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Amazing adventure travel experience that is unique to a particular area or region including a destination experience in the United States or international location. The experience of doing a unique adventure covers all facets of recreational activities, boating or water experiences, cruising, road trips, and other challenging sports or recreation

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Where Am I – Please don’t tell

  Where Am I, please don’t tell!   But if you do, I would really like to know about…….                 What time of year did you go visit? (For me – I visited December 2012)                       Name a favorite dish that you tried.                    What was your favorite tourist site?   What souvenir did you […]

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Photo Friday – Kilauea lava entry into the ocean on Hawaii

My first Photo Friday and Aloha Friday combined is almost in my back yard area of East Hawaii. Down the road, about an hours drive from my home in Orchidland to the end of the two lane highway is Kalapana, a small community wiped out by lava coming down from the hillsides of the still active volcano […]

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