander across the hillside, you might like to head back into the town for a steaming mug of coffee and a well-earned pastry.

Johanna Castro with Lifestyle

 West Australia



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Fall season around the world   Fall season around the world


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