Unveiling the Best Beaches in Barcelona: Sun, Sand, and Mediterranean Bliss

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular destinations for seekers of sun, sea and sand along with many of Barcelona’s famous attractions. The gorgeous blue skies and pleasant climate make it a perfect beach holiday destination. However, with so much choice on offer it can be a real challenge to decide on which beach to lay your towel.

After an exhausting visit to the many historic sites and attractions in the city, you might want to enjoy your sun and beach time in the city itself. Or, even venture outwards on a day trip to any of the many seaside gems along the Catalan coast. Either way, here is a definitive guide to those beaches – both in Barcelona and within easy travel distance – so you can capitalize on getting that quality beach time with a vibe that suits you.

With over 4.5 kilometres of coastline around Barcelona, you’ll have your pick of these amazing beaches to enjoy and an easy drive or ride to the beach areas along the waterfront areas of the city. Here’s some of our favorite places to hang out around Barcelona’s best beaches below.

Weather and best time to explore the beaches in Barcelona

The best time to explore the beaches in Barcelona is during the summer months, from June to September, when the weather is warm and sunny. The average temperature during this period ranges from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius (77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit), making it ideal for beach activities. It’s worth noting that Barcelona’s beaches can get crowded, especially in July and August, so consider visiting early in the morning or later in the afternoon for a more relaxed experience.

How to get around Barcelona

Getting around Barcelona and its beautiful beaches is convenient thanks to the city’s well-developed transportation system. Here’s a guide on how to navigate this vibrant city and enjoy its coastal attractions:

Metro: Barcelona’s metro system is efficient and extensive. It connects the city center to many beaches along the coastline. Line 4 (yellow line) is particularly useful for reaching popular beaches like Barceloneta and Bogatell.

Trams: Tram lines T4 and T6 run along the beachfront, providing easy access to beaches such as Barceloneta and Nova Icaria.

Buses: The city’s bus network is comprehensive. Several bus routes connect the city center to beaches, including lines D20, H16, and V15.

Biking: Barcelona is a bike-friendly city with dedicated bike lanes. Consider renting a bike to explore the city and its beaches at your own pace.

Walking: Many of Barcelona’s beaches are within walking distance of the city center, especially if you’re staying in the Gothic Quarter or El Raval. Take a leisurely stroll to the nearby beaches like Barceloneta.

Electric Scooters: Electric scooters are a popular mode of transportation in Barcelona. You can find them scattered around the city, including beach areas. Use mobile apps to unlock and ride them.

Taxis: Taxis are readily available in Barcelona. While they are more expensive than public transportation, they can be convenient for reaching beaches quickly or late-night rides.

Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus: Consider a hop-on-hop-off tourist bus, which often includes beach stops along its route, allowing you to explore the city and its coastal areas.

Boat Tours: For a unique perspective, take a boat tour along the coast, which often departs from the Port of Barcelona.

Beach Shuttles: During the summer months, some hotels and beach clubs offer complimentary shuttle services to popular beaches for their guests.

Remember to check the schedules and routes of public transportation, especially if you plan to visit the beaches outside of the city center. Barcelona’s efficient transit system makes it easy to enjoy both the city’s vibrant streets and its beautiful coastal spots.

Best Beaches in Barcelona (Around the City and outside)

Best Beaches in Barcelona (Around the City and outside)

Somorrostro to Sant Sebastia

When hitting the beach inside Barcelona city you have two real choices: the northern or southern side of Port Olympia. The most popular beach on the southern side is Barceloneta because it’s the easiest to reach – just follow the flow of tourists from Barceloneta metro. Barceloneta is but one part of several beaches which connect to form one long sandy stretch from San Sebastian to Somorrostro.

This entire row of beaches comes with that authentic Barcelona feel, as rollerbladers cruise past street performers along the coastal sidewalk. You can grab a cocktail – or three – from a “chiringuito” (beach bar) or enjoy the view of the Mediterranean over a meal in one of the beaches´ many restaurants. Sant Sebastia is the furthest beach and sits under the iconic visage of the W hotel. It is here you should turn around for an amazing view looking back towards the city.

It’s worth noting that, by being the most central, these beaches get packed quickly and a rocky shore punctuated by a steep drop in depth takes the expression ´taking a dip´ way too literally and doesn’t make it an ideal swimming location.

Barceloneta beach

Barceloneta beach

Amenities on site

You’ll find plenty of amenities in the beach area to include: Bathrooms, accessible showers, lifeguard, volleyball court, playground, lockers, beverage vendors, restaurants, information point, Barcelona WiFi, bicycle rental, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental.

How to get there by public transport: take bus V17, V19, 47, 59, D20; By Metro L4 (Barceloneta & Ciutadella)

Sant Sebastia Beach

Sant Sebastia Beach

Amenities available at Sant Sebastia: Bathrooms, accessible showers, police station, lifeguard, beverage & ice cream vendors, information point, Barcelona WiFi, and lounge chair and beach umbrella rental.

How to get there by public transport: take bus V15 & V19; By Metro L4 (Barceloneta)

Nova Icaria to Llevant

Nova Icaria to Llevant

The beaches on the other side of the Port Olympia still offer that city beach vibe without the sometimes overwhelming tourist crowds. They´re also all wonderful locations to swim with a gentle declining slope into the ocean. Any of the beaches are easily reachable by a pleasant stroll along the sidewalk past the port and upwards, or via the line 4 yellow metro line to either Bogatell, Llacuna, Poblenou or Selva de Mar and a shorter walk. Nova Icaria and Bogatell are the first beaches along the coast and are known for their volleyball courts and flanking parks. Further along the coast  is Mar Bella beach – an LGBT+ hotspot.

Here you´ll find one of Barcelona´s most lively chiringuitos ´Be Gay´ fronted by beds to recline on whilst you enjoy a mojito to pumping dance music or reggaeton. If you feel like letting it all hang out, then this is where you´ll also find Barcelona’s official nudist beach. Further along still, the coastline ends with La Nova Mar Bella and Llevant beaches that have less busy beach bars and more space both on the sand and in the sea – should you fancy a leisurely swim away from the crowds.

Llevant Beach

How to get there by public transport: Take bus H16, V29, V31; By Metro L4 (Selva de Mar & El Maresme|Fòrum)

Amenities at Llevant Beach
Parking, accessible bathrooms and showers, police station, lifeguard, information point, Barcelona WiFi, volleyball court, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental.

Bogatell Beach

Amenities on site: Accessible bathrooms and showers, lifeguard, police station, information point, Barcelona WiFi, volleyball court, workout area, basketball court, playground, lockers, beverage vendors, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental.

Get there by public transport: Take bus V25, V27, V31, H16, 59; By Metro L4 (Poblenou & Llacuna)

Nova Icaria Beach

Nova Icaria Beach

Amenities on site: Off street parking, accessible bathrooms and showers, support for the disabled, water fountains, lifeguard, police station, information point, volleyball courts, lockers, Barcelona WiFi, beverage vendors, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental.

Get there by pubic transport: Take bus V21, V23, V27, H16, 59, 136; By Metro L4 (Ciutadella & Bogatell)

La Nova Mar Bella

La Nova Mar Bella

Amenities on site: Accessible bathrooms and showers, lifeguard, police station, information point, volleyball court, ice cream and beverage vendors, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental.

Get there by public transport: Take bus V27, V29, V31 & H16; By Metro L4 (Selva de Mar & El Maresme|Fòrum)

Mar Bella Beach

Mar Bella Beach

A popular nudist beach and gay beach area of Barcelona

Amenities on site: Parking, accessible bathrooms and showers, lifeguard, police station, information point, Barcelona WiFi, volleyball court, basketball court, playground, workout area, lockers, beverage vendors, and beach umbrella and lounge chair rental.

How to get there by public transport: Take bus H16, V25, V27, V31; By Metro L4 (Selva de Mar)

Castelldefels Beach


When the city gets too much the locals take a short train journey south out of the city to Castelldefels and so should you. The beach here rests in front of the affluent town of Castelldefels and the castle which gives it its namesake. The area is so beautiful that even the wealthy Spanish footballers Lionel Messi and Luis Suraz have chosen to call it home.

This clean beach isn’t too busy with soft golden sand and shallow warm waters to paddle in. Children’s playgrounds are abundant making it ideal for families and Castelldefels has some of the finest restaurants with more affordable prices than those found within the city.

Public Transportation

Outside of the city, you can get there from the city in just about an hour and 10 minutes on the train or by bus to the main station. Check the best routes here to get to Castelldefels


Check out the top rated accommodations here for a fun beach day and stay at the Castelldefels area.



There are stunning beaches the entire length of the coast around Barcelona but none have as much personality as the ones surrounding Sitges. This charismatic seaside town is easily accessible by a 40-minute train journey and makes for an excellent day trip. Arriving by train you can enjoy the walk down to the beach through the old town and its winding streets lined with tapas bars, shops and restaurants.

When you reach the coast you´ll find a diverse selection of beaches all within walking distance of each other. The longest beaches being Playa de La Riera and Fragata offering calm waters, plenty of space and any sports facilities you could want. Whereas, on the other side of the picturesque church you can find two more beaches in the family beach San Sebastian and the more secluded Balmins beach, which sports two lively beach bars and an optional nudity section.

Public Transportation

Outside of the city, you can get there from the city in just about 40 minutes on the train or by bus to the main station. Check the best routes here to get to Sitges


Check out the top rated accommodations here for a fun beach day and stay at the Sitges area.

Sant Pol De Mar

Sant Pol De Mar

If you are really seeking paradise and tranquility, then the north coast past Barcelona also has a lot to offer. The popular opinion of locals and tourists alike is that the best of the best beaches of the region is Sant Pol De Mar. The fisherman´s town is just over an hour on the train from Barcelona but well-worth the effort to visit.

The main reason for the town´s popularity is as clear as the turquoise waters of the breath-takingly beautiful beaches you’ll find there. Whilst the main beach has fine white sand and is calm enough, a smaller beach just to the north of the town has the interesting feature of not being made of sand but fine pebbles grains instead – which is great if you don’t like sand sticking to your bits after exiting the ocean. Sant Pol De Mar is a welcome respite from the city and you’ll soon find yourself completely refreshed and ready to dive back into the action-packed nightlife of Barcelona after your visit.

Public Transportation

Outside of the city, you can get there from the city in just about an hour on the train or by bus. Check the best routes here to get to Sant Pol De Mar


Check out the top rated accommodations here for a fun beach day and stay at the Sant Pol De Mar area.

How to get to Barcelona’s beaches

Barcelona’s beaches are easily accessible by various modes of transportation. Here are some ways to get to the beaches:

  1. Metro: Barcelona has an efficient metro system with several stations near the beaches. You can take Line 4 (yellow line) to reach the Barceloneta Beach or Line 4 or Line 3 (green line) to reach Nova Icaria or Bogatell Beach.
  2. Bus: Barcelona has a comprehensive bus network that connects different parts of the city, including the beaches. Several bus lines serve the beach areas, such as Bus 14, 36, 39, 40, and 45. Check the specific bus route and stop that will take you closest to your desired beach.
  3. Bicycle: Barcelona has a bike-sharing program called Bicing, which allows you to rent bicycles for short trips. Many bike lanes run along the beach promenade, making it a convenient and enjoyable option to reach the beaches while enjoying the scenic views.
  4. Walk: Depending on your location in Barcelona, some beaches may be within walking distance. For example, if you’re staying in the Gothic Quarter or El Born neighborhoods, it’s a short walk to Barceloneta Beach.

Remember to check the public transportation schedules, plan your route in advance, and consider using transportation apps or maps for real-time updates on routes and timetables.

Inside tips to visiting Barcelona’s best beaches

When visiting Barcelona’s best beaches, here are some inside tips to enhance your experience:

  1. Timing is key: Arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon to secure a prime spot on the beach. Barcelona’s beaches can get crowded, especially during peak summer months, so getting there early ensures you’ll have ample space to relax and enjoy the sun.
  2. Bring beach essentials: Pack your beach bag with sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a beach towel. Barcelona’s beaches can get hot, so it’s essential to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  3. Explore different beaches: Barcelona offers a variety of beaches, each with its own charm. While Barceloneta Beach is the most popular and easily accessible from the city center, consider exploring other options like Nova Icaria Beach, Bogatell Beach, or Mar Bella Beach. These beaches tend to be less crowded and offer a more relaxed atmosphere.
  4. Try beachside activities: Beyond sunbathing and swimming, Barcelona’s beaches offer a range of activities to enjoy. Rent a paddleboard, kayak, or even take a sailing lesson to experience the Mediterranean Sea from a different perspective. Some beaches also have volleyball courts, beach bars, and beach clubs where you can socialize and unwind.
  5. Indulge in beachside cuisine: Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the local beachside cuisine. Many beachfront establishments offer delicious seafood dishes, refreshing cocktails, and traditional snacks like tapas and paella. Treat yourself to a beachside meal while enjoying the beautiful coastal views.
  6. Consider off-peak seasons: If you prefer a quieter beach experience, consider visiting Barcelona’s beaches during the shoulder seasons, such as spring or early autumn. The weather is still pleasant, and the beaches are less crowded, allowing you to relax and soak up the sun at a more leisurely pace.
  7. Respect beach etiquette: Barcelona’s beaches are well-maintained, and it’s important to respect the environment and fellow beachgoers. Clean up after yourself, dispose of trash properly, and follow any local regulations or guidelines. Additionally, be mindful of others’ space and avoid excessive noise or activities that may disturb others.

By following these inside tips, you can make the most of your visit to Barcelona’s best beaches, enjoying the sun, sand, and vibrant Mediterranean atmosphere to the fullest.

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Best places to eat around Barcelona’s Beach Area

When it comes to dining around Barcelona’s beaches, you’ll find a wide range of options to satisfy your taste buds. Here are some recommended places to eat near Barcelona’s beaches:

Xiringuito Escribà: Located on Bogatell Beach, this beachfront restaurant offers a delightful culinary experience. Known for its fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, Xiringuito Escribà serves up delicious paella, grilled fish, and other seafood specialties. Don’t miss their refreshing sangria and delectable desserts while enjoying the sea views.

La Mar Salada: Situated near Barceloneta Beach, La Mar Salada is a charming seafood restaurant that showcases traditional Catalan flavors. With a focus on using local and seasonal ingredients, they serve up a variety of seafood dishes, including grilled sardines, seafood rice, and seafood paella. The cozy atmosphere and friendly service add to the overall dining experience.

Sal Café: Located on Nova Icaria Beach, Sal Café is a popular beachfront spot known for its relaxed ambiance and excellent cuisine. They offer a diverse menu, including salads, sandwiches, seafood, and refreshing drinks. Whether you’re looking for a light snack or a full meal, Sal Café has something to satisfy every craving.

Bestial: Positioned along San Sebastià Beach, Bestial is a trendy beachside restaurant with a stylish ambiance. Combining Mediterranean and Asian flavors, their menu features dishes like sushi, ceviche, grilled meats, and creative tapas. With its chic setting and panoramic views of the beach, Bestial offers a unique dining experience.

Can Majó: Situated in the neighborhood of Barceloneta, close to the beach, Can Majó is a renowned seafood restaurant with a long-standing reputation. Serving up fresh seafood caught daily, their menu includes classic dishes like seafood paella, grilled prawns, and seafood fideuà. The restaurant’s rustic charm and attentive service make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

El Vaso de Oro: Although not directly on the beach, El Vaso de Oro is a must-visit tapas bar located near Barceloneta Beach. This lively establishment is known for its wide selection of tapas, including freshly grilled seafood, montaditos (small sandwiches), and a variety of craft beers. It’s a great place to experience the bustling atmosphere of Barcelona’s culinary scene.

Whether you’re craving seafood delicacies, traditional Catalan dishes, or international flavors, these restaurants around Barcelona’s beaches offer a range of culinary delights to enhance your beachside experience. Enjoy the delicious food, relaxed ambiance, and the refreshing sea breeze as you dine in these fantastic beachfront establishments.

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Best Beaches in Barcelona Best Beaches in Barcelona

Conclusion on the Best Beaches in Barcelona

Enjoying a sunset moment on the beach at Barcelona

Conclusion on the Best Beaches in Barcelona

Visiting the beaches in Barcelona offers a delightful experience for both locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re seeking a bustling atmosphere, a peaceful retreat, or a blend of both, Barcelona’s beaches have something for everyone. From the iconic Barceloneta Beach, with its vibrant energy and numerous amenities, to the serene Nova Icaria and Bogatell Beaches, perfect for relaxation, each beach offers its unique charm. For those looking for a more alternative experience, Mar Bella Beach provides a laid-back atmosphere. Additionally, the nearby Sitges beaches offer a picturesque coastal escape. With a variety of transportation options available, including metro, bus, and bike, accessing these stunning beaches is convenient. Plan your visit accordingly and immerse yourself in the sun, sand, and sea of Barcelona’s beautiful beaches.

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