Explore Montjuic hill – important landmarks, historic sites, fantastic viewpoints, gardens & museums


Montjuic is the one of the most significant hills around Barcelona and filled with so many amazing monuments, gorgeous viewpoints to Barcelona, lush gardens and world class museums to explore. Important historic significance to the protection of Barcelona with Montjuic castle and later to the impressive 1929 Universal exhibition with the Magic Fountains of Montjuic and then the 1992 Olympic Games made this an important place to visit and spend more time on the hill. The second tallest mountain in the city after Tibidabo, Montjuic is impressive and worth visiting the many fantastic viewpoints, monuments, gardens and museums that you can find all around the hill with stunning views to enjoy most of Barcelona below.

You’ll find a lot of Barcelona’s attractions and important historic monuments here at Montjuic and spending a day is easy or just a quick getaway from the busy neighborhoods of Barcelona to the quiet gardens and views above the parks of Montjuic.



Explore Montjuic hill - important landmarks, historic sites, fantastic viewpoints, gardens & museums


A brief history to Montjuic

In ancient times, Montjuic was used defensively to protect the city with a fortress above to protect the city. Montjuic castle was created in the 17th century to secure a high vantage point to secure and protect the entire city.  The fortress was used for defense and played a strategic role to the Spanish and Catalunya war or the Battle of Montjuic and also the Napoleanic War and then to the Spanish Civil War.

Later the hill was utilized again as an important aspect to showcase Barcelona in the 1929 Universal Exhibition with many important buildings and monuments created along with the fabulous Magic Fountains built in less than a year’s time to display the marvelous engineering and artistic genius of the city.

Montjuic again came into the spotlight with the 1992 Olympic Games the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys was used for the summer Olympic games which is still an iconic landmark along with other popular monuments that are showcased below at the Anella Olympica. It serves many purposes and will be the home of Barcelona’s soccer team FC Barcelona with redevelopment of Camp Nou during the 2023-24 season.


A brief history to Montjuic


Things to do at Montjuic

A visit to Montjuic can easily take a few days if you love museums, culture and gardens along with several impressive viewpoints to take in the amazing panorama of Barcelona from above.  Along with these monuments and gardens, there are many other attractions worth visiting up here in Montjuic area.



 Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

 Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

The National Museum of Catalan Visual Art is an iconic museum located on top of Montjuic hill and housed in in an impressive architectural building. The collection of artwork, sculpture and fine art here represents the most important and long period history artists of the region. It is worth a visit to learn about the artists and history of Barcelona through these beautiful interpretations of local culture, history and traditions through art.



Anella Olympica - Olympic complex

Anella Olympica – Olympic complex

The 1992 Olympics were an important time to showcase Barcelona as a world class city and these landmarks are here to visit and enjoy the history and architecture of the Olympics including:

Palau Sant Jordi

Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys

Bernat Picornell swimming pool

Torre de Calatrava



Fundació Joan Miró

Fundació Joan Miró

This beautiful museum was created and dedicated to one of the most important Barcelona artist of its time – Joan Miro. His work encompasses and important timeframe of contemporary art in Barcelona and showcases many of his important paintings, sculpture and art collections in a beautiful space and gorgeous views of Barcelona from the terraces.


Gardens of Montjuic

It’s fun to be outdoors at Montjuic and after seeing all the impressive museums and landmarks around the hill, a visit to the major gardens is like a breath of fresh air and easy respite from the cultural and historic visits. Here are some of the cool gardens worth visiting up at Montjuic.

Check out our post on visiting the gardens of Montjuic hill here for more information and images.


El Jari Botanic


El Jari Botanic

Barcelona’s Botanical garden is expansive and houses over 2,000 plant species to explore. Formerly located on the municipal dump site for the city, the area has been transformed into a lush paradise and green oasis with all of these beautiful plant species from around the country to showcase what grows well in the area of Montjuic.


Laribal Garden at Montjuic


Laribal Garden

Located to the Miro Museum of Art, the Laribal gardens are a beautiful semi formal garden with lush green scape, ponds, covered pavilions and mediterrannean plantings. You can explore the boxed terraces, topiary areas with rose gardens and mixed in with annual plantings and other colorful plants. Also, the views from the Laribal gardens to Barcelona below are quite spectacular and a fantastic place to take photographs.




Mossen I Llobera Garden at Montjuic

Mossen Costa I Llobera Garden

One of the most beautiful and exotic gardens to visit in Montjuic is the Mossen Costa I Llobera garden located on the flank of the Montjuic hill. With dramatic and with gorgeous views of the waterfront and city, the Mossen Costa i Llobera garden contains gorgeous displays of mediterranean and arid exotics from succulents and cactus plants that survive in many different parts of Catalunya and Spain. The garden is beautiful and gorgeous to explore and rarely crowded with tourists visiting the other parts of the mountain’s many attractions here.

Check out this visit to the Mossen Costa I Llobera garden here for more information and images.



El Poble Espanyol


El Poble Espanyol

This fascinating open-air museum shows popular replicas of the most traditional Spanish buildings you’ll find around the Pole country. Originally created for the 1929 International Exposition, the Poble Espanyol is now a popular local attraction that showcases Spanish culture and history, delicious cuisine of the region and wonderful arts, crafts, jewelry and other hand made treasures you can take home for souvenirs.




Magic Fountain at Montjuic

Magic Fountain

Another popular attraction that was created for the 1929 International Exposition, the Magic fountain was the impressive attraction that led to the beautiful recreated area of the Placa D’Espanya and the man areas of the Museu National d’Art de Catalunya, the Poble Espanyol and other impressive buildings. The daily music and light show at night time are the major attraction and free to experience.

Check out our post and visit to the The Magic Fountain here for more information and images.


Montjuic Castle (Castell de Montjuïc)

Montjuic Castle (Castell de Montjuïc)

The Montjuïc Castle sits proudly at the top of Montjuic hill with commanding views of the waterfront area. This old military fortress that has always been linked closely to the city and was an important defense for the city and also used as a military base, prison, torture cell and fortress.

It also has a fantastic observation area with the ramparts showcasing fantastic views over Barcelona. You can either walk up to the Castell or take the cable car or telerific from the waterfront area to Montjuic Castle.

Check out our post and visit to the The Montjuic Castle here for more information and images.



How to get to Montjuic

Montjuic is the second largest mountain in Barcelona and is serviced by busses, the Telerific cable system and taxi or Uber rides to the various attractions you can visit in the park.

Get there by Metro / walking

You can catch the Metro to Espanya station via red line or green line. Exit station and head out towards the the palace at MNAC area above and climb the stairs to the museum entrance at Montjuic

By Bus

You can take bus number 150 and 13 from Plaza d’Espanya to the top of Montjuic Castle. Also bus 55 and 107 from different areas of the city climb to the top of Montjuic area

Uber / Taxi

You can easily catch a taxi or Uber to quickly get to Montjuic castle or other attractions around the hill of Montjuic

Arriving by Teleferic

You can take the teleferic cable ride from the waterfront area directly to Montjuic Castle and enjoy the amazing views along the way to the top of the hill. Check out their website here for information on riding the teleferic to the top of Montjuic hill and castle.



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