Check out this quirky and fun garden In Mendocino (updated 2021)

I love being surprised just happening into someplace unusual or quirky, it really makes discovering a new place a wonderful experience. So when I walked into this fun and creative art garden in Mendocino, it totally put a smile on my face. The garden is located on the grounds of the Mendocino arts center in downtown Mendocino. You’ll have a wonderful time walking around this quirky and fun garden in Mendocino and discovering all the surprising little bits and colorful parts of the garden. You’ll also love all the beautiful art and hidden treasures throughout the property and so cleverly placed into the landscape for you to enjoy. This  quirky and fun garden in Mendocino is quite a surprise and you’ll love visiting it in person!



Why visit the Mendocino arts center and garden?

This wonderful garden is just magical and filled with creativity and an art center located right in the garden. A wonderful walk around the garden will surprise any visitor with colorful plant arrangements set with gorgeous art, sculpture, seating areas and so many beautiful artwork on display to  discovery and enjoy.



A quirky and fun garden in Mendocino

Giant mosaic sunflowers


What’s around the corner in this Mendocino Garden?

You’ll never know what to expect walking round this garden and art center, colorful sculpture, magical arrangements matched with bizarre and massage plants and flowers makes this even more exciting to visit and see what is just around the corner.


A quirky and fun garden in Mendocino

A blue leprechaun and giant mushrooms


Found materials and local inspiration

Being an artist center, many of the pieces were created by local artisans inspired by the landscape in the area. So it isn’t a surprise to see really amazing pieces with creativity at the core with many of these whimsical pieces even with materials gathered and used from the area. Covering a range of materials from wood, to metal and mosaic, the diversity of materials and subject is what really drew me into the garden and exploring every corner of the garden for cool art and unusual presentations below.


A quirky and fun garden in Mendocino

Amazing sculpture from driftwood




A quirky and fun garden in Mendocino

Mosaic fountain


I would love a bench like this in my garden, take a look at the cool details…


A quirky and fun garden in Mendocino

Now this is a bench!


Here’s another bench with found metal pieces, which do you like better?



A quirky and fun garden in Mendocino

Metal bench detail


Here are some more of my favorite pieces I found along my tour of this sweet garden.


Mendocino (23)


Stone and concrete art have their place in the garden


A quirky and fun garden in Mendocino

Sculpture under the redwoods



A modern mosaic interpretation in the woods

A quirky and fun garden in Mendocino

Contemporary mosaic sculpture

Huge sunflowers in this garden will last forever….

A quirky and fun garden in Mendocino

Sunflower beauty

Mendocino (22)


Hello there you colorful thing…what are you?

A quirky and fun garden in Mendocino

Colorful critters


This is not on the same par as the Alhambra in Granada or the Huntington gardens in Pasadena. But what it lacks in grand scale and mega botanical collections is offset with inventive or creative inspiration supplemented with color and whimsy, accents which make a garden fun and filled with joy. If you would like to learn more about the Mendocino art center and what is currently happening at the gallery, please visit their website here for more details.

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Conclusion visiting the Mendocino garden and art center

Put this on your must do things to see when you are in Mendocino walking around the historic town. It’s worth the walk to visit this quirky and art filled garden and art center in the heart of the town.

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