Beautiful Japanese bento boxes to go

Front cover of bento

Beautiful Japanese bento boxes to go

What a fun experience when traveling through the bullet trains and stopping at some of the many food vendors and food halls in the train stations we pass. These well designed and packaged bento’s to go are so attractive and fun to check out what all the main ingredients or items included into the bento. Each varying with the variety of standard to more elaborate bento with side dishes. Overall the price of taking a bento to go is a very inexpensive lunch on the train versus purchasing directly from the food carts that shuttle through all the train compartments and charge premium prices.

Japanese boxes are so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing from the outside packaging, the arrangements and the complete presentation of the food. It seems like the food is enhanced and even tastes better when it is presented so well and looks delicious from the display. It may also be that the mind determines taste initially from seeing beautiful food packaged and presented so well that it may actually trick you into believe the food is indeed tastier – or at least it gets the taste buds going right away from a visual stand point.

 Here’s what it looks like open


Beautiful Japanese bento boxes to go

Inside bento yummies



I think this time I lucked out with all the different tastes, textures and variety in the bento box I ordered. Not only was it beautifully arranged and well presented –  the food was actually tasty and varied from sweet to sour, salty, chewy, eggy, with so many tastes in each bite. Surprisingly, my bento included fried fish, tempura shrimp and squid, beef teriyaki, sausage, pickles and some other ‘unknown’ gooey bites.  I enjoyed the process of walking around the shops and looking for just the right bento and then unwrapping them on the train,  and then deciding which pieces I would like to sample in succession.  This time I think I picked just the right bento to satisfy my lunch cravings while riding on the Shinkasen (bullet train).

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