Best of the Dalmatian coast vacations


There are so many wonderful place to explore along the Adriatic coast that have been influenced mostly by the Venetians who expanded along the many coastal Dalmatian cities and islands and leaving their mark in architecture, history and even cuisine. You can take a variety of tours around the Adriatic or even plan your own itinerary to visit many of these historic and scenic spots around Dalmatia.

Here are some suggestions on where to visit and what’s worth seeing along the Adriatic ocean.

Must visit Dalmatian coast landmarks and attractions

Trojir driving the Dalmatian coastline

Self drive the Dalmatian coast

A fantastic way to explore the Dalmatian coastline is to rent your own car and drive the scenic landscapes of the coast and stopping along the many small islands, fortified cities and towns along the way. It is a fantastic way to  explore and enjoy the entire Dalmatian region and have the flexibility to  stop and go as you please along the way. Of course main areas of interest to visit include Zadar, Trojir, Split, Primosten and the impressive city of Dubrovnik. You can rent cars in Dalmatia in major cities and using this rental agency for finding the best rates in the region.



Visit the historic attractions of the Dalmatian coast

The Dalmatian coast is filled with so many historic and cultural treasures from the impressive and intact city of Dubrovnik, the Unesco palace ruins in Split and the fortified historic center of Zadar. There are many smaller towns and cities also with their own unique attractions and historic districts worth exploring when you have time to visit the Dalmatian coast on a tour or exploring on your own.




dubrovnik-dalmatian cities to explore

Pearl of the Adriatic at Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is truly one of those impressive cities in Dalmatia that wows with its magnificent Maritime past and old town. The Unesco city built during the 12th century and was called the Republic of Ragusa. Built with impressive fortifications and medieval fortresses, the city was ruled under many nations including the Byzantine empire, Crusades, Venetian rule to the first kingdom of Serbia and eventually being part of the greater Yugoslavia. This popular tourist destination in Dalmatia is popular to visit year round and is one of the top Mediterranean destinations in the entire region.


Stay at a luxurious historic home in Dubrovnik

To make your visit to Dubrovnik even more spectacular, book a stay for a few days at the Villa Allure of Dubrovnik. A luxurious setting in a stone building converted into an ultra luxurious boutique hotel a short walk to the historic center of Dubrovnik. A wonderful way to enjoy the fabulous city and then retreat to fantastic and sublime experiences at this resort including ocean view rooms, great service and turn down service in authentic Dalmatian style accommodations.



Split Best of the Dalmatian coast vacations

Ancient city and Unesco site at Split

The old ruins of Diocletian’s palace in the historic center of Split really impresses with the fortress like complex that has been converted into many public buildings and sprawling remains to the emperor’s Roman palace built during the 4th century. Within the fortified white walls, you’ll find impressive churches and cathedrals, large squares with buildings ranging in so many time periods and many ruined walls and buildings converted into restaurants, bars, hotels and other tourist attractions. The area outside Split is also worth exploring with fantastic small beaches, harbors and wonderful coastal walking areas and trails to explore. Check out my post here on the best places to visit in Split here and also my visit of the Split outdoor market and fish market in Split here for inspiration. Also, if you have time to explore outside the city, check out these fantastic day trips from Split.



Trogir-undiscovered Dalmatia in Croatia


Under the radar and historic places on the Dalmatian coast

There’s so many wonderful and unique places worth visiting in the Dalmatian region and some still under the radar for you to explore outside of the popular tourist attractions. The central or inland areas of Dalmatia are lesser known and not visited than most of the coastal towns and cities in the region. Zagora or inland Dalmatia is filled with Unesco sites, stunning landscape and amazing wine and delicious cuisine worth exploring. With medieval castles, rolling hills and close distance from the capital city of Zagreb, Zagora is a fantastic visit to the areas Austrian-Hungarian heritage. Check out this link to discovering the best of Zagora in Dalmatia.



hvar and visiting Dalmatia's islands

Islands of the Dalmatian coast

A wonderful way to explore the Dalmatian islands would be to take a small charter cruise to scenic and rocky islands along the Dalmatian coast. Visiting historic islands like Hvar,Korcula and the Pakleni islands, you’ll find a lot of Venetian influence especially in the larger port towns with renaissance churches and public buildings. On islands like Hvar, you’ll find mega yachts docked on the harbor and a festive waterfront environment with amazing galleries, cool bars, restaurants and fun people watching hang out spots. It’s definitely a see and be seen type of environment. If you’re into island hopping check out the highlights of visiting the Dalmatian Islands here for more inspiration and information. For a nice 5 island boat cruise and visit to the Blue Cave, check out this fun boat tour around the Dalmatian Islands. If your visiting Vis, check out the top things to do in Vis here for inspiration.




Cruise the Adriatic ocean in Luxury

A fantastic way to visit most of the main attractions and cities along the Adriatic would be to do this on a cruise. Not just any cruise but a truly luxurious cruise here exploring all the gems of the Adriatic coastline lines in Europe including Dalmatia and scenic islands that you will also be passing along the way. The Celebrity cruise tours offered in Europe are definitely the way to go exploring the Adriatic and other popular destinations in the area.



Trogir-visiting Dalmatia coastlines


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