On top of Padar island - Komodo National Park

Visiting Komodo National Park

 Visiting Komodo National Park Of all the most exotic places to visit in Indonesia, Komodo National Park, a chain of isolated islands from the Indonesian archipelago of Flores is sensational. Dedicated as both a Unesco World Heritage site and a Man biosphere Reserve, points to the importance of this national park and the famous Komodo dragon in […]

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Piazza Navona in Rome: 15 pictures to inspire you to visit

Rome: 20 pictures to inspire you to visit

Rome: 20 pictures to inspire you to visit – Travel Photo Mondays I’m hanging out late in the afternoon at the Piazza Navona in Rome, and my timing is perfect.  This is the time for Passeggiata, the afternoon ritual of strolling and enjoying the end of day in many communities around Italy, even here in busy Rome. The […]

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Warsaw street art close to the university

Touring warsaw

Touring Warsaw – Travel Photo Mondays Warsaw was a complete surprise to visit. Full of contrast with old and new, urban and hip, the city is alive and exciting to walk through the re-incarnated old town, the trendy shopping promenades, to the beautiful green belt and park areas all around the city. Much of Warsaw was […]

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A wonderful spring day at the Tuileries garden

Spending a perfect day in Paris

Spending a perfect day in Paris – Travel Photo Mondays How can you not have a wonderful experience in Paris especially if you visit the city in springtime when practically everything is just bursting at the seams. There are so many options, neighborhoods and activities to explore and enjoy in Paris, but let me tell you […]

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An outdoor gathering, Akha village tribe

Hill tribes of Northern Thailand

Hill tribes of Northern Thailand for Travel Photo Mondays   The area north of the Chiang Mai province in Thailand is dotted with many hill tribes of different ethnic groups that have immigrated to this hilly area from neighboring regions. This includes the surrounding countries in Laos, China and Tibet where many of these tribes still live. […]

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Sri Lanka sunset at Negombo

Negombo Highlights – Travel Photo Mondays

Negombo trip highlights in Sri Lanka for Travel Photo Mondays My first visit to Sri Lanka was in the city of Negombo, a thriving fishing community that still has strong ties to its fishing industry and lifestyle and supports this colorful community. Needless to say when I visited the city, one of the main attractions to experience was […]

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Parco Giardino Sigurtà at Mincio, Italy

Garden tour at Parco Giardino Sigurtà

Garden tour at Parco Giardino Sigurtà at Mincio, Italy It was a cold rainy day touring a garden in Northern Italy when most of the trees, shrubs and most plants are almost in their hibernation state, but a group of travel bloggers were invited to tour the gardens of Parco Giardino Sigurtà at Valeggio in Northern Italy as […]

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Details of the monasterywith its ornate brick façade in Meteora

hiking Meteora, Greece – Travel Photo Mondays

Hiking fun and vistas at Meteora, Greece   I love to hike around natural landscapes and when you combine them with Unesco World Heritage Sites, it becomes an even better personal experience. When George Kourelis, the president of Travel Meteora offered to take us on an off the beaten path hike through a lesser known […]

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Looking down at the main town of Kalampaka in Meteora

photographs of Meteora, Greece

20 photographs of Meteora, Greece that will make you want to visit soon This part of Northern Greece is so atypical of the rest of the country and the islands that most tourist seem to flock to during the warm summer vacation season. Although visiting Meteora is great to experience any time, I actually prefer the […]

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A morning boat cruise, breakfast on an island and a luxury stay at Cinnamon Lodge in Sri Lanka

Luxury stay at Cinnamon Lodge – Travel Photo Mondays

A morning boat cruise, breakfast on an island and a luxury stay at Cinnamon Lodge in Sri Lanka   It  was an early morning and I was invited to take an early morning cruise on a man-made lake by Cinnamon Lodge in Habanara to view all the amazing wildlife that were up early to greet the day […]

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Sri Lanka in full of color for Travel Photo Mondays

Sri Lanka in full color – Travel Photo Mondays

Sri Lanka in full color for Travel Photo Mondays   It’s so strange that I started my first photo journey of Sri Lanka with a tribute done in black and white, considering that the country is so completely the opposite and bursting with color. psychedelic, bold patterns and full on bizarre combinations that attract or even […]

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Parmigiana at the Fancy food show

The Fancy Food Show – Travel Photo Mondays

Eating my way through the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco   It was my first sample bite: sharp, edgy and bursting with flavor.  It was just the perfect first bite of cheese and not just any cheese, it was from an entire wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano from Parma in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region. I’m already in heaven and wanting to […]

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The rice paddies at Gunung Salak - Alila Journeys

An Alila Journey and trek

An Alila journey and trek to the paddy fields After a fantastic sleep in my Alila Villa, I was scheduled for an Alila journey tour and hike around the base of Mount Botukaru where all the rice paddies are still lush and green even during the dry season in Tabanan province. I was looking forward to seeing a […]

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