La Boqueria in Barcelona – A place to photograph beautiful food

Located in the heart of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Mercat de la Boqueria is a very popular farmers market, specialty Spanish products venue and a local foodie hangout. This food haven is a catch-all to everything centered on delicious and fresh food from seasonally available fruits and vegetables, local fish, exquisite displays of beef, poultry and other meat products including finished specialty products. This institution centered on food and freshly made products is a destination worth exploring and photographing. Check out the highlights of visiting Mercat de la Boqueria below.




Why visit Mercat de la Boqueria market

The market is a visual treat and fun to explore and capture in photographs while you walk through the colorful displays, beautiful produce, meats, seafood and other specialty foods from the area. You can event try some of the local specialties with cafes in the market that serve up delicious local and comfort foods or some Spanish Coffee specialty drinks from the region.

Fish display at La Boqueria



What to photograph at La Boqueria

If you love seeing some beautiful food imagery of La Boqueria take a look at the following images. Every section of the market has well presented and delicious looking food from seafood, fresh produce, meat products and locally made finished goods. If your hungry, you can find everything imaginable to take away or even eat at some of the food stalls on site.


Fish display at La Boqueria
Fish display at La Boqueria




Fish vendor cleaning fish
Fish vendor cleaning fish


Explore La Boqueria’s glorious food stalls and displays

Entering inside the covered glass pavilion of La Boqueria, you will find colorful displays and stunning food vignettes that make you want to sample everything on site (vendors freely give samples out). There are photo opportunities walking down every aisle and you will see displays of catalan foods, produce, and local foods prepared daily. The cafes are engaging and filled with people dining on local specialties, these are great for capturing candid photographs.  Just explore around and look for some great angles, displays and engaging vendors and you will find plenty of photo opportunities to capture beautiful images.


Pig displays are in your face
Pig displays are in your face



La Boqueria’s Foodie culture

When you visit La Boqueria you can see how important food is to Catalan and daily Spanish life. Ingredients are typically purchased daily at these markets and finding quality products that are in season are always preferred. That’s one of the reasons why dining out in Barcelona ranks high in food experiences with such devotion to fresh and quality products being served.


Beautiful displays of crustaceans
Beautiful displays of crustaceans





Fruits locally and internationally sourced
Fruits locally and internationally sourced





Chocolate delight



Places to eat at La Boqueria

If you are looking at trying some delicious tapas, local foods or something comforting at the market, check out these delicious foodie venues when you walk around the market.


Bar Ramblero – a popular favorite spot serves up the best and freshest seafoods from the region. Try the local gambas,order a seafood platter or just nosh on some tapas or little appetizer bites they make fresh every day.

Bar Pinotxo – not fancy or trendy, this small bar serves delicious and local tapas and authentic Catalan dishes that you’ll savor and enjoy for this no frills establishment. Sample their specialty dish which is the chickpeas and morcilla (blood sausage).

El Quim de La Boqueria – a fun and welcoming foodie venue that specializes in egg dishes like the Huevos Rotos with Foie or try eggs with squid which is to die for!


Gorgeous mushroom details
Gorgeous mushroom details





Colorful regional peppers on display
Colorful regional peppers on display








Conclusion for visiting La Boqueria

It’s fun to visit and explore La Boqueria and sample some of the local delicacies, specialty foods, produce and other delicious finds here. Make sure to take some time to find a cafe and enjoy some of the regional specialties while you are visiting here.

La Boqueria is truly a good place to explore and capture some great farmers market and food related images.  You will be amazed at how well designed and beautiful all the displays are, and the vendors are happy when you take photos of their colorful displays. There are so many wonderful food vendors offering many local specialties, take a look at some of these delicious foods from Spain from my friend Yaras blog.(drool)


La Boqueria in Barcelona - A place to photograph beautiful food

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